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Better Automation For You And Your Team

Better Automation For You And Your Team

Another week, another exciting product update to share with you all. 

Back in September, Adzooma Automation got a huge revamp that made automated rules easier, quicker and more reliable. But we weren’t done there. We’ve still got a lot more planned to continue making this the best automation feature you’ll ever use.

Now, you have the ability to change bids by a % and send notifications to your teammates when an automation rule fires. 

Let’s look closer at what these features mean for your business. 

Change bids by a % 

Before, you could only change a budget to a set amount. Now, you can apply % increases or decreases, helping you set incremental changes that always work no matter what edits you make. 

For example, let’s say you have a campaign that always does better at the weekend. The campaign has a budget of £200, but you want a 10% increase on the weekend to make better returns. So, you set a new budget of £220 for the weekend. 

The next month, your overall advertising budget changes and this campaign now has a budget of £400. 

Under the old rule, the budget would automatically go to £220 at the weekend, meaning you’re spending less in your best performing times. That’s not good news and means editing all of your automated rules to put in the right amount. 

However, by using a 10% increase rule, you can rest assured that your budget will always change by the right amount, no matter what your budget is. 

Change budgets by a % with Adzooma Automation.

To apply this action, log into your account and create a new rule. Then, under conditions, select increase or decrease the budget and enter the % you want it changing by. 

Finish creating the rest of your rule, including what conditions you want it to run under and how often you want it to run. For example, you can: 

  • Increase your budget by 2% if your CPC (Cost-per-click) drops below your target, allowing for more clicks at a better cost
  • Decrease your budget by 5% of your CPA (Cost-per-acquisition) goes above your target, protecting your spend and giving you a better ROI (Return on investment)

Whatever you need it for, you can make it happen with Adzooma Automations. 

To top it all off, you’ll also find some new templates that also include % budget changes for even quicker use. 

Send notifications to your teammates

You can now control who gets notified when setting up automation rules, giving you better control over your team’s workload and ensuring everyone stays in the loop. 

For example, if you set an automation rule that fires when clicks are high but conversions are low, you can notify one of your development team to check out the landing page and make sure there are no website issues interfering with your campaigns. 

As a default, we’ll notify the account owner whenever rules run. But you can select as many additional users as you want from the simple drop-down menu.

Send notifications to teammates when an automation rule fires in Adzooma.

Don’t have any teammates on Adzooma yet?

They’re quick and easy to set up. All you need to do is click the menu in the top right corner and click Team. Press the ‘Invite User’ button and type in the email address of the person you want to add. 

Once accepted, you can assign particular accounts to team members, helping to delegate work and manage your time better.

invite as many users as you want to adzooma for free.

On the Team screen, you’ll be able to see all the teammates you have in Adzooma and what permissions they have. This is either Admin or User permissions. 

Both permissions will allow users to apply Opportunities, create automation rules and custom reports. However, users won’t be able to manage users & accounts or edit billing information, giving you more protection over your accounts. 

Coming soon… 

As well as all the above, we’ve got some exciting new automation features in the pipeline. 

Great news! And/Or Conditions are now live. Read more about it here.

The biggest one? And/Or conditions. 

And/Or conditions is an intelligent feature that will make your rules next level. At the minute, we only offer and conditions. That means when you create a condition, all of them have to be met for the rule to trigger. 

Or conditions change that and will run a rule when just one of your conditions are met. So if your conditions are: 

  • If impressions is above 5,000
  • OR
  • Post engagement is above 2,000

This rule will run if any of the above conditions are met. That’s a whole world of optimisations. 

Keep an eye on the Adzooma blog to see these exciting updates and more. Or, click here to have them sent directly to your inbox. 

Not got an Adzooma account yet? Don’t worry, you can get access to these features and the entire Adzooma account for free. 

Just create your account today. 

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