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Be In It To Win It: Get Your Hands On Exclusive Prizes This Black Friday


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Be In It To Win It: Get Your Hands On Exclusive Prizes This Black Friday

At Adzooma, we’re always trying to make things simple for our customers. It’s why we built the platform to begin with: to make online advertising easier, smarter and more accessible for businesses of all sizes, and improve the time-consuming nature of PPC management.

We even opened up access to Adzooma and became a completely free platform in June, supporting our customers as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, as Black Friday is just around the corner, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on a ton of free prizes. Not just any prizes – but exclusive gift cards worth up to $1350 to spend on your favourite products.

Want to find out how? Here’s everything you need to know about our Black Friday Refer-A-Friend challenge.

What does the challenge involve?

The Black Friday challenge gives you the chance to win exclusive gift cards for referring your friends to the Adzooma platform.

The more people you invite, the more money you get.

For every successful referral both you and the person you refer will get a $20 gift card each.

To make sure it’s a successful referral, the person you refer must create an Adzooma account AND connect at least one or more of their active Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Microsoft Ads accounts. The account must also have been active in the last 30 days and have some ad spend it.

Sound good? Well, here’s how it gets even better.

What prizes could I win?

There are four main prizes, including:

  • $200 in gift cards, plus a $50 bonus – when you invite 10 friends.
  • $500 in gift cards plus an additional $150 bonus gift card – when you invite 25 friends.
  • $1000 in gift cards, plus an additional $350 bonus gift card – when you invite 50 friends.
  • An extra $10 per qualified invite once you reach and pass a total of 50 invites.

If your referrals are particularly impressive or you act faster than other users, you can also win some of our bonus prizes.

These include:

  • An extra $50 gift card + Google Home if you’re the first to invite 5 users.
  • A bonus of $100 if you invite an agency with the biggest ad spend.
  • An extra $10 per qualified connected Microsoft Ads account.

And remember, Adzooma is completely free to use. So you aren’t only getting high-level optimisations at no cost, but the potential to earn free prizes if you refer someone to our platform.

How does it differ from our other Refer-A-Friend scheme?

Our standard Refer-A-Friend scheme is still in place. If you get a friend to sign up to Adzooma at any time outside of this challenge, you’ll both get a $20 gift card. It’s a win-win.

The Black Friday challenge is on a much bigger scale.

Instead of inviting one person for $20, you can earn up to $1350 in gift cards for referring multiple people to Adzooma. There’s also the chance to win bonus prizes depending on your efforts, and you can share the platform as far and wide as you want. It’s a way of saying thank you for helping us grow.

When does it start?

The challenge will run Monday 26 October – Sunday 29th November. That leaves you just over than 4 weeks to get your referrals in.

If you start thinking about them now and are the first to 5 people, you could win an extra $50 and a Google Home. And remember, a lot of your favourite brands and products will have discounts around Black Friday – something you can get your hands on just by taking part.

How do I encourage people to sign up?

First things first, Adzooma is completely free, making it the only platform of its type to offer such high value with no costs. The same powerful software would be exclusive to any other paid-for plan on the market – some of which are $1,000s a month.

A few other points you should know:

  • Adzooma is suitable for anyone who is, or who would like to, advertise on the three major advertising networks
  • The platform is fuelled with innovative features for Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads, allowing our users to manage all of their campaigns under one roof
  • Over 100,000 businesses are using Adzooma to improve their online advertising, making use of the high-level optimisations and 24/7 automation

You can read more about our intuitive optimisation suite, find some reviews and more about our exclusive partnerships.

If your friends sign up to Adzooma, managing their online advertising will be made easier than ever before.

Terms & conditions

  • Only approved and converted referrals can qualify for rewards.
  • Self-invites are not allowed.
  • If we notice an unusual, suspicious activity or attempts to fraud/gamble the system – we reserve the right to remove you from the challenge, cancel all your rewards and deactivate your refer-a-friend links.
  • Standard refer-a-friend gift cards will be issued in the usual way, automatically, by email. Bonus gift cards will be confirmed on 23/11 and issued the same day – you will receive them just before Black Friday.

Did someone say Black Friday automation?

We know how competitive the advertising space is – which means we’re fully aware of the Black Friday rush. It’s a time where businesses in every industry will be launching new campaigns and putting more money behind their ads to attract new customers.

That’s what our latest automation update is here for. As well as giving you the chance to win exclusive prizes, this update will make managing your PPC campaigns easier than ever before during Black Friday weekend.

Run rules on specific dates, as well as new event templates that allow you to automatically launch campaigns on a set date. Find out more about how they work here.

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