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Why We’ve Relaunched Adzooma Marketplace


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Why We’ve Relaunched Adzooma Marketplace

Adzooma Marketplace

Adzooma Marketplace is the number one platform that connects digital agencies with high-quality leads looking for their services, right now. Freelancers, software providers and consultants can also put their services front and centre, attracting businesses who need their experience and expertise to grow.

That’s always been true.

We’ve strived to make online advertising more accessible to everyone since the beginning, that’s why we launched Adzooma Marketplace in the first place following endless requests for agency-related services. Website builds, app developments, SEO services, you name it. The expertise to fill these requests was readily available through users on our platform, and so Marketplace was born.

Fast-forward to now, and the demand from our users warranted even more ways to browse, search and explore the Marketplace. So that’s why we’ve given it an upgrade and a facelift.

We’ve added new features, improved the UX and transformed an already-powerful platform into something even more dynamic. It’s never been easier to grow your business.

For more information about how to access Marketplace, what’s included in a Marketplace listing and why it’s so beneficial for businesses, read all the details here. To find out about the new upgrades and why we implemented them, let’s dive right in.

“The relaunch of Adzooma Marketplace was truly demand driven. We were frequently asked to provide services that we didn’t provide previously, so it seemed like a natural fit to introduce new features that would allow the agencies that used our platform to match with users who are looking for their services.”

David Sharpe, Director and Co-Founder of Adzooma

What are the new features?

Adzooma Marketplace delivers a ton of new benefits to both businesses and agencies.

Agencies, freelancers and consultants no longer have to go through an Account Manager to get their listing live. They each have a personal portal, giving them the freedom to amend their business information, logo, gallery images and contact details at any time.

Listings can also go live on the same day they’re created. If an agency thinks of something additional they want to add at a later date, they can login to their dashboard and make the amendment themselves without calling one of our team. It’s that easy.

 We have also:

  • Introduced ratings and reviews to help businesses compare agencies and make the best decision for them based on real, authentic testimonials.
  • Launched Analytics, allowing agencies to accurately track all of the leads they’ve earnt through the Marketplace. Agencies can easily see how their listing is performing, how many times their business has appeared in search results, how many times it’s been clicked and the number of clicks out to their website – all in real time. 
  • Added an inbox feature where potential customers can send enquiries as they browse, helping to streamline the process and making it quicker than ever to connect with agencies.

Marketplace is no longer just for agencies,” says Rebecca Morley, Project Manager at Adzooma.

“We’ve included the best services, solutions, training and freelancers across all different industries so we can cater to all customer needs and help them grow their business.”

What sets it apart from other directories?

As Craig Parker, Operations Director at Adzooma states, relaunching the Marketplace is all about providing a range of additional features to both our Marketplace customers and the Marketplace end users. 

He continued: “With this latest update, not only have we provided more ways to browse, search and explore the marketplace but we’ve added more control, reporting and promotional opportunities for the people listed.”

As well as having a dedicated account manager and guest articles or editorials opportunities on the Adzooma blog, agencies can now benefit from custom packages and features.

They can promote their services through a variety of extra marketing opportunities such as homepage takeovers, blog sponsorship, category sponsorship, pop-ups, featured spots or webinars, all by getting in touch with our team.

Being associated with the Adzooma platform also welcomes 50,000+ existing Adzooma users who are in the market and ready to buy. They visit the Marketplace hoping to boost their business, search for what they need and connect with an agency in minutes.

“The connection with the Adzooma platform is what makes Marketplace even more unique. It’s real, targeted traffic – it’s people who have been into the platform, engaged with the features and realised they needed more expertise or to outsource parts of their business, and that’s where the perfect synergy comes in”.

Ben Marshall, Head of Client Success

What can we expect moving forward?

Relaunching Adzooma Marketplace is all about providing more value and opportunities for our customers, and that’s exactly what it’s set out to do. It’s an active and intuitive Marketplace that connects high-quality leads with the best brands in the industry.

The new updates and features will make it even easier for agencies to attract new customers and businesses to find their ideal services, with the added advantage of digital marketing experts working on their side.

James Rooney, Business Development Executive at Adzooma, highlighted that Marketplace has been hugely successful in diversifying lead generation for agencies.

“One of the things I love about Adzooma is that we never sit still, we learn and grow and are always looking to improve, which is exactly what we are doing with our marketplace relaunch –  building on what we know works and expanding upon it with some great new features.”

Adzooma Marketplace was impressive before, but now it’s one of the most powerful lead generation tools you’ll find.

See what one of our clients has to say about it here, or head straight over to the platform to get started. You won’t regret it.

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