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Book Your Place on Microsoft’s Talk on Inclusive Marketing at B2B’s Virtual Expo 2020


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Book Your Place on Microsoft’s Talk on Inclusive Marketing at B2B’s Virtual Expo 2020

This month, Microsoft is giving you the chance to gain expert industry knowledge about inclusive marketing at the B2B Virtual Marketing Event. You’ll access the same excellent content as you would at the London ExCel, this time in the comfort of your own home.

Each year, around 20,000 people take time out to attend the UK’s biggest marketing event, the B2B Marketing Expo, to gain expertise from companies like Microsoft. It’s an opportunity to gain insights you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Did you know that Microsoft Advertising offers some of the most powerful features on the market? With exclusive targeting options and intelligent reporting, Microsoft is giving Google and Facebook a run for their money in online advertising.

What’s more, one third of Microsoft Ads users have a household income of over $100,000, and spend, on average, 22% more on purchases through Bing than any other search engine.

Sit tight for everything you need to know about this exclusive seminar – including how to reserve your seat.

When is it?

Microsoft’s virtual presentation will take place on Wednesday 18th of November at 11:10 – 11:40. You can add it to your personal schedule here.

All of the talks are exactly the same quality as last year – the only thing that’s changed is no longer having to commute to London’s ExCel. Everything is held online and it’s completely free for you to sign up.

“All about marketing”

First things first, you should know that Microsoft’s speaker and Account Director, Sophie Sarin, isn’t one to be missed.

Just one part of her role includes taking care of everything from maximising the ROI of agencies’ and brands’ digital media spend, to planning and pitching proactive solutions that grow revenue and meet customer’s needs. If there’s anyone you can learn from right now about growing your business, it’s Sophie.

Sophie’s talk, “Marketing for everyone”, will discuss how you can ensure your business includes everyone’s varying thoughts and opinions, and how to make diversity and inclusion real for your business.

The full description reads:

“As the world continues to become more diverse, inclusion is more critical to every brand and organization across the globe. Over 1 billion people have disabilities around the world, with many not being visible to the human eye. If a true representation of ALL people are included at the beginning of any project or idea, how different would this world look? What new industries, new art, and world-changing inventions would individuals and communities dream up, that could transform lives and living conditions?”

As millions of businesses look for ways to successfully navigate Covid-19, insight like this could make all the difference to your brand.

Are virtual events worth it?

Virtual events, including this one, are great for a host of reasons.

If you’ve wanted to attend the B2B Expo before but haven’t been able to get there, either due to location or travel expenses, you can now gain industry expertise from the comfort of your own home. This gives you the chance to start applying what you’ve learnt to your business as soon as the talk is finished, without any disruptions.

What’s more, not being surrounded by a group of people makes it much easier to focus on the important takeaways. In Sophie’s talk, there’s some impressive statistics about businesses who use inclusive marketing, as well as case studies you can compare to your own business. Keep an eye out for actionable tips and tricks.

To plan your schedule around the Microsoft presentation, register for free here and add other talks to your calendar.

Our Microsoft Advertising Partnership

As a Microsoft Select Technology Partner, we know first-hand just how excellent the Microsoft team is. We’ve worked with their development teams to implement the advertising platform into our technology, and we now offer industry-leading features for our Microsoft users.

Earlier this year, we also hosted a webinar alongside Microsoft’s UK Marketing Manager, Tina Aird to reveal the latest insights in the Search industry. We have no doubt that their B2B seminar will be full of insightful techniques.

How do I sign up?

You can register to the event here. It’s quick and easy to sign up.

If you’re interested in more virtual events like this one, see what conferencing and networking looks like in 2020. You might walk away with much more expert knowledge than you think.

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