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10 Best PR Agencies in Nottingham


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10 Best PR Agencies in Nottingham

What makes great PR?

In this guide, we look at the best PR agencies in Nottingham, the range of services they offer, and how they can help to boost your brand.

1. Boom (Adzooma Recommended)

Boom provides an array of services including SEO, PPC management, social media marketing and web development.

We’re unique. It sounds like a big claim, but it’s true. Unlike some other agencies, we understand the intricacies and problems faced by e-commerce businesses.

Boom is also a Google Premier Partner and the company prides itself on a broad range of skills from deep technical knowledge to headline-grabbing creativity.

If you want to generate more business, improve search visibility in Google, and create a better user experience for your customers, give BOOM a try.

Previous clients: Natural History Museum, The Online Pen Company, BL Lingerie, Healthspark

2. Champions PR

Champions PR have a team of over 120 people. Their knowledge and expertise has helped brands develop their look and their digital presence.

They specialise in all forms of digital and traditional brand communications, and have won numerous awards. As a family run business, they have created a team that works closely together to help brands achieve their goals.

Support and assistance are at the forefront of their work and they aim to boost growth and maximise customer touchpoints. They work on multi-channel strategies to create a strong image across social channels. 

Previous clients: Farmfoods, Capital One, Checkatrade

3. Tank PR

Tank PR have worked with numerous national and international clients across a range of industries.

They classify their team as a range of PR consultants, marketers, technical types and the odd misfit. Focusing on creating a unique and exciting business profile, Tank PR looks at creating a profile that is both respected and aesthetically pleasing to gain maximum results.

Curating strategies and digital accolades, they focus on targets and help brand’s achieve them as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Previous clients: Dixons Carphone, KPMG/Ipsos Retail, Belvoir Castle, Town & Country Pet Foods

4. Motive PR

Motive PR is an award-winning digital PR agency specialising in e-commerce clients across many sectors of business from fitness to finance and fashion to food.

The agency was founded in Nottingham back in 2008 by former Daily Mirror staff writer Steve McComish, who has since been included in the PR Week Power Book which lists the top 100 most influential people in the UK PR industry.

The agency’s e-commerce speciality means they promise campaigns which get people talking, clicking and sharing.

Awards for the agency include the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Silver Dare Award for Outstanding Small PR Agency.

Previous clients:, MuscleFood, Hancocks Cash & Carry, NetVoucherCodes, Public Desire, BillyOh and Gardening Express.

5. Cartwright Communications

Cartwright Communications are one of PR Week’s top agencies in the UK and have carved a name within the industry to aid businesses in their quest to be noticed.

With strong roots in journalism, their ethos is storytelling and getting to the nitty gritty of a brand. They offer mentoring and training to allow your brand to start from the ground up and help build your knowledge of the industry to ensure growth and goals are met.

They have a strong focus on charities and support numerous local charities in alignment with their work with brands.

Previous clients: Branston, Intu, Willmot Dixon, Alchemist

6. Impression

Based in Nottingham, Impression is a digital marketing powerhouse and home to an award-winning PR team. Since opening their doors in 2012, they’ve continued growing from strength to strength, delivering big wins for their clients—from small agencies to larger corporates—and scooping up a multitude of awards in the process.

Offered services include:

Previous clients: BrewDog, Nottingham Trent University, Experian, Topps Tiles

7. Penguin PR

Run by an award-winning team of former journalists, they have a wealth of experience and have been running Penguin for many years.

Social media and SEO are at the core of what this company does and focus on social campaigns that promote and advertise your brand in an authentic way.

Their writing services span across many areas, including PR copywriting for magazines and newspapers. They have a few awards under their belt too, and focus solely on business objectives and achieving them promptly.

Previous clients: Cosmo, Birds Bakery, The Kingsmead School, Lubrizol

8. Redbrick Communications

This company offers multiple areas of communication services to brands.

With digital communication at the core, they focus on social channels as well as brand communication to help you develop an online presence and reputation.

From construction to tourism, they cover a wide range of industries. Created by two Trent Polytechnic graduates, this team was created through a passion for the PR industry. They strive to enhance and protect their clients’ brands as well as offer numerous opportunities for growth.

Previous clients: Radisson Blu, Meccano, Royal Armouries, LBFoster

9. Eden PR

Eden is a team of public relations professionals based in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. They describe themselves as a hands-on company, driven by results and action.

They create strategic plans for each company to ensure that they hit their targets. Their focus is mostly within the construction and industrial industries, with a focus on advertising brands working on larger industrial projects and developments.

Although this is their main niche, they do also media training to improve clients’ knowledge of digital PR.

Previous clients: Interflora, SERVE, Nottingham City of Football

10. Hallam

Focusing on the digital marketing behind the brand, Hallam looks at creating a stellar image for brands online. With their PR, they create brand awareness and delve into the world of CRO for website traffic.

They have won numerous awards and they are run by a large group of innovative staff focused on helping businesses thrive online.

Previous clients: Speedo, Cadent Gas, United Nations, Raleigh Bikes


Each agency provides a slightly different version of services across the digital PR industry. Although some focus on niche industries, a digital PR agency is a staple for any business.

We hope at least some of these suggestions can lead you down a path of success for the future.

Try Adzooma Marketplace and find the right digital PR agency for your business.

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