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How Blogs Can Help Your Business


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Raimy Greenland

How Blogs Can Help Your Business

When you’re looking to grow your website traffic, attract new customers and become an expert in your field, there is one obvious solution that many companies forget about.

Building a space for blogs, expert opinion pieces and news articles on your website offers a powerful solution to these metrics and will help reinforce your brand as one to trust. 

With over 409 million people viewing blogs and 77% of internet users reading blogs, they make up a substantial part of a business content marketing strategy for a good reason. So now is the time if you haven’t added a blog to your site yet. 

In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of creating a blog on your site and how you should aim to maintain it as part of your marketing going forward. 

The Benefits: 

  • Increase site traffic 
  • Improve your site’s crawlability 
  • Showcase your brand as a thought Leader 
  • Increase leads 
  • Build relationships 
  • Develop fresh content 

Increase Your Site Traffic 

We’d all love more traffic to our business websites, wouldn’t we? That’s why we put so much effort into creating brilliant sites with excellent user experience and paying for Google Ads to ensure we’re at the top of search results. 

But by building a blog into your website, you can increase your site’s traffic drastically and cheaply. Hubspot found that increasing the number of pages on a site can lead to double-digit lead growth for a business. By creating relevant, high-quality content that is data-driven, your site will start ranking for more terms and have more visibility in organic search. As such a low-cost technique for driving traffic, it’s a no-brainer. 

Improve Your Site’s Crawlability 

In addition to creating new avenues to be found on search, blogging can provide additional internal links to other pages on your website and improve the crawlability of your site when it comes to Google’s bots. 

The more regularly the bots find their way onto a blog that links to your most valuable products or service pages, the more often the page will be crawled. The bots will also recognize the intent of the page through the anchor text that is linked on the blog. 

By writing relevant and informative blogs about areas within your sector, you may also find external sources link to your blog. Remember, longer blogs are often linked to more as they are trusted to be a reliable source of knowledge, so try to make your blogs long but don’t waffle. 

External links are one of Google’s 200 ranking factors and will boost your site’s page authority and domain authority. In turn, this can improve the ranking positions of your site’s main keywords. 

Showcase Your Brand as a Thought Leader 

By developing a blog on your site, you’re showcasing your talents and positioning your business as a place others can go for information and knowledge. 

Not only can you build your customer’s trust, but you can also build your business’ reputation within your industry through blogs. Building a credible blog that is useful to others in your industry makes you the go-to for knowledge. This thought leader persona can then develop into new opportunities for your business at events and through webinars. 

You can use your blog space to humanize your brand, whilst also reinforcing the brand message you want to get across. By sharing company news, you can put faces behind the names and job roles that your customers encounter.

Increase Sales & Leads 

Most blogs you write should have a clear purpose and link to your business. They should answer questions you can provide information about, offer people the opportunity to learn technical knowledge and skills or talk about solutions to issues using the types of products you supply. 

With every blog you write that gives people reason to use your products and services, you should include a call to action. Therefore, this becomes an opportunity for that reader to quickly turn into a customer. 

A call to action can be anything from a newsletter sign-up to links to products that provide the best solution for the users’ needs or offers them the chance to get in touch. Forms are best kept short and sweet but can be used as a first touch point. 

You can target very specific personas by blogging about niche topics and answering very targeted questions through your blogging strategy. Have these in mind when coming up with concepts, and you will deliver a very targeted solution for your content marketing. 

Build Relationships With Collaborators 

By showcasing your talents in providing great blogs and information, you may find yourself working in collaboration with other companies to promote your content on their platforms. 

Blogging can result in a networking channel you may not have considered, and it could also open your site up to a new audience. There has been an increase in recent years of brands utilizing influencers to promote their products and services. These influencers and professional bloggers can talk about your brand on their social media and blogging platforms and link back to your site. However, you can also ask them to collaborate on your website and share links to the blog post they have collaborated on with you with their followers. 

Fresh Content Opportunities for Social Media

In addition to being an excellent resource for your customers and website visitors, you can improve your overall digital marketing strategy when creating a blog. By providing valuable resources for your website visitors, you will automatically create great content that can be repurposed for your social media followers. 

Whether your main platform is LinkedIn or TikTok, you can repurpose the blog’s main points for a post, or a series of posts and point followers in the direction of your site, increasing traffic from those avenues. 

The content you share on your website can help your social media strategy, and the two can work hand in hand. 

Not Started a Business Blog Yet? Now Is the Time

There are so many ways blogging can build your audience and why it is an excellent tool for helping boost your brand’s digital presence and marketing efforts. 

If you have been putting off developing a blog because you think it’ll be difficult, you don’t have to worry. Platforms such as WordPress make it easy to add a blog to your website, and even with a custom-built site, your developers should be able to set a blog up quickly for you that matches the look and feel of your existing site. 

Alternatively, if the time it takes to write and publish blogs sounds unachievable for your business, you can always look for a blog content marketing company to help provide you with blog content on an ongoing basis. This can mean you are providing your site with fresh valuable content regularly but you aren’t distracting from your business’s everyday needs. 

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