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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Agencies


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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Agencies

Facebook is integral to any company building a social media strategy.

But it’s also one of the most difficult to gain organic reach. Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users, and reaching the desired amount of people for your campaign isn’t easy. Facebook Ads can be a challenging platform (but we have a guide to help you with that), especially if you need to go into things like retargeting.

As many businesses find it easier to get professional assistance, this is where Facebook marketing agencies come in.

What do Facebook marketing agencies do?

Facebook marketing agencies offer a range of services to clients, including:

  • Campaign planning and creation
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Targeted audiences
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Split testing and optimisation
  • Improving engagement and reach

Facebook marketing agencies identify areas of growth and improvement and help clients to develop their campaigns.

With that said, here are 5 of the best Facebook marketing agencies to fit with your business goals.

1. Curious Conversations Marketing

Curious Conversations is a marketing agency that focuses on effective and compelling storytelling.

Services offered include:

  • Establish and improving online presence
  • Reputation management
  • Notary services

At Curious Conversations Marketing, we’re not after your money – we’re after your trust to tell your story.

Any marketing company worth its salt is going to get you leads. You can even do this yourself by spending a bit of money in the online ads realm. Yes, you’ll get more leads, but the quality of those leads is up for serious debate.

If you’re looking to tell a story with your Facebook marketing and get people talking, Curious Conversations might be the right agency for you.

2. Reach

Reach offers a variety of advertising solutions including social media advertising. They know businesses see the benefit of using social media to engage with customers, and offer workable strategies.

One of their defining features is their Facebook+ service.

We’ll create and monitor the results of an ad campaign on the world’s biggest social media network. Our social experts will design an eye-catching ad for you and target them to the most relevant audiences, via our dedicated partner accounts.

Social users will instantly spot our reputable newsbrands and your business will be noticed with the added benefit of brand association, boosting credibility and driving traffic to your website.

Harness the potential of social media ads with Reach today.

3. Spread Like Wildfire Media

SLWF Media provides bespoke solutions to fit your needs, including Facebook marketing.

The team handles all aspects of Facebook marketing—analytical and creative. Alongside that, they also carry out the day-to-day tasks involved with campaign management such as data analysis and online community management.

Spread Like Wildfire Media believes that a marketing company needs to be flexible to accommodate for the needs of potential clients. That’s why we work with anyone from startups to SMEs and beyond! Our goal is to get your marketing to work for you so you can do it is what you do best.

4. SocialQ

SocialQ creates “content that resonates and media that reaches beyond platforms and algorithms”. They do this under 3 main categories:

  • Branding – your identity
  • Presence – your credentials
  • Reach – your persuasion

While social media marketing can fall under all 3, SocialQ has placed social media strategy and management under Presence.

Their services focus on customer journeys through Facebook and other social media platforms, and finding what resonates with the modern consumer.

5. FirstFound

FirstFound has the distinction of being one of the UK’s longest running digital marketing agencies. The team has been helping businesses for over 20 years, building better strategies and achieving better ROIs through a variety of digital channels.

While initially starting as an SEO agency, FirstFound offers other services including:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media (including a free social media audit)
  • Facebook advertising
  • Content creation
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Email marketing

Whether you’re looking to gain more followers, more site traffic (and sales) or boost engagement, FirstFound is at hand to deliver the results you need.

They start by getting to know you, your business, and your customer’s needs and then analyse your social media presence and brand authority to find areas of improvement.

Interested? Check out their listing on Marketplace today.


Facebook advertising is one of the most important methods of growing a business online.

It can be a goldmine for companies looking to grow quickly and exponentially. But if your business is not harnessing the power of social media effectively, you might need a social media marketing agency and Adzooma Marketplace can help with that.

With hundreds of agencies, freelancers, and services to choose from, you’ll find the Facebook marketing agency that’s best for you.

Try Adzooma Marketplace today.

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