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9 Best Design Agencies in Nottingham

9 Best Design Agencies in Nottingham

Design agencies are teeming with creatives who dedicate their talents and experience in designing marketing material, such as websites, logos, and PPC advertisements for multiple industries worldwide.

Moreover, design agencies are arguably much more beneficial for companies to work with than solo designers. With access to a pool of creatives working towards one common goal for a business; clients get the best of multiple creative brains and a quick turnaround on creative projects.

Additionally, a team effort allows an agency to create an exceptional design for clients that can make waves in their industry.

While you may have been blessed with business acumen, creating an aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly website, may surpass your capabilities. Which is why it’s essential to hire experts in design who can ensure your business will emit a professional feel and attract the right audience.

However, just any design agency for your company won’t do.

Here is a list of 9 of the top agencies in Nottingham, accompanied by a profile of what each agency can offer your business.

1. Abstrakt Creative

Abstrakt sets out with the intention to make a positive difference to every business they encounter through design.

The services on offer at Abstrakt include web and graphic design, digital design and branding

From the Abstrakt team, you can expect motivated individuals who work in harmony as a team to reach a common goal every day, which is to provide businesses like yours the best of their creative talents.

Abstrakt is not your typical “yes” agency. They are abundant with innovative, creative solutions. And, if they know there’s a better way of approaching a design or want to experiment by taking your business website, for example, down a different path, let them!

They’re guaranteed to exceed your expectations and provide an exceptional end product.

2. Framework Design Agency

For detail-oriented perfectionists with passion through and through, the Framework Design Agency is at your service. And on hand to provide a blend of design expertise including content, branding, print and motion design. 

Having worked with large brands such as Speedo International, the Framework Design Agency has enjoyed it’s a fair share of big brands. And they have received excellent feedback too. For instance, Speedo commented Framework Design demonstrated the kind of service they would expect from a high profile design agency in London.

To engage customers in new, and exciting ways, beyond brilliantly eye-catching design, the Framework Design Agency also seeks to add thought-provoking strategy into its end-to-end design service.

3. Tribe

For businesses wanting to add value to their brand, Tribe is the answer for you. Having worked with the likes of Vision Express and Experian, Tribe has an abundance of ambitious projects they have succeeded. 

Tribe tackles new design challenges, and new industries effortlessly, and continues to astound customers with their excellent design experience. 

However, as per Tribes slogan, perhaps only the brave and ambitious should inquire! If you dare to see what the Tribe can offer you, get in touch.

4. The Dairy Creative Agency

With 17 years experience, The Dairy Creative Agency is eager to maintain its role as a reputable, and trustworthy agency in the East Midlands and prides itself on being ‘Always Open. Always Honest.’

From designing logos to conceptualising new designs for websites. The Dairy Creative Agency has digital marketing specialists who work tirelessly to create compelling visuals that enhance a company’s online presence. With a mission to attract, engage and inspire new clients.

As a design agency that operates with the utmost integrity, Dairy has accrued a long list of well-known British clients over the years. Such as Gala Bingo, the NHS and Boots.

5. M360

With a wealth of experience taking care of brands on a national and international level; M360 has made a name for themselves as an agency that offers clients fantastic service every time—coupled with an astronomical amount of creativity and bold branding. 

Whether your business needs a show-stopping marketing campaign or a brand refresh that will completely change customers’ perception of your business, M360 can offer your business these services and so much more. 

M360 appreciates each business’s unique personality and uses that to create a brand that’s distinctive and competitive in their industry. Moreover, this creative agency works to develop an impeccable digital design that’s fitting for your budget and time constraints too.

6. Fifteen Design

For incredible website design that incorporates UX strategy and responsive technology, Fifteen design will fulfil your business’s requirements with ease.

From humble beginnings, Fifteen design was established by fifteen-year-old Managing Director Ollie Piddubriwny who earned and conquered his first design project from Notts County FC. 

Now, Fifteen design is an award-winning website design agency, decked with a plethora of successful sites, from brochure to e-commerce platforms under its name. It’s likely there isn’t an industry Fifteen design hasn’t created an online hub for. 

With a core belief that working collaboratively is the best way to unearth your company’s goals and objectives and develop a site that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Fifteen wants to share each company’s story through engaging and thought-provoking web design.

7. Together Agency

The Together Agency is a multifaceted company with its creative minds in all aspects of design. From apps to emails, digital banners to websites; Together Agency can design it all. 

Having worked with the likes of Heritage bathrooms, Interflora and Busy Bees. Together Agency’s extensive and diverse team is highly skilled and proficient in creating digital design that fits each businesses unique intentions and attracts the audience they want. 

Whether your business is fixed on reinventing its brand to something modern and fresh, or alternatively, is looking for strategic ways to adjust and enhance their packaging design to appeal to an older demographic. Together Agency will relish the challenge, diving in headfirst with ambition and impressive ideas. 

8. Michon Creative

Established since 1982, Michon has worked with a stream of famous UK brands. Over the years, Michon has highlighted two significant elements that have enabled Michon to propel to the successful agency it is today. They concentrate on delivering exceptional commercial results, coupled with a whole host of creativity.

As a design agency, Michon defines its team as problem solvers. With enhanced knowledge of multiple sectors accrued over the years. The Michon creative team of experts are skilled at adapting a business’s images and brands to attract the audience they need. 

Design at Michon is more than aesthetics. They seek to ensure clients gain a return on their investment. Whether by reaching targets or gaining a commercial return, ROI is one of the core elements that distinguishes their approach to design from other agencies. 

9. Strafe Creative

Strafe Creative imagines and brings to fruition dynamic, enticing digital design, that enhances a customers experience to engage with and lead them to buy or sign up for a service or product.

For over a decade, Strafe Creative has assisted numerous brands with sophisticated digital design and strategy. Strafe Creative focuses on creating digital solutions that are meaningful and connect to the intended audience.  

Digital design services from Strafe Creative include branding, print design, UX design, e-commerce website design and much, much more. 

Finding a design agency that will work well with your business is exciting but also presents its challenges. However, with the guide above, you’re equipped with the top design agencies Nottingham has to offer. 

Having a conversation with design agencies is the first step towards finding out which agencies to connect with and begin collaborating. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start instigating a few video chats with the creative teams above to get the design ball rolling.

The best design agency is a click away

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