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Adzooma Launches Partnership With Total Processing


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Adzooma Launches Partnership With Total Processing

total processing and adzooma

Through their global acquiring network, Total Processing’s all-in-one solutions afford total control to its merchants; with complete access to payment data, optimised payment tools and risk management services that work seamlessly through the power of a leading payment gateway and the expertise of in-house payment engineers working behind the scenes.

Sharing the same ethos as Adzooma to help businesses grow, their risk management platform offers ultimate protection for your accounts and a set of comprehensive services and payment offerings. They know how important it is to keep your business safe, so they created technology to minimise risk and maximise revenue. It’s that simple.

We help grow your business, Total Processing keeps your profits secure. It’s a match made in heaven.

It’s why we’re offering £75 in Google Ads spend for all customers signed up to their software, while Adzooma customers will receive a free payment review which looks at 7 key areas of your business to see how it can be optimised to increase revenue.

Who are Total Processing?

Total Processing are a leading provider of bespoke payment solutions for businesses, headquartered in Manchester with a team of experienced professionals. Like Adzooma, their platform came to life in 2015, and they’ve been consistent in finding the best ways to serve their customers ever since.

Adzooma took the lead on optimising digital campaigns, while Total Processing skyrocketed into the payment space – incorporating the latest payment technologies to provide top-level support and help your business run like clockwork.

Just some of their features include:

  • Recurring payments for ease of use
  • Risk management for large transactions
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art fraud protection 
  • PCI Level 1 compliance for the safety of your data
  • Seamless integration with your preferred platform

It’s these tools that have helped them achieve their top-tier status as a provider of entirely bespoke yet secure processing solutions for many valuable customers. Total Processing provides the services that consolidate the fundamental processes of your business into one manageable platform – which you can use now to maximise your potential for increased revenue across multiple channels.

How Total Processing works

Say hello to intuitive data.

Total Processing allows you to manage your customers payments with ease, as each transaction takes place in an encrypted and secure environment, from transmission, to processing, to storage.

Their software receives your processing data in real-time and intuitively generates live insights and reporting on revenue and fraud scenarios whilst offering front-end action on every transaction within one consolidated system.

Their bespoke CRM dashboard provides a complete overview of your processing activity, while everything you need is broken down into easily-digestible snippets. There’s smart-action responses where it matters most – freeing up your time to focus on strategy.

There are endless options with Total Processing, as they offer payments security and optimised processing solutions working hand-in-hand as a result of their expertise in leveraging the power of a leading payment gateway to provide processing and security options across the globe.

Like Adzooma, you remain in control, but all of the hard work is taken care of.

Why we’ve teamed up

When we created Adzooma, we wanted to make life easier for our users. We strived to simplify online advertising, building a platform users could use to manage, automate, and optimise their digital campaigns in one place. There was a reason, and we accomplished it.

Total Processing was built on similar foundations, eliminating concerns around payment security and generating tools to help simplify payments and maximise conversions globally.

Better yet, the team behind Total Processing share the same ethos we do at Adzooma – to be a customer-first business, offer support through technology, and by leveraging data to provide innovative digital solutions to drive the best results.

Our platforms integrate seamlessly together, and even more seamlessly into your business.

Two offers to help streamline your processes

To celebrate our partnership with Total Processing, we’re offering £75 in Google Ads spend for all customers signed up to their software, while Adzooma customers will receive a free payment review which looks at 7 key areas of your business to see how it can be optimised to increase revenue.

Access your £75 Google Ads spend offer today and your free payment review.


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