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Top 10 Digital Marketing Events Around the World


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Top 10 Digital Marketing Events Around the World

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Digital marketing events, whether online or offline, are a superb opportunity to mix with the best the industry has to offer, to network, and to take away insights guaranteed to boost your business’s performance or your own expertise. The seascape of digital marketing is continually changing, and events such as these are one way to ensure you’re charting the best course.

1. brightonSEO


Location: Brighton

With a bright and breezy setting, the Brighton SEO conference started-out life as a group of people who met in a pub to discuss the tricks of the trade; it has now grown into one of the most significant SEO events in the world with over 4000 people attending every year.

Taking place over two days the conference is divided between one-half training, the other half conference. It is not for the light-hearted and is aimed more at those who use SEO in their place of work.

2. B2B Marketing Expo

Location: London

Do you use digital marketing and SEO in your day job or for running your business? The B2B Marketing Expo is an excellent free event that takes place every year.

It is located in London and draws marketing directors, marketers, agency marketing professionals, creative marketers, and digital marketers.

Grab the chance to mix with like-minded industry professionals, gain exclusive insights into present and future market trends, and learn about the most recent industry innovations; all for the cost of a ticket to Euston Station.  

3. UK Digital Growth Awards

UK Digital Growth Awards

Location: London

The UK Digital Growth Awards is a celebration of the most innovative and influential agencies, tools, websites, campaigns, and talent that has driven digital growth in recent times. No digital sector is forgotten as the awards take account of any industry that can demonstrate tangible results in their bottom lines.

A respectable and influential judging panel is at the centre of this event; they award prizes to stand out talent using a robust and credible process; if you’re interested in the razor-edge of digital marketing, you won’t want to miss out on their conclusions.  

4. Global Search Awards

Location: Manchester

The Global Search Awards are concerned primarily with search, SEO, and Content Marketing. The event draws together the very best movers and shakers in the field from across the globe to battle it out for the honour of most innovative and credible practitioners.

The international awards are accredited by a range of reputable agencies, and the judges will be a panel of industry-leading experts. This year, in September, make your way to Manchester to see who walks away with the prize – and why.

5. Upload:Search

upload logo

Location: The Office or from Home

Upload:Search is a one-day virtual conference focused on SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. The annual event features two keynote speakers and five content streams along with a Virtual Pub – this runs throughout the day, allowing attendees to network freely.

Get inspired by listening to some of the best names in the industry, access tips, and insights, and look at future trends. Choose from a diverse range of content that you can browse at your leisure and leave with actionable solutions and ideas for your business’s future.

6. SMX Next

Location: The Office or from Home for 2020 (otherwise in London)

Don’t allow the global pandemic to hold you back from joining an excellent conference event on SEO and SEM tactics. SMX Next is a virtual event set up to cater for those looking to drive more traffic and convert more leads.

Leading industry experts discuss how emerging technologies and industry advancements are changing the practices best practices and offer insights and tips for future development. Don’t miss these progressive keynote speeches and live discussions – the best part is; they’re free. 

7. #DMWF Virtual Conference

Location: The Office or from Home

The Digital Marketing World Forum is the not-to-be-missed two-day virtual conference that brings together senior marketing leaders who share their thoughts and insights on current industry trends and advise on future strategy; the conference takes the format of a series of live sessions with industry experts.

Sessions can be accessed conveniently from the comfort of your home. For those with a passion for digital marketing access to these industry thought-pioneers have never been more straightforward.   

8. MozCon

Location: The Office or from Home for 2020 (otherwise in the US)

Moz has been at the core of SEO strategy from its inception and has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to impart. At MozCon, they do just that, by bringing together an incredible community of SEO, content, and marketing experts.

Join this virtual event from the comfort of your home and deep-dive into the vast realms of SEO, mobile, conversion rate optimization, local search, and more. If you’re a MOZ fan anyway, this virtual conference is precisely what you have in mind.

9. ContentTECH Summit

Location: The Office or from Home for 2020 (otherwise in San Diego)

Are you the owner of a digital enterprise? It could be an eCommerce store, an affiliate marketing company, or an offline company with a digital wing. The ContentTECH Summit 2020 Virtual Edition occurs at the beginning of August and is perfect if you’re looking to expand your business with content marketing.

Learn how to scale your enterprise by utilizing the latest technology and processes to scale, manage, and deliver content that converts – a tremendous opportunity from the comfort of your home office. 

10. Marketing Show North

Location: Manchester

Once again, Marketing Show North, which takes place at Digital City Expo in Manchester, offers those with ambition and foresight opportunities to get ahead in their industries with actionable insights for their businesses. The conference is a celebration of digital, marketing, tech, eCommerce, media, and creative industries.

If you are interested in finding out how influencer marketing can grow your business, or how ‘voice’ is changing advertising, then come to the Marketing Show North, and take something useful away.

Other events Adzooma has attended

Although not part of the Top 10 list, Adzooma has attended some incredible events over the years including:


Digital marketing events are cropping up across the globe and at every time of the year. It’s no wonder, the frequency of change within the industry, the level of interest in its productive techniques, and the sheer variety of working parts means there is something for everyone regardless of experience or specialization; attending one, or some, of these cutting edge events annually, should be a given for anyone working with the magic of digital marketing.  

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