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5 of The Best Microsoft Ads Experts in 2021


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James Rooney



5 of The Best Microsoft Ads Experts in 2021

Purna Virji

If you’re using Microsoft Ads as part of your online advertising strategy, you need to know there are experts out there.

Whether you hire them to take care of the difficult work or you learn from them and go it alone, having the right people to learn from is a must.

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What makes someone a Microsoft Ads expert?

It takes a lot of work, experience, patience, and understanding in order to become an expert in Microsoft Ads. Things change quickly and frequently over time in PPC (Microsoft Ads used to be called “MSN adCenter” and “Bing Ads” until it changed to its current name in April 2019).

As the network isn’t as popular as Google Ads, this means anyone who has the expertise really knows what they’re talking about. Here are some criteria to judge a Microsoft Ads expert:

  • Keeping up to date with changes to the platform and monitoring performance
  • Understanding how and why fluctuations occur and applying best practices
  • Evidence of working with global brands
  • Having an impact on the industry in some way, whether it be on social media or with the work they do behind the scenes
  • Showing innovation and creativity
  • Sharing their strategies and advice to help individuals or brands make the most of their PPC ads
  • Sharing their challenges or failures can also be beneficial as a learning tool 

Expertise is somewhat of a spectrum rather than a binary system. That means people are always learning and you can never know everything about Microsoft Ads or any PPC platform. But it’s helpful to have that knowledge and advice ready for anyone who needs it as an expert.

So let’s look at our list of 5 of the best Microsoft Ads experts to follow and engage with, should you need insights into the advertising platform.

1. Purna Virji

purna virji

Purna Virji is a Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft and the first name you think of when it comes to Microsoft Ads expertise (or Google Ads).

In 2016, she was named the most influential PPC expert of 2016 by PPC Hero and won US Search Personality of the Year in 2019. The “Wonder Woman of PPC” has over a decade of experience in search and she’s a well-renowned keynote speaker.

Further resources

Follow Purna on Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Christi Olson

Christi Olson

Christi Olson is a Search Evangelist at Microsoft, having studied and worked in SEM for the past decade. She has worked for the likes of Expedia and with other Microsoft products before settling with the Bing Ads team. Outside of search, she enjoys ACUO crossfit and running races with her husband, craft beers, and long walks with her dogs.

Further resources

Follow Christi on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

3. John Lee

john lee

John Lee is a Learning Strategist at Microsoft Advertising, with expertise in SEM, display advertising and social media advertising.

Having joined the digital advertising industry in 2006, he has worked with the likes of Hanapin Marketing, Wordstream, and is the co-owner of Clix Marketing. John is also a writer and regularly contributes to Search Engine Watch, Acquisio Blog, and PPC Hero alongside speaking at top conferences such as SMX, HeroConf, and State of Search.

Further resources

Follow John on LinkedIn and Twitter.

4. Frances Donegan-Ryan

Frances Donegan-Ryan

Frances Donegan-Ryan is the Director of Consumer Marketing at, after leaving Microsoft Advertising in October 2019. Her 6 and a half years at Microsoft facilitated her passion for simplifying complex technical concepts on top of a decade’s worth of experience in tech and SEM. As a passionate storyteller, Frances enjoyed spreading the gospel of Microsoft Ads, inclusive marketing, diversity and inclusion, and culture.

She also likes commuting on her bike, and travelling with not one but three passports (due to three visas and when it’s safe to fly).

Further resources

Follow her on Twitter @FrancesDR and follow on LinkedIn at Frances Donegan-Ryan.

5. Lisa Raehsler

Lisa Raehsler

Lisa Raehsler knows her way around PPC and SEM, having founded Big Click Co, an online marketing agency in the US. The company provides management of search marketing, PPC, display, retargeting, and paid social campaigns.

Lisa is also nationally-recognized speaker and writer for publications such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and ClickZ. Her experience spans over two decades and she’s previously worked with large brands including Thomson Reuters and a former recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award for Bing Ads PPC.

Further resources

Follow Lisa on Twitter and LinkedIn.


As I said earlier, expertise is a spectrum and learning about Microsoft Ads can take time. But with the help of these Microsoft Ads experts, you can be on your way to making the best campaigns yet. Another way to help is having a tool like Adzooma to put that acquired expertise into practice

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