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6 Top CRM Agencies in the UK


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6 Top CRM Agencies in the UK

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Now more than ever, customer management is reverting back to being more relationship-driven, and making customers feel special. To do this effectively, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) agency.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a bit of background and some information on what a CRM agency does and the 6 top CRM agencies in the UK.

What does a CRM agency do?

A CRM agency focuses on the path-to-market relationship that a business has with its customers or clients. It focuses on criteria such as:

  • Collating, qualifying, and managing customer data
  • Making sure the customer experience is positive and efficient
  • Enabling clients to return and recommend the business through word-of-mouth advertising
  • Conversions and understanding customer trends through the use of data

A CRM agency informs your brand acquisition and the onboarding strategy that you may have. Focusing on things such as where and how your customers or leads are generated to the onboarding elements and also the conversion strategies that you may have.

Now you have a better idea of what a CRM agency does, let’s look at the top 6 CRM agencies in the UK and a brief overview of what they offer.

1. Juuga Marketing (Adzooma Recommended)

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Visit Jugga Marketing on Adzooma Marketplace

Juuga Marketing describe themselves as an agency that “helps organizations grow by using marketing automation, marketing analytics and insights”. They pride themselves on helping businesses to change the digital landscape with amazing customer relationships.

Their 3 key areas for marketing automation and how it links with CRM are:

  • Personalized email marketing
  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Business CRM

Through the latter, Juuga uses CRM-based email and sales automation to keep their clients’ customer data organised under one platform. They also manage pipelines, update deals, and follow up at the optimal time to maximise profit.

2. ActiveWin Media (Adzooma Recommended)

Location: Manchester

Visit ActiveWin Media on Adzooma Marketplace

ActiveWin Media offer their clients multiple digital options and build strategies that return on investment.

For their CRM strategies, they aim to increase customer retention and lifetime value with a data-driven approach that is “second to none”.

Data drives our CRM strategies, with detailed analysis determining where someone is in their customer lifecycle journey. Then, we’ll send the right message, on the right channel, with the right offer, at the right time.

All campaigns are developed by adhering to applicable laws and regulations including GDPR and compliance to safeguard your business from regulatory fines or penalties.

Previous clients include Wigan Warriors, Betfred, Moneyplus Group, and First Achieve.

3. Tangent

Location: London and Newcastle

Tangent splits itself between agency and consultancy work but that doesn’t hamper their performance in both. From a consultancy perspective, they offer CRM services via customer experience audits while providing customer experience analytics as part of their growth and optimisation services.

Tangent has worked with the likes of UK Power Networks, Reed, Sky, Volvo, and National Geographic to build B2B roadmaps, improve customer relationships, retention, and satisfaction.

4. Enchant

Location: London and Manchester

Enchant is a leading email marketing agency based in London and Manchester. They work with clear and robust strategies to plan transformational CRM using data science. Does your business need CRM platform advice? Enchant has you covered there too.

Alongside their CRM services, Enchant also provides:

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Campaign and contact strategy deployment
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Email design
  • Tactical optimisation
  • ROI forecasting

Whether you are seeking to select or migrate to the perfect CRM platform for your organisation, or you are seeking to improve how you communicate with prospects and customers across channels, Enchant is at hand to help.

5. The CRM Agency

Location: Old Hatfield

No prizes for guessing what The CRM Agency does. They have a strong belief that organisations that want their customer communications to thrive should demand beautifully-crafted, compelling campaigns that play to the strengths of CRM technology.

The CRM Agency takes an indepth data approach to covering the following areas:

  • Data quality
  • CRM strategy
  • Campaign management
  • Analysis
  • Customer journey planning
  • Audience segmentation
  • Delivery assurance
  • Email service providers (ESP) selection

With award-winning creative design, and past clients including Adobe, The National Lottery, P&G, and Longines, The CRM Agency is the epitome of a high-performing CRM agency.

6. The SHARP Agency

Location: Huddersfield

The SHARP Agency uses its self-proclaimed “power of transformation” to support clients with integrated services including CRM, strategy, social media, and consultancy. Past clients include Gola, Ovo Energy, and the NHS.

With their CRM services as well as advertising, marketing and social media support, they also understand the need for human connection when it comes to business. They can help you collate and gather the right information and onboarding to improve the path to purchase.

The SHARP Agency also offer:

Do you need a CRM agency?

Most businesses can benefit from having a CRM agency. They can offer useful data and management through segmentation and improving customer communications where you might not have the time and resources to do so. The best CRM agencies fall under two main categories:

  • Hyper-specialised services
  • Generalised but high-quality management with proven performance

Depending on what you need, you might want an agency to fill a gap in your CRM and that’s where specialised CRM agencies come in. If your business needs a complete management solution, then a general agency would be suitable but you’d also want an agency with a proven track record to ensure value for money.

If you decide you need a CRM agency, why not check out the Adzooma Marketplace where we have dedicated agency pages for CRM and CRM integration?

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