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How a PPC agency owner uses Adzooma to streamline his business’ workflow


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How a PPC agency owner uses Adzooma to streamline his business’ workflow

Phil Bryne of Positive Sparks

We always love speaking to Adzooma users. Finding out what you want from our platform and what you need to make your working week more efficient is of paramount importance to us.

Ultimately, you help shape our roadmap. Without you, the features we release would appeal to some people, but not everyone. We’re obviously PPC experts ourselves, but something that helps us wouldn’t necessarily help everyone else. And vice-versa.

Adzooma is a platform designed to appeal to every kind of PPC manager, and that’s what it does.

In early December we sat down with freelancer Phil Bacon who told us how using Adzooma for just one month saw his ads’ conversion rate jump up 200% and improve his ROAS by 1100%.

Today, we’re speaking to someone with a very different role, Phil Byrne, the owner of the PPC agency Positive Sparks, to see how he uses Adzooma to keep his team and his business performing effectively.

Phil first stepped into the digital world over 20 years ago creating websites while at university. He then transitioned to focus on SEO and affiliate marketing at the start of the Millennium before making the move to PPC in 2010. He’s seen PPC rise in its complexity and has used pretty much every PPC tool on the market.

In the spring, when on the lookout for a tool that worked with Microsoft, Facebook and Google, he found Adzooma. And this is his Adzooma story so far.

“Adzooma lets me see everything quickly and clearly”

Adzooma can do a lot of things. We have rule-based Automation, an extensive reporting suite, and hundreds of AI-driven Opportunities, but one of our most effective features is one of our most simplest.

That’s what Phil has found with the Management side of Adzooma.

“Adzooma lets me see everything quickly and cleanly,” he said. “For me, it’s all about reviewing. We create groups, we put the clients into these groups and we look at what’s being spent everyday, looking for certain spikes in spend and return. Adzooma lets me see that straight away right there.

“Before, I was pulling the data through Google Sheets, so not only does Adzooma do this in a visual way that I prefer, but it also makes the flow of information through the business quicker.”

Positive Sparks has a number of PPC managers in-house while the agency currently looks after 28 accounts across all three marketing channels. This makes it impossible for Phil to look at the granularity of every account, therefore having a dashboard which displays the meaningful top level data clearly and effectively is a big boost.

“The Opportunities feature also helps me to ask questions of the team, ‘Have we done this, have we tried this?’ It helps spark questions and make sure we’re doing the industry approved best practice.

“Adzooma is my go to place to check what’s going on.”

“We’ve tried pretty much every tool out there.”

Of course, Adzooma isn’t the only PPC platform out there, but not many tools offer the breadth that Adzooma does. Certainly not for free.

“What I like about Adzooma is your openness to considering new things,” says Phil. “It’s great that you focus on Microsoft as they’re a growing channel, they’re buying new things all the time and expanding their reach.

“We’ve tried pretty much every tool out there. There are lots of great tools I like, but they focus on one network. Having a tool that works so well with Bing is a great strength. We make more changes to Bing through Adzooma than any other channel.”

Indeed, we’ve spoken a lot recently about Microsoft Advertising as an underutilised marketing channel and the improvements it’s been making. Here are some articles for you to check out on the subject:

Plus, if you’re not advertising on Microsoft yet, you can get $125 in free advertising spend to set you off on the right foot. But it’s not just Microsoft that sets Adzooma apart for Phil.

“Anything that we can see the potential to scale fits into what we do. We ask the question, ‘Can this tool help us grow if the potential is there, exponentially, if possible?’

“You have a great tool for managing a budget in a PPC account and optimising it to deliver more.”

Not signed up to Adzooma yet?

With a full automation suite, 24/7 account monitoring, one-click improvements, intelligent reporting, and so much more, Adzooma is the smarter and easier way to manage your ads.

Best of all? It’s completely free!

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“More than just a PPC app”

Something that we’ve always prided ourselves on is being more than just a PPC management tool. Our mission statement when we were founded in 2015 was to “make digital marketing easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes.”

Through Adzooma Marketplace and new non-PPC features hitting the platform in the near-future, that’s what we’re doing. But we also don’t want to be a faceless tool you use once then throw in the bin. We want to be that trusty sidekick who helps you along in your journey.

“You try to find out what we want specifically and try to accommodate that,” says Phil. “That’s definitely more than any app has ever done and that’s a huge, huge positive.

“You have really good support, really friendly team members and this really sets you apart. You’re more than just a PPC app.”

Like I said at the start, speaking to you our users not only helps you, but it helps us too. It shows us what we can change and where we can improve.

“The fact that you drive the platform to improve all the time is so important, because PPC changes so much. I’ve run a couple of Automation rules and they’re good.

“What I would like for you to improve is account specific recommendations. For example, on the budget management side of things, to create a feature that lets you spread the budget across the three channels and be able to adjust it depending on which is performing best at that certain moment.

“What you have is a great tool for freelancers and for reviewing. But this would take it to another level.”

And this is exactly why we love talking to Adzooma users.

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