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Claim $125 in Microsoft Search Advertising Spend with Our New Offer


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Claim $125 in Microsoft Search Advertising Spend with Our New Offer

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Want free advertising spend to try out a new PPC platform that can help you reduce your CPC?

You’re in luck. After securing an exclusive deal with Microsoft Advertising, we’re proud to offer all new customers $125 in extra advertising when you spend $25.

That’s $150 of advertising, for $25.

Who can claim this deal?

This offer is available to new Microsoft Advertising customers only. If you’ve not had an active account before, then now is the time to see how this platform can accelerate your PPC with $125 of extra spend.

Ready to claim? Just sign up to Microsoft Advertising today.

Why Microsoft Advertising?

There’s a misconception that because the majority of searches are carried out through Google, other PPC platforms have nothing else to offer. Well, let’s prove that wrong.

Microsoft Search Network connects more than 200 million Windows 10 users alone. Every month, more than 379 million searches are made in the UK. That accounts for 22% of the UK desktop search market.

Overall, Microsoft reaches 63 million search users worldwide that Google doesn’t. If it’s not part of your PPC strategy, you’re missing out on these users.

What’s more, Microsoft Advertising is an incredibly powerful PPC platform that, compared to Google Ads, offers:

  • An average of 30-50% lower CPC
  • An average 29% lower cost per sale
  • An average of 35% higher conversion rate

If you want to improve your ROAS, Microsoft Advertising is the way to go.

But, in addition to this, Microsoft offers incredibly accurate audience targeting, with unique demographics that you would struggle to target anywhere else.

For example, nearly three-quarters of their users are over the age of 35, with 33% having an annual household income over $100,000. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Microsoft users also spend an average of 52% more online.

Need help setting up your Microsoft account? Find step-by-step instructions on how to get started here.

Top tips to get the most from your free spend

To help you get the most of your brand new Microsoft Advertising accounts, we wanted to give you a few tips to get started.

First, you don’t have to start from scratch with Microsoft. If you’re already running successful campaigns on Google Ads, you can import them over into your Microsoft account to save yourself the time and effort.

Just double-check factors like bids, language and location targeting though, as there’s not always a direct match in Microsoft. In situations like this, they’ll automatically apply the closest variation of that setting.

Second, it’s worth spending time optimising your audience targeting. Microsoft Advertising has excellent audience targeting features, and can even let you target a specific job role through the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn.

Finally, our very own PPC manager Sophie Logan says:

“I would recommend taking your time getting used to the platform and its layout, as it does differ greatly from Google Ads. Whilst this can take a bit of time to get used to, don’t be put off by expanding into something new. I can now seamlessly work between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising without difficulty and don’t consciously recognise doing things differently on each of the platforms.

“There are great training tools in the Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab, and once you feel confident enough you can also take the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam.”

One last tip…

To really get the most from your Microsoft Advertising account, make sure you sign up to Adzooma for free to access optimisations that you can apply in a click, intelligent automation, custom alerts, a full campaign builder and much more.

If you’re already an Adzooma customer, you can add your new Microsoft account at no extra cost to unlock the features that you already know and love.

The best part? This also saves you time having to get used to the Microsoft platform and switching between different platforms to manage your ads. All your accounts will be connected to one, easy to use place.

In total, that’s $150 of advertising spend and industry-leading PPC management software for just $25. What a bargain.

Claim your offer today

Microsoft Advertising should be a key part of your PPC and overall marketing strategy. And with lower CPC, less competition and a higher conversion rate on average, it’s bound to elevate your ROAS like never before.

With this exclusive offer, you can take Microsoft Advertising for a complete test run without sacrificing your PPC budget. It’s the perfect way to get started.

Ready to claim your exclusive offer?

Sign up to Microsoft Advertising and claim your $125 search advertising spend today.

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