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10 Best Social Media Agencies in Nottingham


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10 Best Social Media Agencies in Nottingham

The social media realm can provide excellent exposure for your business online. According to Statista, an estimated 3.6 billion people are using social media in 2020. By 2025, we can expect this number to escalate to 4.41 billion. 

Social profiles are full of personal information, from an individuals age to their interests. Making popular platforms such as Facebook, ideal for companies to launch PPC campaigns and reach a wider audience.

Beyond exposure, social media, when used effectively, creates intrigue around your brand. In turn, boosting brand awareness and encouraging traffic to your site. 

Why choose a social media agency?

On the surface, the potential of social media for business sounds fantastic. However, not every CEO has the time or experience to use social media marketing to their business’s advantage. 

Creating effective social media campaigns is challenging to get right. As a result, business owners tend to delegate this task to social media marketers who can successfully manage their digital channels. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs prefer to ask for advice from social media consultants and undertake the social media marketing task themselves.

If you’re in the market searching for a social media agency in Nottingham. That can create, manage, or advise you on the next best steps with your social platforms; here are the top ten contenders for you to consider.

1. Boom (Adzooma Recommended)

Boom provides an array of services including social media marketing.

A social media strategy is a ‘must-have’ for businesses today. It can help you boost brand awareness, reach new customers, and build stronger relationships with your current customer base.

The agency offers bespoke campaigns to suit all budgets and business goals, whether that involves social media marketing in isolation or using social as part of a multi-channel strategy, Boom will create the perfect package for you.

If you want to transform your social media presence and improve your social strategy, give BOOM a try.

Previous clients: Natural History Museum, The Online Pen Company, BL Lingerie, Healthspark

2. Impression

For company owners eager to enhance their in-house marketing team. Or for those who are wanting to take marketing matters into their own hands. The social media agency Impression is an award-winning social media consultancy agency that helps businesses reach their goals via multiple popular social channels.

Impression understands company owners often feel frustrated with social media. With no idea where to begin or what to do. Money and time are often spent on social media, yet doesn’t reap the results business owners hoped it would.

To solve this problem, Impression offers consultancy services to company owners and their marketing teams, enabling businesses to define social media goals that suit their company. While also clarifying what they need to do to reach them. 

To maximise ROI on a social media marketing investment, Impression is a popular agency for many successful businesses.

Services offered: SEO, PPC, digital PR, content marketing, analytics, CRO

Previous clients: Brewdog, Cancer Research UK, Weber, University of Warwick

3. JC Social Media

At JC Social Media, you will have an account manager to communicate your company’s goals too. Your account manager will gauge the best social networking sites for you to market your business on. And create a plan to help you meet your goals.

If you don’t have any social media channels set up, or you’re unsure what channels to choose, you needn’t worry. JC Social Media will create and optimise each social media page for you. Ensuring you have a solid foundation for your company’s social presence to launch and thrive.

Services offered: Social media management, consultancy, training, Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Previous clients: Avon, British Athletics, Marriott, Subaru, Yodel

4. Together Agency

Having worked with well-known brands such as Pukka on the “everything’s pukka” campaign. Together Agency managed to increase Pukka’s reach to a broader audience by 500% in the first month of working with this company. 

From devising a social media strategy to crafting winning content and much more, the Together team uses analytics and data to shape and perfect your social campaign. 

Together Agency can manage your entire business’s social media presence for you. But, if you’d prefer to test the waters first. You can pick and choose social media services that appeal to you.

Services offered: Social strategy, community management, PPC & organic, crisis management, influencer marketing

Previous clients: Fox’s, MOD, National Trust, Tetley, Interflora

5. Peaky Digital

Wanting to create a social media strategy but have no idea where to begin? Peaky Digital gives you access to their social media marketeers brains. Brains of which that will work with you to create a social media plan of action tailored to your business’s objectives. 

Peaky Digital appreciates that no one knows your business as well as you do. Which is why they supply social media mentors to help you, or your marketing team create a social presence that resonates with your intended audience. 

Digital marketing knowledge from Peaky Digital’s industry experts will give your social media presence a new lease of life.

Services offered: PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, digital strategy

Previous clients: St Michael’s Mount, Shelter Box, Skinners Brewery, Orbiss

6. Gather Social

Gather social is a forward-thinking agency that continues to harness powers of social media and bestows it on entrepreneurs who want to use it to empower their business. 

Company owners can maintain involvement in the social aspect of their business. For instance, with Gather Social, business owners can take full control of the content they share, and where they share it. 

If you want to take control of your social media, but you’re unsure how to – why not think about using Gather Social’s expertise?

7. Intelicle

Whether you have uncertainty about which social media channels are relevant to your company, or you need help creating a bespoke strategy for your social media channels—Intelicle can assist!

Intelicle researches your competitors and market extensively, to decipher what plan will emit the best results. 

Beyond improving your organic social presence online, Intelicle can also manage PPC campaigns; enabling you to gain prominent spots on social platform pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Services offered: Web design, web development, product development, digital marketing

Previous clients: Furniture Villa, Ecogreen, Konected, Inteleprint

8. Hallam

A multi-award-winning company, Hallam plays host to a talented team of social media experts. Each member specialises in a niche area such as SEO, content, or branding. Everyone works together to create a social media presence that pops from all angles and captivates your audience.

With a mission to learn the essence of each business and your company’s target audience, Hallam builds a bespoke service, tailored to the needs of your business, to make a social presence that not only works but exceeds your expectations. 

Services offered: SEO, PPC, social media, web design, creatives, CRO, marketing automation

Previous clients: Speedo, BBC, The United Nations, Raleigh Bikes

9. Imaginaire

Devoted to creating a buzz around your company via social media, Imaginaire manages your social presence with passion and confidence. 

From creating posts that make a splash with costumers. To using innovative strategies, that are sure to entice your target audience. 

Plus, if you want to increase your presence on social platforms, Imagineaire can develop a PPC strategy for your business. To get your business in front of those who need or want a service or product like yours. 

Services offered: Design services, web design, website management, PPC, SEO

Previous clients: Alumino, Worcester Architects, Bring Me Drink, Dubai Property

10. Shake Social

With both training and social media management too, this agency shakes up its social media offerings. 

Shake Social is there for clients on every step of their social journey. With a mission to unlock the power of social media for businesses. Shake Social aims to get people conversing about, and sharing your brand to make its presence grow. 

Furthermore, Shake Socials’ devoted content marketing team will bring your brand to life. By creating relatable yet engaging content that will attract and persuade customers to believe in and buy from your company. 

Services offered: Social media management, social media training, email marketing, PPC, content & campaigns, digital strategy,

Previous clients: Labour, Nottingham City Council, Sport England, Essex County Council


The above provides a brief insight into Nottinghams’ top-notch marketing agencies. 

As you can see, some social media agencies have dedicated content marketing teams. That work tirelessly to create compelling, unique content that suits the tone and style of your business. To make your social media platforms stand out! While other teams rely heavily on analytics and data to help them to perform the next best move in your social media takeover plan. 

If you would like to find more agencies like this, see how Adzooma Marketplace can help by getting in touch today.

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