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Top 5 Twitter Marketing Agencies


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Top 5 Twitter Marketing Agencies

Social media is the key for companies to gain access to a customer. With increasing pressure for companies to deliver results, they turn to Twitter as a way to promote their products. But it is not just about promoting your business, you need to get help to craft a worthwhile campaign, and this is where marketing agencies come in.

Digital agencies can provide invaluable insights through this widely used social media platform by creating personalised content, using different types of content, but also reaching people in a myriad of ways to gain a significant level of engagement.

But, most importantly, agencies also know how the platform works and how it offers a wide variety of campaign types. This is why it’s important for a Twitter marketing agency to understand how a client can achieve their goals.

For any business choosing a Twitter marketing agency, it can yield numerous results, but here are the top 5 Twitter marketing agencies to check out.

1. Clicky

Location: Chester, Brighton, Nottingham

Founded in 2007, and with offices based in the north, south, and midlands of the UK, Clicky understands the importance of a comprehensive targeting strategy. The service comprises a content calendar, as well as targeting options and interpreting results.

An ideal partnership for companies that already have an in-house social media team, Clicky don’t just provide you with the keys to optimising a Twitter campaign, but they also have experience in training social media teams, making it an ideal partnership if you already have some of the skills but need to gain more insight.

Having worked with high profile clients such as Raleigh and the NHS, they have transformed campaigns utilising their Clicky values, such as intelligent insight and transparency. Being honest is at the forefront of their belief system and strive for integrity in their work.  

Previous clients: Manchester City Council, Neville Johnson, Elegant Resorts.

2. Click Consult

Location: Bournemouth, Hooton, London

Operating since 2003, Click Consult offer low-cost approaches to increasing engagement, such as promoting tweets or trends. But their service also consists of keyword targeting, tailored audiences, and the most interesting one of all, which is integral to so many users of Twitter: television.

Using television targeting is taking advantage of an oft-used habit by Twitter users, who tweet about shows in real-time. The service of pushing relevant ads to align with the times of these shows can help your business gain an extra dimension.

Click Consult have won a slew of awards over the last few years, and their growth shows no signs of stopping.

Previous clients: Oxfam, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, Kwik Fit.

3. Brafton

Location: London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

Brafton offers bespoke services to help businesses increase their social media marketing strategy, but many businesses struggle to pay for the service they want. Where Brafton thrives is as part of their “al a carte” services.

As a business, you can choose to purchase a service on-demand as and when you need to, or you can subscribe to their service for a monthly fee. Both are useful options depending on the knowledge you have in-house.

But Brafton provides a variety of services for the novice and the experienced, from setting up a business Twitter account all the way through to end-to-end services, they leave no stone unturned.

Previous clients: Decorating Den Interiors, Career Profiles, Custom Vault Corporation

4. Thrive Agency

Location: 25 cities across the US including Atlanta, Chicago, and LA

Thrive operates on the proviso that you need to reach your goals, which is blindingly obvious to most companies, but Thrive go beyond the empty promise. As many digital agencies promote flashiness above worthwhile content, Thrive are keen to put their money where their mouth is, so you benefit.

For a single monthly price, regardless of what you need from them, they can help you to increase followers by hundreds so you can spread your business across Twitter in a way that you deem appropriate.

A service that comes at a flat rate is invaluable for businesses who are lost for a direction with their social media strategy, but Thrive don’t just give you the training wheels; they help you build the bike too. When they’ve increased your following, they turn their attention to locating the ideal customer and delving deep into the psychology of buyers’ habits.

The great thing about Thrive Agency is that they are all about results, rather than a shiny new website or product, making them a great choice for any business that’s looking to get more than followers and want to work with a company that genuinely cares.

Previous clients: Johnson & Johnson, BabyCenter, Good Spa Guide.

5. Taktical

Location: New York

Taktical’s team of experts focuses on data-driven solutions for its Twitter marketing campaigns to maximise ROI and drive growth.

For your Twitter marketing strategy, it’s essential to partner with professionals. With our in-house creative team and experienced social advertising department, we have the tools and knowledge to help you launch the most successful Twitter advertising campaign possible.

This New York-based agency drives results and cares about results for its clients. Give them a try.

Previous clients: Bustle, Chase, We Work, Artsy


Twitter isn’t just a platform used by celebrities to update the public. With more than 330 million active users every month, this is a massive pool of opportunity for companies and brands to market themselves and engage with customers using a wide variety of content.

Twitter customers are 53% more likely to buy new products, and with the increase of Twitter’s referral traffic gone up to 6% in the last year and 23% engagement on Twitter advertising, it is one of the most important areas in social media.

It is crucial to market directly to a target audience, but it’s even more important to stay relevant, and if you want to stay relevant, Twitter is the key platform to use.

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