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A Guide to Content Marketing for Luxury Brands


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A Guide to Content Marketing for Luxury Brands

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Luxury brands need to stay ahead of the curve and pull out all the stops to bring customers in. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to achieve this, which is why companies need to diversify their marketing strategies.

There are so many elements that you need to consider, including potential audiences, buyer personas, and photography that can all help massively. In our guide, we will help you understand how to get the most out of content marketing as a luxury brand.

How can luxury brands use content marketing?

As content marketing focusses on industry topics rather than selling a specific brand or service, that opens up more possibilities for the types of content you can create. But where does that leave luxury brands? Here are some ideas:

Video marketing

Video marketing is a major part of modern marketing for luxury brands, and it’s something you need add to your overall strategy. Statistics show that 85% of all internet users in the United States watch video content monthly on their devices. The power of video cannot be overstated when trying to attract people to your business.

Influencer content

Influencers hold more sway than ever before, and many of them have audiences in the hundreds of thousands and even millions. Acquiring the services of an influencer can generate a great deal of interest in your luxury brand.

Heepsy is a great influencer management platform where you can access more than 11 million influencers with +5K followers on Instagram and Youtube.

Social media

Any business that hopes to achieve success needs to master the art of social media marketing. The type of content you choose to publish is something that you need to make the most of by making your content as engaging and valuable as possible. 71% of consumers who enjoy positive social media experiences with a brand are likely to recommend that brand. And this shows you the importance of getting your social media content right as much as you can.


Search engine optimisation is crucial for improving your brand visibility online and driving users to your business. You need to have a presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and topics related to your brand and industry and improve your rankings as much as possible.

Content marketing without a focus on SEO throughout is like putting a letter in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, hoping everyone on dry land will spread the word when they find it.


Blogging has changed a lot since its early days and it has become synonymous with content marketing. It’s also the cheapest and easiest way to write about any subject. You can use a blog to get better engagement with your potential audience, and you can combine things like video and images into your blog posts to really make them stand out and attract more users.

This is something you have to make sure you get right as much as you can if you want to improve the way you run your company.

Creating a content strategy

Before you start with anything, you need to create a content strategy, and there are a lot of ideas you can use to help get this right. A good place to start is with storytelling.


Storytelling is what separates the truly great brands from the also-rans. Everyone loves to lose themselves in a story, and luxury consumers are no different – so you should look at how to make the most of long-form stories. Look at how companies like Nike, John Lewis, and Burberry have created unique branded series of stories that people follow and identify with their brand.

The best way of creating a luxury brand story that is compelling and engaging is to forget about money, focus on telling the truth, and ask yourself some important questions about your brand in the process.

Success stories

There have been countless luxury brands over the years who have managed to ace their luxury marketing strategy to great success. And these are some of the best examples you can use to help gain inspiration.


Back in 2013, Burberry decided to launch their Burberry Kiss campaign to great success. The campaign allowed customers to choose their shade of lipstick, kiss their smartphone, and then it took a digital imprint of the kiss in the lipstick colour that was chosen. People could then send their digital kiss to anyone via email. It was quirky, interactive, personal, and hugely successful.


Gucci created a portable, shoppable magazine easily downloadable to a smartphone or device, that customers could use while on the go to interact and shop on the go no matter where they are. Named ‘Gucci Style’ this magazine provided access to Gucci’s social feed, as well as providing tips and fashion photos as well.

You need to think about what your brand can do to stand out from the competition, and this is something that plays a massive role in the process of marketing as a luxury company. You need to understand your audience, as well as making the most of quality content, and the impact it can have on your brand reputation, as well as driving consumers to the company.


If all of that sounds like hard work, that may be true if you don’t have the staff or resources to make it all work. If that’s the case, why not enlist the help of an agency? Adzooma Marketplace is home to a wide range of agencies specialising in different services including content marketing.

Whatever you need, Adzooma Marketplace has an agency to fulfil your requirements.

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