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Every Adzooma Product Update from 2020: A Year in Review


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Every Adzooma Product Update from 2020: A Year in Review

The year 2020 spelt out in cut out paper and held in a hand

The end of the year always gives us time to reflect on time gone by and that’s what we’ll be doing today, looking back at how the Adzooma product has changed and developed after the last 12 months.

Starting right back from our first update way back in February, we’ll trace our way through all 14 platform updates from Google Analytics integration right through to our huge Automation update.

So let’s get into it.

Adzooma Teams goes live, Feb 18th

To give you more control managing your team and your clients, we introduced the ability to provide your staff or co workers with access to your campaigns within Adzooma, all of who can be assigned different levels of access.

Grouped Opportunities arrive, Feb 20th

Thanks to your feedback, we updated our UI to group similar Opportunities together giving your Opportunities more context and saving you time. 

You can see how they look in the gif below.

Get £20 when you refer a friend to Adzooma, Feb 24th

This is a great one which still exists today even though our product is free. 

Every time you refer a friend to the Adzooma platform and they connect their account, you and your friend will both get a £20 gift card so as long as their Google, Microsoft or Facebook account has active spend in it. 

10 months on, it’s still an amazing offer.

Adzooma Clients is here, Mar 12th

Bringing you more organisation than ever before, Adzooma Clients launched in February to provide you with an easier way to manage all your ad campaigns, allowing you to see all your client accounts’ performance from one screen.

This is great for freelancers and agencies alike.

Create campaigns inside Adzooma, Mar 25th

This was a biggie, and something you all really wanted.

In March we gave you the ability to create ad groups, ads and keywords for your Google, Microsoft and Facebook campaigns, meaning you’d never have to leave the Adzooma platform again.

Adzooma is Free! July 15th

Our goal at Adzooma has always been to make online advertising accessible to all, so back in July we made our full award-winning PPC platform completely free. 

That’s powerful one-click improvements, hands-free automation, intelligent reporting and so much more for your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads, all free of charge.

Google Analytics integration, August 17th

To give you a more comprehensive picture of what happens before and after the customer clicks, in August we integrated Google Analytics data into the platform to further aid you in evaluating the true effectiveness of your paid campaigns. 

It gives you more data, more visibility and more opportunities to optimise your ads. Perfect.

Huge Automation update, September 7th

In September we saw a big one with our Automation feature receiving a makeover, introducing the ability to automatically pause underperforming ads/keywords, increase budgets on performing low-budget campaigns, and so much more. 

Our new Automation simply allows you to continuously improve your accounts and create hands-free failsafe alerts across a whole spectrum of metrics to make sure your accounts are optimised even when you’re not there.

Event Automation rules, Oct 19

Off the back of our big Automation update, we introduced the ability to run rules and launch campaigns on specific dates, perfect for the PPC manager who likes to be organised and plan ahead. 

Add and edit Negative Keywords, Nov 11

A PPC manager’s secret weapon is negative keywords and after receiving a ton of feedback, we introduced their capability into the platform last month allowing you to add, edit and view negatives, and start making your campaigns run even more efficiently.

Negative keywords are so crucial to PPC success. If you don’t believe me, have a read of our negative keyword guide.

New Adzooma support page, Nov 16

You no longer need to leave the Adzooma platform to find an answer to your question after we created a brand new support page to answer queries through our FAQs and make it easier to contact the Adzooma support team.

Cashback on all your ad spend, Nov 18

This was a huge one. 

In partnership with Revolut, you are now able to get cashback on every £ you spend across every Google, Facebook and Microsoft ad account you have connected to the Adzooma platform. It’s as simple as that. 

You can see how much you could save by using our cashback calculator here – 

Better automation, Nov 23

At the end of November we made a further improvement to Adzooma Automation allowing you to send automation notifications to your teammates and change budgets by a %, to give you even more hands-free control over your campaigns. 

Our Automation improvements will never stop.

Introduction of And/Or to Automation, Dec 14th

Finally, to end the year we enhanced Automation even further by introducing And/Or conditions to the platform. And conditions mean all of the conditions have to be met for a rule to fire. Or conditions allow you to create automation rules that will fire when just one of your conditions are met.

You can see how it all works in our step by step guide.

And to 2021

We’re not going to stop in 2021 either. We’re always working on our product, listening to you, our users, and digging into the data to find more ways to make Adzooma get the most from your PPC campaigns.

Have a happy new year!

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