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How To Get Microsoft Ads Certification


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How To Get Microsoft Ads Certification

How To Get Microsoft Ads Certification

If you are new to online advertising or want to upskill, you could try learning it for yourself. Fortunately, Microsoft is offering a range of certified courses that will accelerate your learning and your results.

In this article, you’ll find out how to become a Microsoft Ads expert with Microsoft Advertising certification and free training.

We’re big Microsoft advocates at Adzooma. In fact, if you’re new to Microsoft, we’ll give you $125 of search advertising spend for free when you sign up with $25.

But for now, let’s get on with the article.

What is Microsoft Ads Certification?

Microsoft’s Certified Professional program helps business owners grow their businesses and individuals wanting to improve the management of their Microsoft Ads campaigns.

Gaining a Microsoft Ads certification can help:

  • Build up a CV
  • Show authority and trust
  • Improve a business profile
  • Demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and online advertising skills

The various courses all conform to a particular theme and contains modules that pertain to that theme. The modules include links to articles that cover the topics in detail. If you prefer you can download Microsoft’s study guide with all the information covered in the modules.

In terms of the certification exam, you can complete it in your own time and the pass score is 80%. On completion, you receive an official certificate.

Benefits of certification

Microsoft Ads certification can benefit individuals and businesses by improving ad campaigns so that they are more relevant, successful and cost-effective.

The courses cover all of the terminology and concepts involved in running a successful Microsoft ad campaign so that individuals are well qualified to operate on the platform. Furthermore, certification adds a degree of professionalism to your business or enterprise.

Arguably the biggest advantage of the Certified Professional program is that it’s free. It suits anyone wanting to improve the performance of their Microsoft Ads, break into a new market, or improve their qualifications.

Becoming professionally certified means that you’re able to list a company on Bing and set up a Microsoft Ad campaign that is optimised and targeted at high-quality segmented audience. You will also know how to use the best bidding strategies and automation to optimise your budget.

And you will know how to monitor your campaigns to optimise them for best performance.

The information contained in the courses and the study guide could be learned independently using online resources but with the official free courses available, it makes sense to consider the Microsoft Ads Certification.

How to get started

Getting started with Microsoft Ads Certification is straightforward. Go to the Microsoft Ads website and open an account. You will gain access to the complete list of courses that include introductory courses in PPC, courses in bids, budgeting, and billing, and how to optimise a campaign using copywriting skills and techniques.

The courses are taught in modules that adhere to the specific theme of the course. If the theme of the course is Ad type, for instance, each module within it will refer in some way to these processes.

Other themes and modules include:

  • Reporting
    • The power of Microsoft Advertising reporting
  • Syndication
    • Introduction to the Microsoft Advertising Partner Network (Syndication)
  • Ad Types
    • Expanded Text Ads reports and optimization
  • Broad Match
    • Building and measuring success with broad match
  • Audience targeting
  • Dynamic search ads
    • Dynamic search ads – the what, why & how

The modules are self-taught at your own pace and are taught using comprehensive articles in each topic. You have an unlimited amount of time to complete the final exam and must achieve a score of over 80% to pass.

On completion, you will receive a Certified Professional badge, placement in Microsoft’s member directory, a printable certificate.

Free course availability

The internet is full of free courses that vary in the quality of their content, their accreditation, and their cost. Some platforms, such as Udemy, Codecademy, and Coursera, offer a wide range of courses.

Typically, a free course doesn’t come with an end-of-course certificate, but for a nominal fee, the course providers may provide one, giving individuals the chance to display their achievements.

Due to marketing efforts, this model seems to work well for most course providers and students undertaking study. It is less common to discover a course that is free, accredited, and certified.

The Microsoft Ads Certification Course is a rare example of an online course that offers in-depth learning from an accredited institution. Regardless of your business or personal goal, Microsoft is offering you the chance to generate more revenue for your business or advance your career with their free course availability.

Is it worth getting certified?

The Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional program is for businesses and individuals who wish to learn more about Microsoft Ads and Bing. Businesses can benefit significantly by taking advantage of a smaller search engine market, and less competition to grow the businesses.

Individuals can learn the techniques needed to grow a business in this way and either put their new-found knowledge to use or improve their career prospects with certification.

What Microsoft Ad Certification offers is not only the pragmatic knowledge needed to understand and deploy effective marketing strategies but career progression in your chosen field as and when you need it.

There is no need to spend time studying pointless topics; everything in the Microsoft course helps users work towards a particular aim.

Gaining Microsoft certification in any form is likely to dramatically boost your careers prospects and give you a solid grounding in contemporary digital technology.

And don’t forget, exclusively with Adzooma, you can get $125 in Microsoft ad credits for just $25 when you sign up for a new Microsoft Advertising account.

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