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5 Best PPC Reports To Show Your Clients


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5 Best PPC Reports To Show Your Clients

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Clear, insightful reporting is crucial for building great relationships with your clients.

It’s how you keep on top of communication, show the improvements you’ve made to their campaigns and ensure you’re both on the same page. When you have a detailed and consistent reporting system, this is made even easier.

Let’s wave goodbye to the confusing metrics and look at the top 5 PPC reports to show your clients.

1. PPC Performance Report

The PPC Performance Report will give you a complete overview of your client’s Google or Microsoft accounts in under 60 seconds. 

It’s the perfect weekly report that will allow you to take stock of how your account is performing right now. And because it gives you a score out of 100, you can easily demonstrate to clients how your changes are putting that score forward. 

Underneath your score, you’ll get a breakdown of your account with a colour-coded system showing what actions need immediate attention and where your performance is dropping. 

The good news for you is that most of these breakdown cards will also have a green ‘fix’ banner on the bottom, letting you action the change straight away in Adzooma.

To get started, log in to your Adzooma account, head to Reports and click the PPC Performance report. 

2. Device Report

Device Report

When your clients ask about performance, you need to tell them what’s working across every device. If you overlook this data, you will end up creating generic campaigns that are only suited to one type of customer.

Device reports will help you avoid this problem.

Using these reports, you will be able to highlight strengths and weaknesses for your client’s campaigns on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. If you can see that more people use mobile between 11am-2pm on weekdays, you can assure your client their budget is being spent effectively during that time period.

In addition, you can use this point to understand how devices affect your client’s customer journey, allowing you to create new campaigns with the bigger picture in mind.

Adzooma’s Device Report even breaks down the cost, clicks, conversions, and impressions for each device, comparing each metric side by side. And even better, all of this data will automatically update for you.

3. Funnel Performance Report

Funnel Performance Report

You can’t just show your clients the end results. For as long as you’re managing their campaigns, they’re going to want to know every little detail.

The Funnel Performance Report is your golden key.

This will allow you to show your clients exactly how each part of their funnel is performing, all the way from the cost of a keyword down to the amount it will cost them to acquire a customer. You can take them on the journey with you, breaking the data down to show which parts made them the best return.

Moreover, these reports are excellent for giving your client’s a full, in-depth analysis of their accounts. You can even carry out A/B testing of their ads and showcase the results in your report, showing how much of an impact it had through the funnel.

4. Cross Channel Report

Cross Channel Report

A fair number of your clients will have more than one ad account and you don’t want to exclude them. This is where you’ll get the largest amount of data, meaning more opportunities for you to make improvements.

Since there’s so much to work with, a Cross Channel Report is essential for collating your results. A report like this will help to identify:

  • Which channels are performing particularly well from the off-set
  • Compare number of clicks and impressions
  • Assess the cost of the keywords

You can also look at the different ads and ad groups within each campaign, giving your client’s more context behind each account.

With Adzooma, you can even compare two ad accounts side by side and see exactly how they appear on the search results. If your client only uses Google Ads, you can showcase two different ads within the same campaign to demonstrate the improvements you’ve made and how they might impact the customer journey.

Thinking of expanding yours or your client’s advertising portfolio? Claim $125 of search advertising spend on Microsoft Advertising when you sign up with $25.

5. SEO Performance Report

PPC doesn’t work in a vacuum. Each part of a client’s marketing plays a part in their overall customer journey and experience. 

And with Adzooma’s SEO Performance Report, you can highlight to your clients what’s happening after users click on your campaigns. 

Fundamentally, the SEO Performance report will give you the tools to: 

  • Get ahead of your competitors by finding keywords they’re missing 
  • Increase conversions by improving on-site user experience 
  • Compliment your campaigns with more organic traffic

You’ll get an overall score out of 100, with a breakdown of your keyword performance, onsite SEO score page speed and backlink profile. You can also compare your client’s performance with a competitor, showing how they compare with the competition.

A meaningful reporting process

Showing these 5 PPC reports to your clients won’t only help to strengthen your relationship, but will also save you time and effort justifying the data. Everything you need is in Adzooma’s free reporting suite – you just have to fuel it with data.

Be transparent and consistent, but most of all, always keep your client’s goal in mind.

All of these reports are available for free. You just need to create an Adzooma account to get started. 

And remember, be transparent and consistent, but most of all, always keep your client’s goal in mind.

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