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5 Tips for Selecting a Web Design Agency


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5 Tips for Selecting a Web Design Agency

Finding a web design agency is essential if you want to improve your online presence. The best website design agencies will produce sites that draw in loads of web traffic and lead to lots of conversions.

So, how do you find the top ones? Here are five tips to help you select a web development company that’ll take your business to the next level:

1. What are the costs?

Firstly, you have to work out the costs of hiring your web design agency. Realistically, this begins with finding out what you can afford. Weigh up your finances and consider a budget for web design services.

From here, you can get quotes from different brands and see how much everything will cost. Some agencies charge a flat rate with add-ons for different design elements.

For instance, some agencies might charge for web design and then charge extra to improve your SEO. Others may have additional charges for prolonged support after the website has been created.

You even get instances where they charge separately for bespoke landing pages. It varies from agency to agency, be sure you know the full costs before committing.

Adzooma Marketplace offers a wide range of web design agencies to suit all budgets. Find your perfect agency or service provider today.

2. What does the agency’s portfolio look like?

Telling potential clients you’re great is one thing—but showing them is another. That’s why having a strong portfolio is so important. It demonstrates a web agency’s talent, style, innovation, and how they handle a brief.

Things to look out for include:

  1. Interactive features
  2. A varied-looking portfolio
  3. Consistent branding throughout a website
  4. Unique extras (detailed case studies, project timelines, words from the client)

It also helps if an agency can show the impact their work has had. What were the results of their work? That could be the deciding factor.

3. Who can you call?

Communication is essential when working with a web design agency. You need to know who you can call to speak about any issues or track progress.

There must be a solid point of contact that’s readily available whenever you need it. Usually, this comes in the form of a team including a project/account manager, a client support executive/manager and web designers.

Some agencies may be hard to get in touch with them, or they are slow to reply. Make sire you establish who your points of contact are whenever you speak to an agency.

4. What kind of support will you receive?

Once you know who you can call, you need to understand what kind of support is available.

Most agencies will offer continued support during and after the web design process. However, you must be clear about what kind of support you’re receiving.

For instance, are you receiving maintenance support behind the scenes? Will the agency monitor your site and continue to keep it in perfect condition after it has been produced?

For example, S’more Brands offers ongoing maintenance—because “stuff eventually breaks”—with cost-effective monthly maintenance plans.

The location of the agency plays a key role here. If they’re local, you know that you’re both operating on a similar schedule. But, if they’re based in another country, it can throw the support out of whack. You may need answers to a pressing question, but won’t receive them for twelve hours due to time zones!

Always be clear on what support you get from a web design agency before you hire them. If they offer no support, that’s an instant red flag.

5. What tools do they use?

Effectively, this refers to the technology and platforms the web design agency uses to create and monitor your site. Many companies will use a CMS like WordPress, but is this ideal for your website?

Therefore, you want to see what tools and technologies each web design agency calls upon. Ideally, you should look out for tools that emphasise UX design and customisation.

This will ensure they can develop a website that’s unique and offers a great user experience for everyone that visits. Responsive web design is also vital, so they need to use tools that can adapt your site for different viewing platforms. 

Let Adzooma Marketplace be your agency finder

Take all five of these tips into account, then use Adzooma Marketplace to find the best web design agencies around. We have an extensive catalogue of the top web design companies in the world.

You can view many different brands and check out their portfolios via our site. To make things even better, you can refine your searches based on budgets, business type, industry specialisations, locations, and much more. It lets you create strict parameters that show the best agencies for your specific needs.

Regardless of how detailed your website will be, we can help you find a web development company that ticks all the right boxes. Check out our marketplace today to start your search!

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