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5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Ads Retargeting


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5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Ads Retargeting

Retargeting is a fantastic tool in marketing.

If you are closing a deal with a customer that is already familiar, retargeting reminds them to come back to you.

Whether a customer clicked away from your website or you want a customer to come back after a long time, retargeting is a fantastic way to pull in extra leads. And Facebook is a great platform to entice customers new and old in, but they also have useful options to help you retarget your desired customer base.

While it’s important to have a strategy to help you bring results, it’s also worth knowing how to use the right ideas to guarantee a retargeting action plan that will bring people back again. Here are five approaches to utilise Facebook ads to retarget customers.

1. Use urgency to persuade customers

The importance of crafting a relevant and attractive ad is essential. Incorporating a CTA stating that the offer “ends soon” or “buy now and save X amount” adds that all-important urgency to your ad. A CTA’s purpose is to encourage people to click on an ad right now. Urgency is nothing new, but it still utilities the power of persuasion, which is a tried and tested selling tactic.

2. Coupons and discounts

Coupons and discounts are part of the fabric of e-commerce and retail, but it’s also one of the best advertising strategies out there. For example, offers such as “free shipping on your first order” or “buy one get one free” help to identify significant prospects, and you can retarget your ads to reach them again.

Coupons and discounts work well, but it’s important to remember that while they can entice people in, they may not keep them. Using this in conjunction with an evergreen offer that you are already providing (without overtly informing the customers) can intrigue your prospects a little bit more and pull them in.

Special offers also work their magic at the checkout point. It acts as a call to action at the checkout that can encourage someone to click the all-important “purchase” button.

3. Give cart abandoners a nudge

If you have customers that are non-committal, you can call out this flaky behaviour without driving them away. Many people who put an item in their cart but then click away is all-too-common.

Fortunately, it just relies on good quality copy that speaks directly to the customer and provides a dose of friendliness. Depending on your business style, you may want to use humour like puns, as well as emojis to target the individual.

By personalising your message, stating something like “your cart is missing you” (with a ❤️ at the end) helps to reach out to the customer. By speaking directly to your audience using second person terms such as “you,” it makes the entire process more friendly and warm.

4. Cross-sell with other products

Another way to gain reach with customers who are looking after a specific type of product can benefit from cross-selling. When someone buys an item from a particular set, for example, a golf club, you can use cross-selling techniques to suggest other types of clubs, golf shoes, balls, and caddies.

This approach is beneficial for keeping a customer onboard for the long haul, and Facebook has a guide and various tips to help you out. When you are looking to engage a customer, you can personalise the experience and sell complementary items. But it also helps you to get to know your audience.

By using cross-selling as a marketing tool, you are slowly building out customer journeys and offering solutions to problems customers may not realise they have. 

5. Reinforce customer loyalty

When you are looking to build a relationship with a customer, brand loyalty is crucial.

If you want customers to keep coming back to your brand, you’ve got to connect with them in ways that they find meaningful. There are many approaches that every business should take advantage of. The first one is to be responsive.

Companies like Starbucks engage directly with customers by replying to comments or sharing positive customer feedback to those individuals that posted a glowing review. But it’s also important to make your customer feel like they are a part of the business by giving them an exclusive sneak peek.

By giving them behind-the-scenes access, this will promote that sense of transparency so you can be open about your values. If you need to go one step further, you can use tools like Dynamic Ads to promote brand loyalty. By connecting your product catalogue to Facebook, it will use the algorithm to pick relevant products based on a user’s history.

Customer loyalty is not one-sided. We have to remember that building brand loyalty is an ongoing process which requires a wide variety of strategies. By increasing your engagement with customers online, you are reiterating the fact that you will be loyal to them if they are to you.


When promoting a business, it’s vital to increase your revenue using the right content that makes a significant impact.

When using retargeting tactics, it is a fantastic way to get first-time visitors to convert if they’ve clicked away from your website or store. Because Facebook is a hotbed of more than 3 billion users, retargeting ads on this platform is very easy to manage.

Facebook has a variety of retargeting options to help you get started, and using this platform can help to maintain relationships with your current customers, as well as gain new ones. It is the perfect way to build relationships with your customers and get those all-important conversions.

Retargeting is very useful, and it’s something your business needs to utilise.

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