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Adzooma Partners With Digital Marketer To Provide Free Marketing Resources


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Adzooma Partners With Digital Marketer To Provide Free Marketing Resources

Adzooma Partners With Digital Marketer To Provide Free Marketing Resources

Adzooma is excited to announce our new partnership with the online marketing giant, DigitalMarketer.

And the timing couldn’t be better. We know they’re the perfect fit for Adzooma, as just like us their whole ethos is to help digital marketers, teams, and agencies achieve their goals.

Just as we have decided to offer Adzooma for free during the upheaval of the COVID-19 outbreak, DigitalMarketer is currently doing the same with their valuable memberships.

They are even including free access to their flagship subscription, DigitalMarketer Lab until at least the 15th April.

With no trial, credit card details needed or upsells, 30,000 marketers have benefitted from this offer already and you can join them today.

So make sure you take advantage of this free offer and sign up before the end of March to ensure you don’t miss out.

Who are DigitalMarketer?

DigitalMarketer is an online community for digital marketing professionals with over 26,000 members in 68 countries around the globe. They are also the leading provider of tools, training and certifications for digital marketing professionals.

Thanks to this success they have become one of the world’s most trusted voices, sharing the best of what works in digital marketing.

They make it easy for you to market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your business to new heights.

If you want to take your marketing to the next level, DigitalMarketer’s tools and training are the perfect partners to Adzooma’s platform.

4 days remaining

What do they offer

The value you get from DigitalMarketer’s offering cannot be overemphasised. Here’s a summary of exactly what you get if you sign up before the end of March:

Digital Marketer Labs

  • A library of 36 marketing playbooks (and growing every month)
  • 11 comprehensive “Master Classes” plus future updates to keep you on the cutting edge of digital marketing
  • A supportive community of 10,000+ marketers to answer any and all of your questions
  • Exclusive discounts and deals on the tools you’re likely already using (this one benefit should literally pay for itself)

Digital Marketer Insider

  • A library of 30+ marketing guides, reports, scorecards and audits
  • Insider-Only articles on the DM site
  • The weekly “Insider Memo,” the one email you’ll actually look forward to hitting your inbox every week.
  • Invites to weekly live training sessions with some of the brightest minds in marketing

6 incredibly useful and valuable resources

1. Customer Value Journey Framework

The Customer Value Journey is about turning strangers into super-fans. While other templates have been created, none are in-depth as the map we’re going to lay out for you.

2. Customer Avatar Worksheet

To successfully sell, you need to present potential customers with a message that moves them to action. The Customer Avatar Worksheet helps you to define an effective message.

3. 15 Page Landing Page Audit

No matter how much traffic you generate, or how good your offer is, you must have the right elements in place for your landing page to be successful. DigitalMarketer’s 15-Point Landing Page Audit will help you see how your landing page efforts stack up.

4. 5 Point Paid Ad Audit

Use this simple audit to grade your social efforts and identify opportunities to get more followers, increase engagement, and drive more traffic.

5. Facebook Ad Template Library

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about how to create an ultra-effective Facebook ad. The Ultimate Facebook Ad Template Library gives you 7 proven Facebook ad campaigns you can copy and paste to create low-cost, high-converting ads on demand.

6. The 10 Minute Social Media Audit and Social Media Scorecards

If you want your Social Media to actually drive leads, sales, & conversions, follow the 4-Step formula in these scorecards. You’ll know which posts are effectively driving growth in your business.

DigitalMarketer resources

Unlock even more

When you register for free access to DigitalMarketer Lab you’ll also unlock access to:

  • The 36 Marketing Playbooks library
    • Facebook Ads Playbook
    • Google Ads Playbook
    • Email Follow-Up Campaign Playbook
    • Landing Page Builder Playbook
  • The 11 Marketing Mastery courses and certifications covering
    • Copywriting
    • Paid traffic
    • Content marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Search marketing
    • Conversion funnels
    • Social media optimization and testing
    • Data and analytics
    • Community management
    • Ecommerce marketing

And you get access to DigitalMarketer Engage, a supportive Facebook community of 10,000+ marketers to answer any and all of your questions.

How do I join?

Simply head over to the sign up page to take advantage of this FREE offer. Remember you need to get in before the end of March, so please don’t miss out.

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