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The Easier Way To Grow Your Business Online


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The Easier Way To Grow Your Business Online

Adzooma Plus supports your business at every stage of your digital marketing journey. Whether you’re setting up your first business listing on Google, want help improving your website SEO, are creating or optimizing paid campaigns, or need access to learning resources to improve your online marketing skills, we have the tools to support you. 

Adzooma Plus is your new growth partner

Adzooma Plus is more than just an add-on or paid platform. It’s your new growth partner to help take your business to the next level. 

It comes with all the free Adzooma Essentials platform features, PLUS more advanced tools to help you get found online, boost your reputation, convert more visitors into customers, and improve your ad campaigns.

Sound good? Let’s take a deeper look.

Increase your online visibility

The first and fastest step to attracting new customers is immediately boosting your online presence and visibility. This ensures you’re seen everywhere your customers are searching, while you move on to the next steps in your journey. With Adzooma Plus, you’ll get access to the following features:

Listings Management

Publish, update and manage your business listing on 50+ popular platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and many more. Adzooma scans these platforms and identifies if your business information such as your location, phone number, and website, is correct, missing, or incomplete. 

Correctly published & updated details help verify your location and automatically rank your business higher within search queries resulting in increased visibility, clicks, and traffic, both online and through the door.

Reviews Management

Automatically get all of your reviews from platforms like Google, Tripadvisor and Facebook, in a single dashboard where you can easily respond, compare and monitor, all in seconds. 

Customer reviews help you build trust and credibility, and with the vast majority of consumers now basing their buying decisions on reviews, it’s important to know what others are saying about you, so you can act on it quickly. 

SEO Performance Report

With Adzooma’s SEO Report you can analyze your website in just 60 seconds. You’ll get a fully detailed breakdown of your performance across 4 key areas: your keyword performance, onsite SEO, page speed, and backlinks. 

The SEO Performance Report explains why a score is bad and more importantly, how you can improve it with full, easy-to-understand explanations, so no SEO experience is needed. What’s more, you can add your competitor’s URL to measure your performance against theirs and find opportunities to gain an advantage with our keyword gap analysis.

Save time and optimize your ad performance

With Adzooma Plus get access to the below premium paid ad optimization and automation tools so that you can run professional advertising campaigns in just minutes per day:

Automation templates

Adzooma Automation allows you to create custom rules and alerts to manage your PPC campaigns, it’s a hands-free way of making sure your accounts are always performing at their best. You can choose from over 80 of our pre-made automation templates created by industry experts such as pausing non-converting keywords, setting your minimum click-through rate, or pausing poor-performing ads, to name a few. Or, create a rule from scratch with our intelligent controls and advanced features. 

Clever Campaigns

Build and launch successful Google campaigns without the need to research keywords, write ads, or configure campaign settings. Using just basic business information, Adzooma creates impactful Google search campaigns dynamically by customizing keywords and ad copy to provide highly relevant and personalized campaigns and adverts that your audience will love – and in a fraction of the time it would usually take!

Advanced Optimizations

Maximize your paid ads performance with exclusive bid adjustment and landing page opportunities. 

  1. Bid adjustments

Bid adjustment opportunities maximize your budget by increasing or decreasing your bids by a certain percentage depending on conditions such as your customer’s age range, gender or device.  

For example, Calm Waters Spa is running campaigns for a day getaway package. Our system analyzes this campaign and finds that female customers click on the ads and book far more often than men. So, Adzooma might recommend a bid adjustment of 20% on female users. If your current bid for this campaign is £1.00, the bid adjustment would increase this price by 20%, changing the final bid for female customers to £1.20 instead. 

Bid adjustments don’t affect your overall budget. Instead, they prioritize certain users over others, helping to get you more sales and clicks for your budget.

  1. Landing Page Opportunities

Getting people to click on your advert is only half of the battle. When they land on your landing page, they still need to take action whether it’s buying a product, booking a call or signing up for a newsletter. Our landing page opportunities are designed to help you increase such conversions by checking for factors such as:

  • Page speed: This opportunity fires when your landing page speed load time is low. Slow websites can kill sales, the longer it takes to load, the more customers you’ll lose. 
  • Landing page 404: When your site is down, this opportunity will fire. Adzooma checks this frequently and checks the data out too. It tracks when the site was down and how long it was down
  • Improve Landing Page Mobile UX: While everything might be working well on desktop computers, your mobile customers might be getting a poor experience. This opportunity will fire in that case. 

Level up your skills

With Adzooma Plus you’ll be able to improve your online marketing skills with complete access to the Adzooma Academy. We’ve handpicked and curated the best courses in the industry, giving you the information to master any area of digital marketing while offering practical, actionable advice that you can turn into success. 

Dedicated account management to help you grow

You’ll also have an account manager for complete support throughout your entire journey. Get support, knowledge, and guidance from a dedicated expert who understands how to use Adzooma to grow your business.

How much does Adzooma Plus cost?

Adzooma Plus costs £69 + VAT per month or £499 per year. That gives you a saving of £329 if you pay annually. 

There are no hidden charges or extras and all new features and improvements will be included in your package. If you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How do I get Adzooma Plus?

Just log into your Adzooma account and click ‘Upgrade Today’ on your home screen and start using Plus features immediately, or, if you haven’t got an account yet, you can create one here.

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