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Automation Rules Every 30 Minutes


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Automation Rules Every 30 Minutes

Our automation feature is the most intelligent system available. Now, it’s the fastest free platform with the arrival of 30-minute automation rules. 

You set a Google, Microsoft or Facebook automation rule. That rule will run every 30 minutes for ultimate control and efficiency of your advertising accounts. 

How 30 minutes rules give pinpoint accuracy 

Effective paid advertising targets your users at the right moment, grabbing their attention and getting them into your funnel. It’s about turning split-second decisions into advantages for your business. Every single click and second of your campaign counts. 

If you’re a high-spend advertiser, checking your accounts every hour doesn’t make sense. A lot can change in an hour, and if an account is performing poorly then you’re wasting spend every single second it goes unchecked. 

For example, let’s say you’ve got a high volume, low conversion rule running where any campaign that is getting a lot of clicks, but not converting is paused. That way, you’re not spending your budget on clicks that aren’t generating any income. 

On a busy day, one campaign is generating an average of 500 clicks an hour at £2.50 each. That’s roughly £30,000 a day – or £1,250 per hour. If this campaign isn’t converting, that money is wasted. The longer it goes undiscovered, the more money you’ll lose. 

That’s why our automation rules can run every 30 minutes. They’re designed to give you greater control and accuracy over your accounts, reducing wasted spend, improving performance and increasing your ROI. 

Automation rules can run every 15 minutes inside Adzooma

The world’s fastest free automation platform 

Running a rule every 30 minutes might sound uneventful, but it’s made Adzooma the world’s fastest free automation platform. 

If you’re looking for this feature anywhere else, you’re fresh out of luck. Unless, of course, you’re willing to thousands a month for the privilege. 

We offer it for free, for all your Google, Microsoft and Facebook accounts. Even Google Ads don’t offer you this functionality. 

Setting your 30 minute rules

Ready to apply 30 minute rules? 

Sign in to your Adzooma account and start creating the rule you want. 

If you’ve never created an automation rule before, check out this step-by-step guide here.

Once you hit the frequency step, you just need to select ‘Every 30 minutes’ from the drop-down menu. 

Then, select what days you want it to run. This means that you can have rules that check your account every 30 minutes on your busiest days, but leave them be on your slow days. It’s 100% customisable to your needs.

setting the frequency of a rule in Adzooma

You can also apply 30 minute rules to our library of templates crafted by PPC experts. This includes rules such as: 

  • Zero campaign conversions, which notifies you when campaigns have clicks but no conversions. 
  • Low quality score warning, which identifies any keywords with low-quality scores that are impacting your campaigns. 
  • High CPM warning, which notifies you when cost per 1,000 impressions goes above your target. 

Once you’ve found the one you want, click create rule to see it in more detail. Then, hit the ‘Customise Rule’ arrow at the bottom to specify where you want the rule to apply to, and select every 30 minutes from the frequency drop-down menu. Once you’re happy, click save.

gid showing how to set a 30 minute automation rule in Adzooma

Don’t want a rule to run this often? No problem. You can set them to run at a specific time, day or even as a one-off. 

Your rules. Your way. Sign up today to set up your first rule. 

Why use automated rules? 

Automation rules are the virtual PPC assistant you always wanted. It’s a way of setting fail-safes for when you can’t be there, custom alarms to know when you need to take action, and to delegate manually little changes that you just don’t have time for. 

With automated rules, you can save hours of manual work while knowing your accounts are fully optimised and protected. 

Adzooma’s automated rules give you all that, and more. It’s an incredibly intelligent feature that you can customise to suit your needs. It’s the fastest free platform on the market, giving you the greatest protection for your accounts. 

And, it’s all yours for free when you create your account. 

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