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Adzooma Launches New Partnership With PPC Protect


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Adzooma Launches New Partnership With PPC Protect

Adzooma Launches New Partnership With PPC Protect

As if it couldn’t get any better, Adzooma has partnered with PPC Protect to ensure you’re getting the most out of your PPC advertising.

We’re two companies that share the same ethos. Recognising where digital marketing could be improved, we’ve each created groundbreaking PPC software used by customers all over the globe, not only reducing their workload but helping them to grow and manage their business with ease.

PPC Protect have bundled together years of experience and knowledge from each of their team, making sure to offer only the smartest, most in-depth and accurate click fraud technology on the market.

That’s why, to maximise your results even further, PPC Protect are offering all Adzooma users 25% off their product. Not only do you get more customers, but your campaign ROI will start to increase immediately.

Adzooma helps you automate, manage, and optimise your campaigns, while PPC Protect works hard to allow only genuine customers through the funnel. It’s a win-win.

Who are PPC Protect?

PPC Protect is an award-winning Google Ads click fraud prevention software made up of 12 marketing entrepreneurs, all experienced in online advertising. It launched in September 2017, delivering high-end protection for PPC campaigns to help customers save time and money.

Like Adzooma, the team saw a gap in the market and created a product that would support others in their online advertising journey. They knew there must’ve been a way to avoid click fraud, and born out of this came PPC Protect.

Their main features include:

  • Advanced Analytics – providing a deeper insight into your ad spend
  • Expert Account Manager – for support and to maximise your protection
  • White-Label Reporting – to collate important data for your clients or staff
  • 99.997% Uptime SLA – improving efficiency and avoiding any downtime

It’s this technology and determination that has helped them acquire some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies as clients, proving the leverage and potential of this software.

A computer with speech bubbles coming out of it

Where the magic happens: The technology

PPC Protect doesn’t just make predictions.

The innovative software detects competitors, bots, scrapers and click farms that can affect your Google Ads performance, working in the background to improve your results on the frontline. It does this without taking any ownership of your accounts, allowing your campaigns to run as usual without any disruptions.

Where Adzooma uses machine learning to improve your advertising campaigns, PPC Protect uses AI to monitor your ads in real time, analysing each click to determine whether it’s legitimate or fraudulent. It works around the clock, sharing the same power and drive as our own platform.

To ensure the best possible results, their technology collects 110 pieces of unique data, including:

  • IP address
  • Device ID
  • Resolution
  • User agent
  • Location

The system then analyses and cross-references this data before either blacklisting the user or passing it through as a valid customer.

It’s software that helps you grow, with no effort from your side.

A fraudster on a laptop with a pile of cash behind him and an ATM

Why we’ve teamed up with PPC Protect

At Adzooma, our mission has always been to help businesses of all sizes succeed online, by providing a platform that will automate their workload and generate the best results. Our customers can manage their campaigns in one place, prioritise data, and easily navigate their performance.

Paired with PPC Protect, our customers will have peace of mind that the traffic generated from their campaigns is 100% genuine, and that their Google Ads accounts are working at full capacity. Growing and protecting your account has never been easier.

Moreover, PPC Protect have built their software with the same ideals and intentions as Adzooma – meaning there’s double the support, intelligence, and experience to help grow your business.

An offer that takes just one click

As a result of our partnership, PPC Protect are offering all Adzooma users 25% off their product.

Which means you can start generating valuable customers, minimising risk to your campaigns, and having two lots of expertise on your side – all for a great price.

This is what you’d get if you combined award-winning automation with advanced protection.

Redeem your PPC Protect offer today – it takes seconds.

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