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10 Best Content Marketing Agencies of 2021


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10 Best Content Marketing Agencies of 2021

10 Best Content Marketing Agencies of 2020

Many people struggle to understand content marketing and what it entails, but it’s one of the most effective ways to reach consumers without directly selling your product or service to them.

Getting to grips with content marketing and adding it to your strategy can take time, and a great solution is employing an agency to direct you. But that can be challenging if you don’t know where to look or what to look for.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top content marketing agencies with locations, details of what services they offer, and previous clients so you can narrow your search and find the best agency for your needs.

What do the best content marketing agencies do?

Before you can employ a content marketing agency, you need to know what they do.

Content marketing agencies include teams of marketers who specialise in the creation of content, be it in written form, graphic, or video. They often work closely with design, branding, social media, and SEO to develop a strong brand message through storytelling.

The key difference between content marketing and promotional copy on, say, a blog, is that content marketing involves authoritative content related to a brand’s industry without selling the brand or its services.

So let’s look at our choice of the best 10.

1. Content Loop Digital

Location: Downtown Core, Singapore

Content Loop Digital is Singapore’s leading digital marketing agency offering extensive digital marketing services including SEO, PPC and web design. Since 2017, they have worked with over 43 clients, generated 700,000 leads and drove over $11,000,000 in revenue.

Content Loop follows five stages to help you grow your business:

  1. Content – The content is your message, without content, it’s impossible to showcase your products and services
  2. Convey – Need to deliver your content effectively, whether that be through SEO or PPC.
  3. Connect – Once your contents been interacted with – connect with them. Capture their contact so you can continue nurturing that trust.
  4. Contact – Promote your products or services and demonstrate how you can solve their problems.
  5. Convert – Convert your prospects into paying customers.

Their content strategy focuses on satisfying Google and your audience – they will keep your rankings high on the search engine while not neglecting the user experience.

Previous clients: APH Trading, 2 Yoga Studio

2. Proof Content

Location: London, UK

Proof Content use data to create SEO focused content, drive people to your site and convert them into customers using a global network of over 150 writers. If your business is struggling to convert customers, find more customers or need content written on a large scale, then Proof Content can help – in (almost) any language.

Proof Content thinks creatively; their content is commercially driven and written with a purpose to create engaging content quickly, and in nearly every industry.

They begin with experts in SEO and user experience, who create a content marketing strategy which answers your business’s needs and goals. Then they put their network to work, creating bespoke teams of freelance writers and editors who understand your industry.

Some of their services include:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Evergreen content
  • SEO strategy and content
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters

Previous clients: Boots, NPower, Foyles, Travel Weekly, Love Holidays

3. Phable

Location: Hampshire, UK

Phable provides their clients with a continuous flow of design, branding and content creation services. Their main speciality is producing a steady flow of on-brand marketing and sales content ranging from:

  • Blog posts
  • Long-form ad copy
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Animations

Phable partner with marketing departments who raise creatives who are outside the company with no need to increase your headcount internally – you only use them, when you need them.

Previous clients: Ebay, Balance, GitHub, Microsoft

4. Content Creatures

Location: London, UK

Content Creatures are an award-winning team that creates high quality and engaging content for your business. They are a full-service branded content agency and animation studio, designed to manage all or part of the creative process. Their work includes:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Advertising for broadcast
  • Animated explainer films
  • Live action corporate video productions
  • Logo animations

Content Creatures pride themselves on their genuine, straightforward approach that makes the production process easy for their clients.

Previous clients: Odeon, E.On, BBC, Pfizer, HSBC

5. Heartlent Group

Location: New York, United States

Heartlent Group are a New York City based social strategy and creative content agency who have been representing and collaborating with brands for over 15 years. Their work is created for the current digital and social era, mainly focusing on:

  • Digital content
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social campaigns
  • Video production

The name “Heartlent” came from the combination of “heart” and “talent” – which best describes their approach to strategy, design and content.

Previous clients: Nike, Harley Davidson, Hitachi, ESPN, Canon

6. What a Story

Location: Hyderabad, India

What a Story are a video production company specialising in explainer and product videos. They have helped over 300 businesses to communicate their message and transform their intent to rich content. They are an award-winning agency with a range of awards:

  • Best animation video design agency
  • Top #5 explainer production
  • Top animation and multimedia company
  • Top Indian design companies

You will not be disappointed with their services if you want quality content that’s not only original, unique and customised but also affordable.

Previous clients: Kelloggs, Mastercard, Standard Chartered, Envato

7. The Brains

Location: London, UK

The Brains specialises in conversion-driving content marketing, from traffic generating blog posts to powerful digital PR campaigns. Whether you need to increase brand awareness, generate high quality backlinks or improve engagement with your social media following, their team of content marketing experts are there to help.

The Brains are content marketing specialists with a proven approach that combines data-driven content strategy with creative copywriting and powerful automation tools.

They offer a range of digital marketing services from content strategy and online advertising to SEO, PPC and email marketing – if you need to increase sales, deliver ROI or improve your website’s conversion rate then The Brains is the right agency for you.

Previous clients: DHL, McDonald’s, Education First, Corgi

8. Shareable

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

Shareable is a specialist social media and content marketing agency dedicated to empowering new and existing companies, ventures and entrepreneurs with their content marketing services.

Their team consists of highly experienced marketing consultants with a real passion for social media and content marketing – they know what it takes to create awesome content.

Shareable will give your targeted customer base high-quality content that is relevant to them on a regular basis. They create high-quality, valuable content to attract and engage their client’s audiences.

Previous clients: Labelnet, Isabella Meek Makeup

9. Fat Frog Media

Locations: Dublin, Ireland

Fat Frog Medias aim is to empower clients to achieve success on their own terms. They build systems to help clients manage their own marketing and automate their leads. Here’s how Fat Frog Media will help your business:

  • Improve the rankings of your blogs and your entire website
  • Engage your customers and sell more products
  • Save time on planning and writing articles

Fat Frog Media have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe, they know what it takes to write excellent, SEO-friendly content for businesses.

Previous clients: Butcher Magazine, Sum of Us, Physio Fit, Metamed

10. Reach

Location: London, UK

Reach is the UK’s largest publisher, with more than 42 million people visiting their online network every month. Their focus is on making your life easier by delivering business-changing results, and sharing their expertise and resources to reach more people.

They believe that content marketing is about delivering the right message, to the right audience at the right time. Their experienced journalists will create the content around your business needs. Publishing high-quality content is at the heart of their company values so your brand would be in the safest hands.

Previous clients: Soccer Aid, Players Lounge, Vodafone, Google Garage, National Lottery

Do you need content marketing?

The short answer is yes.

If you want to communicate with customers, you are going to need content. However, most decision-makers in organisations are not equipped to create high-quality content that can reach their audience in the most engaging and effective ways. As such, to make sure your message gets across in a way that helps you get closer to your organisational goals, it’s recommended you work with the content marketing specialists who can help.

Choosing the best content marketing agency to meet your needs means finding the team you can rely on to match the voice you want, bring the industry expertise you need, and help create the strategy that works for your business. The agencies above can all do that; it’s just about taking the time to find which one works best for you.

If you’re on the lookout for even more, check out Adzooma Marketplace. Our wide selection of content marketing agencies includes the likes of:

And for any agencies aiming to gain more clients, Marketplace can place your brand in front of thousands of potential clients at affordable rates.

Choose your package today.

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