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7 Best Video Marketing Agencies


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7 Best Video Marketing Agencies

7 Best Video Marketing Agencies

Video marketing is a powerful tool for any business. With sites like YouTube and Vimeo, users have access to billions of videos and the views and opportunities just keep on coming.

But it’s not all cat videos and dancing memes. Companies are starting to see the benefits of adding video marketing to their digital marketing strategies and combining their efforts with other channels, namely social media and content marketing.

And unless you do it yourself, you’ll need a video marketing agency to help you make the most of things.

What does a video marketing agency do?

Video marketing agencies use video content to help users understand the medium and a client’s business goals. They are in charge of shooting, editing, and finding the best avenues to help your video reach the market that you’re trying to communicate to.

Marketing is all about conveying the message of a brand, product, or service in the most effective and convincing way possible and many consider video to be the most engaging medium of all.

So let’s look at the 7 best video marketing agencies.

1. White Box Media

Location: Virginia, USA

White Box Media describes themselves as a “turnkey solution for your digital marketing, video production, & PPC needs” thanks to a wide range of offered services including:

White Box Media Company provides complete custom solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses through a myriad of offerings. Whether your company needs creative video production and photography or full-scale marketing and graphic design, you’re in good hands—our proprietary, uniquely tailored approach ensures that the team who does your marketing is the same team who creates your content.

2. Content Creatures

Location: London

At Content Creatures, they gravitate towards people who think differently with fresh ideas and unique perspective. This helps the agency create their best work with animated videos.

Some of their focuses include:

  • Character animation
  • Explainer videos
  • Internal comms
  • Social media marketing videos
  • Brand animation

Previous clients include Pfizer, HSBC, ITV, and the BBC.

3. Sphere Agency

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The greatest strength of Sphere Agency is using multiple mediums to help establish and communicate a clear brand identity that makes its clients as recognizable as possible.

Through Sphere Agency, the team focuses on making connections that drive sales and creating content that matters. Their work includes video marketing across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Automotive
  • Engineering

Their services include creative content and brand storytelling for both promotional and commercial reasons, as well as tightly produced, how-to demo videos that go beyond the average to make some truly engaging content. Clients include Konica Minolta, Uniqlo, Carrier, and Meko Clinic.

4. Arren Marketing

Location: Birmingham

Arren Marketing is a digital agency based in Birmingham, UK that focuses web design and development, social media and online advertising but also offers video marketing services. They employ an insight-led approach to digital marketing and have the skills and expertise to create more engaging and goal-driven content.

Established in 2015, Arren blossomed from a Google project where the directors collaborated to help businesses improve their digital skills. They saw the need for “no-nonsense, data driven marketing” SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) and the concept of Arren marketing was born.

Here’s what they had to say:

When working with a client we spend time getting to know the business and its goals. As a creative digital agency we pride ourselves on delivering original and imaginative concepts for both design and content.

We work with a variety of businesses in different sectors to develop websites and marketing campaigns with a difference. Our ambitious team of designers and content creators enjoy the challenge of helping businesses make the most of the web.

5. Reach

Locations: 34 locations across the UK

Reach offers a variety of advertising solutions including video marketing. They know businesses see the benefit of using video to engage with customers, and offer workable strategies.

One of their defining features is their incredible reach (hence the name).

At Reach we don’t just make great video for you and hand it back, we deliver it to over 40 million unique users who visit our regional news websites every day.

From a single video to a complete campaign, we can build a package that includes online sponsored content or leverage our huge social audience.

6. Intimation

Location: Dunbar (Scotland), Newcastle

Intimation can help you communicate with your audience through the medium of video marketing.

One of their case studies involved a karting centre in Scotland.

They pitched the idea of an “action packed, adrenaline fueled (sic) lap of the track in real time” following the carts as they race around the track. Mixing track and aerial footage with motion graphics, Intimation showed the difference between the carts with careful planning, production and editing all done in-house.


Location: New York

For those who want a deep marketing experience, HEARTLENT Group is an agency that focuses specifically on telling stories, promoting products, and present clients’ services with passion for their customers. This includes:

  • Digital content
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social campaigns
  • Video production (short and long form)

Previous clients include Bleacher Report, CBS, ESPN, and NBC.

Honourable mentions

Besides that illustrious list of video marketing and production agencies, we also recommend the following:

  • Trinity Video
  • Brafton
  • Apricot Video Marketing
  • Crafted
  • NoGood
  • Sandwich Video

Do you need a video marketing agency?

There is a wide range of ways that a video marketing agency can help your organization reach its goals. They are not simply there to shoot and launch advertising campaigns, though they can help with that as well. If you’re looking to increase engagement, then video content introducing your brand is a great way to do that.

Informative and helpful video content can create brand trust and loyalty. Video content giving a closer look at company culture and values can help you create a distinct brand voice. Furthermore, video content can be used in all manner of mediums, from your website to your social media and beyond. If you have something to communicate with your audience, video can be an effective way to do it.

Which video marketing agency you choose depends largely on your needs. Have an idea of what goals you want to reach and take a look at the services of each. You may see that each brand offers a specialized approach that fits your goals. Just make sure that, when you do want video content, you turn to a video marketing agency to ensure what you produce has a professional sheen to it.

If 7 agencies aren’t enough, why not look through the Adzooma Marketplace for more of the best video marketing agencies from around the world for budgets that suit all types of businesses.

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