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“Adzooma Is A Phenomenal Platform”: An Interview With Digital Marketing Manager Alejandra Perdomo


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“Adzooma Is A Phenomenal Platform”: An Interview With Digital Marketing Manager Alejandra Perdomo

Online advertising can make or break a small e-commerce business. 

Every decision and second can count, which is why we had a chat with Digital Marketing Manager Alejandra Perdomo about her campaign success. 

With 8 years experience, Alejandra has worked at a variety of different companies across the United States, including small family owned firms and big fortune 500 companies managing everything from CPC affiliate marketing, social content team influencers and SEO. 

Currently, Alejandra is working at Flooret, a small flooring business based in San Diego, CA, offering premium vinyl floors at factory-direct prices to give customers the greatest quality for the lowest cost.

To help manage the e-commerce campaigns at Flooret, Alejandra turned to Adzooma to save her time and increase her returns. 

“I needed to make efficient and smart decisions as quick as possible”

“It’s all hands on deck!” explains Alejandra when describing her current role. In order to make her campaigns run smoothly, she “needed as much resources to help me to be able to analyze and pull intelligence to be able to make efficient and smart decisions as quick as possible.”

There are two stand out features that have become part of Alejandra’s workflow: our flagship Opportunities and the PPC Performance Report.

Speaking of Opportunities, Alejandra says that they “just pull in everything and says hey here’s an opportunity that you might be missing out on, for instance yesterday just recommended a device bid adjustment. And it’s just such an easy click of a button.”

“And I love that then you guys will also review it and say okay that was a good decision or let’s maybe tweak this a little bit more. So, it’s awesome.

“I’m definitely [using Opportunites] at least once a week at a minimum. Sometimes twice a week just to make sure that I’m not missing out on any other suggested Opportunities.” 

“It’s a really quick and easy snapshot”

Talking about the PPC Performance Report, Alejandra says she uses it to make sure “that I’m checking all the boxes and whenever things are kind of more in the red and don’t seem to be performing the best that they can to be leaning on your guys’ recommendations on what optimizations that could be making.” 

Paired with our new PPC Performance score widgets, Alejandra praises them as “a really quick and easy snapshot to be able to see okay. You know, we’re passing seven [checks]. We have four warnings and to be able to have a quick jump over to see what changes need to be done.” 

That’s the kind of time-saving we’re mad about at Adzooma. Talking about how much time she saves, Alejandra says that she recently made some optimizations that the Adzooma platform predicted would save her two hours a day.  

“In just kind of reviewing the data going back and forth and, you know, trying to decide whether it’s a good idea to make a change or not. I think it’s pretty accurate, it would have taken me about two hours.” That’s not bad for one set of optimizations. 

So what’s she doing with the spare time?  

“We are a small startup company and so there’s always opportunities and things that we can be spending time improving our website, improving our SEO, improving our content, improving our campaign strategy of how we’re kind of communicating with potential clients and putting them into the pipeline. So all those little elements are necessary to be able to really get a good marketing strategy put in place and so it’s all piece of a pie.”

“I feel like I can trust Adzooma”

Every single optimization suggestion inside Adzooma is based on data and designed to get the best results from your campaigns. 

Alejandra praised our suggestions, stating: “I mean, I feel like I can trust Adzooma a lot more where I can lean on them and be able to make sure that I am getting the right suggested recommendations whereas with Google, you can always have in the back of your head ‘Are you just trying to get more money?’

“With the help of Adzooma, I feel like I have a team backing me to make educated decisions to build a strong campaign.

“I envision myself leaning on Adzooma a little bit more with Microsoft as well,” Alejandra remarks. 

Alajandra’s advice to other business 

Adzooma is “Definitely worth a shot. I mean you have absolutely nothing to lose, it’s a phenomenal platform that can really be able to save you time and resources, evaluate what is performing and what is not performing and giving you the right suggestions.” 

As well as asking about Alejandra’s success, we also asked her how we could improve Adzooma. It’s why we love talking to customers like Alejandra,  freelancer Phil Bacon, PPC agency owner Phil Byrne and e-commerce owner Joshua Ivars Medina

“Amazon is a big area where I have been struggling and spending so many hours,” Alejandra responds. “They have a terrible interface and we’re actually working with another company trying to, you know, alleviate how bad their interfaces and even then just still a hassle.

“If you guys have any ideas around Amazon that’d be pretty cool”. 
Amazon ads would definitely be one to keep your eyes open for. But in the meantime, you can use Adzooma for all of your Google, Facebook and Microsoft needs by signing up for free here.

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