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And/Or Automations Have Arrived At Adzooma!

And/Or Automations Have Arrived At Adzooma!

The Adzooma team are very excited to announce that And/Or conditions have finally landed at Adzooma. 

2020 has not been the best year, but we’re determined to end it on a high. This update is the exact celebration to do just that. 

It’s a big one. And, like every other feature on the platform, it’s also free. 

What are And/Or conditions? 

Okay, let’s dial back some of the excitement and break down what And/Or conditions are. 

Fundamentally, conditions are the events that cause automation rules to run. So, if you have a rule that pauses an advert if the CPC goes above £5.00, the CPC is your condition. As soon as the CPC hits that number, the rule will run. 

When we released our automation update, you could only run And conditions. That meant if you added more than one condition, all of them would have to be met for a rule to run. So if you have a rule with the following conditions: 

  • CPC goes above £5.00
  • Clicks go below 200 
  • CPA goes above £10.00

The rule would not work unless every single of these factors is met. 

Or conditions change this. 

With Or conditions, your rule will fire when any of your conditions are met.

  • And conditions mean all of the conditions have to be met for a rule to fire. 
  • Or conditions allow you to create automation rules that will fire when just one of your conditions are met. 

Using And/Or automations for any occasion

Being able to select between And/Or conditions for your automated rules gives you greater control over your automation, saving you the manual labour and time. 

Let’s say you want to increase the budget for popular posts on Facebook. But, there are different metrics that you can use to measure this. 

You have two options. Manually monitor the post to see how it’s performing, or use our And/Or conditions to create a rule that will increase your budget by 10% if ANY of the following conditions are met: 

  • Impressions go above 5,000
  • Post reactions are above 2,000
  • Post shares are above 1,000

That’s automation at its finest.

Create and/or conditions for automated rules in Adzooma

Applying And/Or to your rules

To help you create this rule, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to how to create an automation rule in Adzooma.

Already familiar with our rules? Head to Automation on your Adzooma account and click the ‘New Automation Rule’ button to start creating the rule you want. 

Not used Automation rules yet? Find out more how they work and how much time they can save you here.

When you get conditions, click the And or Or button to add the condition. 

You can add as many conditions as you want and use both And/Or conditions in the same rule. It can be as complex or simple as you make it.

What else is new? 

We’re always innovating and adding new features at Adzooma. As well as this huge feature, you may also notice smart suggestions on our library of templated automation rules, to save you even more time. 

Let’s say you want to apply our seasonal template to pause campaigns on Christmas Day to save yourself the budget. So, you select this rule from our library, choose the campaigns you want to apply it to and click save. 

Once you do, you’ll see this handy little pop-up suggestion that you also apply the rule to enable campaigns on January 2nd, after the Christmas period is over.

Get smart automation rule suggestions with Adzooma

To save you even more time, we’ll have remembered the exact campaigns that you applied this rule to. All you need to do is click yes, and this additional rule will be set up and ready to run. 

Industry-leading automation, for free

The arrival of And/Or conditions has made Adzooma the most intelligent automation system on the market. And we’re 100% free. 

Our automation feature doesn’t just offer And/Or conditions either. It’s designed to be your 24/7 virtual PPC assistant you can use to set fail-safes and optimisations for when you’re not around. Use it to carry out the micro-changes you don’t have time for, or as an alert system to let you or your team members know when you need to take action. 

Create custom rules from 50+ metrics for Google, Facebook and Microsoft – or select from our library of premade templates selected by industry experts. 

However you use automation, it’s guaranteed to cut out manual processes and save you time. 

There are a lot of PPC optimisation tools out there, but very few of them offer this level of advanced automation. Fewer still have And/Or conditions. The ones that do can charge you up to $3,000 a month for the privilege. 

We do it for free. 

Get access to Adzooma Automation by creating your free account here.

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