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How to Ensure Your Web Design Agency Delivers Success


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How to Ensure Your Web Design Agency Delivers Success

You need an excellent business website to ensure you remain as profitable as possible. This website will be most consumers’ first interaction with your company, so it needs to create a fantastic first impression. Additionally, it has to be set up to encourage inquiries or sales, meaning you generate leads and make money.

Working with a website design agency is the best way to ensure you develop a site that cultivates a strong online presence. Of course, some agencies are better than others.

Similarly, the way you interact with your designer makes a huge difference. In this post, we’ll go over the main points to help you get the most out of your web design agency, ensuring your site is a success!

1. Have a plan

To start, you need to have a plan of action.

Look at your business and consider what type of website you need to produce. Is it going to be a detailed site that operates as an online store with hundreds of product pages? Some companies only need a landing page and a couple of other web pages to provide info and contact details.

It depends on what you sell and who your target market is. This will help you come up with a plan that your web design agency can look at and put into action.

2. Work with your agency, not against them

The most common issue between agencies and clients is communication. Granted, the channels are always there and always open but intentions can get misinterpreted if neither side explains themselves. But that can be fixed; you need to work with your agency to further your goals.

If you require a solution to a problem, you should outline what that issue is in a concise way and provide the solution(s) if you know them. You should also stay connected to your agency and offer insights into your business or extra information that helps them develop a better website.

This not only gives your communication more structure, it also feeds into the stability of your client-agency relationship, resulting in the best site for your business.

3. Responsive web design is key

As we’ve already mentioned, you will find a plethora of website design agencies in your area. The best ones all have one thing in common – they offer responsive web design.

Responsive design is critical to user experience so your website can look the same on different devices and screen sizes. Alongside that, with Google using mobile-first indexing by default, it’s important your design is responsive to avoid a decrease in SEO performance.

4. Don’t forget UX and accessibility

UX (user experience) is arguably the most important aspect of website design. When hiring a web design agency, they must provide exceptional UX design.

The easier it is for someone to use your website, the more time they spend on it. Conversely, what happens when your site isn’t built around user experience? It takes ages to load up, things are hard to search for, and menu buttons are unresponsive, and bad UX leads to high bounce rates and poor conversion rates.

Within that, your website should also be accessible to all users and the best web design agencies will understand that.

Some things to consider for accessibility:

  • Images with alt text
  • Audio or video with captions
  • Appropriate colour contrasts
  • Larger body text
  • Using hyperlinks rather than JavaScript links
  • Navigation that can be controlled with a keyboard or mouse
  • Correctly labelled forms
  • No flashing pages or text

Make sure any web agency you talk to takes UX design and accessibility into consideration, to avoid alienating a large number of users who may have used your product or service if they could access your site.

5. Put a huge focus on SEO

SEO is another key part of a strong web design (and works with UX and accessibility). An excellent way to determine if a web design agency is right for you is if they outline their plans for SEO. We’ve already covered a few critical elements that improve a site’s SEO. UX design is a big one—it could cost you ranking positions.

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6. Ensure you get what you pay for

The final point is to pay close attention to what the web design agency offers you.

You need to ensure they deliver on any promises and provide you with exactly what you paid for. If you’ve paid for a responsive website, and yours doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Be clear about what your aims/goals are, ensuring the agency meets all of these targets.

The bottom line is that you can save a lot of time hiring a web design agency. Not only that, but you call upon people with expertise in this field, allowing you to create something that improves your online presence.

The best course of action is to figure out your budget, then search for agencies that align with it. On Adzooma Marketplace, you can filter your search by budget and save time during your search.

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