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SEO – The Better You Know!


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SEO – The Better You Know!

CWCS Managed Hosting and Adzooma have partnered! With the synergy between online marketing and web hosting, we’ve taken the opportunity to work together, share knowledge and support clients where required.

As businesses, we are both passionate about helping our clients grow online and that’s why we’ve produced this handy guide to support businesses and equip them with the right tools and services to stay ahead of the game.

This May, Google’s Page Experience update is coming into force so now seemed like the perfect time to share the ways in which we are helping companies to prepare.

So, What is Page Experience?

Google’s algorithm update is due in May 2021 and will use the following five search signals to measure Page Experience: 

1. Core Web Vitals

These will look at three areas; load performance, interactivity and stability.

  • LCP, Largest Contentful Paint, measures loading performance and page stability. For a good user experience, the page should load within 2.5 seconds. 
  • FID, First Input Delay, measures interactivity and suggests that pages should have less than 100 milliseconds of FID. 
  • CLS, Cumulative Layout Shift, measures the visual stability of a page and pages should have less than 0.1 CLS for good UX.

2. Safe-browsing

Google will check for any suspicious or deceptive content on your web pages. This will include checking for social engineering, malware and other malicious content. 


Previously HTTPS was a minor factor in Page Rank however, with this new update it will play a larger role. Having an SSL certificate in place will ensure data is encrypted between the server and the users web browser. This has become a defining factor of how you establish trust amongst your customers and visitors online.

4. Mobile friendly UX/UI

Assesses readable views, font sizes, click-throughs and links.

5. No Intrusive Interstitials

Ensures page content is easily accessible to users. Measuring accessibility to content, simplified mobile search results and pop-up management.

Let’s take a look at tools and services both businesses offer inline with preparing for Page Experience.

CWCS Managed Hosting

CWCS have been providing hosting solutions for the last 20 years. With a knowledgeable team behind them, they have been experts in providing an array of hosting and security solutions. 

Having the right hosting plan in place will allow your business to run smoothly online, utilising the appropriate recourses and infrastructure can impact on speed, uptime/downtime which will play a part in the Page Experience signals. 

Choosing the right type of hosting can impact your SEO so it’s important you choose the right type of hosting plan for your business. CWCS operate a full data center and are able to advise and support you with an array of hosting options:

  • Managed Web Hosting – For those that require simple, affordable managed website hosting, we offer a secure, reliable and easy-to-use service for single or multi-site hosting.
  • VPS – A VPS bridges the gap between Web Hosting and a Dedicated or Cloud Server, which provides you with more performance, control and flexibility at competitive prices.
  • Cloud Hosting – A smart choice for customers that require reliable, flexible and scalable hosting. Built on a fully redundant platform, our Supreme Cloud is built for mission-critical systems. CWCS offers both public and private cloud hosting.
  • Dedicated Servers – Powered by HPE Hardware and Intel Xeon Processors, a Dedicated Server will give you maximum performance and reliability when you need it most.
  • Colocation – From our UK ISO 27001 accredited Data Centres in Nottingham, London and Manchester, we’ll provide you the ultimate environment to protect your assets and data.

SSL Certificates

With HTTPS being one of the signals for Page Experience, CWCS can help you choose the right type of SSL Certificate for your business. They have a handy SSL Certificate Checker on their site which, upon entering your domain, will quickly show if your site is secure or not.

With a range of options for DV, OV and EV certificates, you can secure your site today!

Security Solutions

Security is paramount to how CWCS operates with Cyber Essentials, G-Cloud and ISO 27001 certification in place as well as being fully GDPR compliant, you know you are in safe hands.

To ensure your systems are fully protected from attacks, you should take advantage of the security tools available:

  •  Managed Dedicated Firewalls – Using Cisco’s most-deployed stateful firewall combined with application control, intrusion prevention system, and advanced malware protection (AMP), have confidence that you are protected against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.
  • Managed Cloud Firewalls – CWCS ArcusWall provides powerful, reliable and robust corporate-level firewall protection at an entry-level price.
  • Bitedefender Anti-Virus Protection – Offers protection against aggressive ransomware families with advanced threat control.
  • Barracuda Email Firewall – Fully integrated hardware and software solution that protects your email server from spam, viruses, spoofing, denial of service, phishing and spyware attacks.
  • cWatch Web Security – Includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Advanced DDoS Protection, provisioned over a secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). This will help prevent you from having downtime from DDos attacks on your site.

Overall, having the right hosting and security in place will give you peace of mind as well as working towards creating a good UX and Page Experience for your clients.


With 100K active advertisers taking advantage of Adzoomas free PPC optimization tool, the company has just launched a new feature to help you manage the mysteries of SEO.

The SEO Performance Report is designed for SME’s and businesses who are new to managing SEO. With clear and practical reports, you can now elevate your SEO and compare your performance with that of your competitors.

Alongside analyzing keyword performance and gap analysis, the SEO Performance Report will also allow you to monitor your page speed which will be crucial to Google’s Page Experience rankings.

How it works

In order to run an SEO report, you simply enter your URL, select your country and click run. If you want to compare your performance against your competitors, just add their URL as well. They’ve put together this guide on how it all works. 

When you run the performance report, you will initially see an overall score. The closer you are to 100, the better optimized your website!

The report will also give you a detailed and easy to read breakdown of the primary areas impacting your SEO.

Keyword Performance

This section of the report shows where your website ranks on search engines for the keywords you selected and some other phrases we found your website appearing for.

It will also give you recommendations on how to build a stronger position. Here, you will be able to see insightful information such as where you rank in the top 3 positions, your page 1 performance, total number of keywords and monthly traffic.

This will give you a direct percentage against the business you are comparing yours to and help you to make the necessary improvements. 

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword gap analysis is about identifying opportunities that you are missing out on. On one side, you’ll see keywords that only you are ranking for and on the other, you will see keywords that only your competitor is ranking for.

You will also be able to see the top 10 keywords that you and your competitor rank for making it easier to determine whether or not your important products and services being mentioned. 

Onsite SEO

The tool is great for providing SEO optimization suggestions and looks at a number of factors as well as giving recommendations on how to improve. It will even rank the necessary actions in priority order depending on which are most impactful to SEO.

Not only can you click to view more details on “what you need to do next” but it will also tell you “why it’s important” so you can improve your knowledge along the way.

Page Speed

Page Speed will be playing a key role in the Page Experience rankings and is extremely important for SEO as it impacts the user experience. It will help you to analyze cache, slow loading files, images that need optimizing and other format improvements which all impact speed.

Again, each suggestion comes with an overview to give you a better understanding of how you can manage each area going forward.


A backlink is a link from another website to yours. It is, essentially, a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. When many websites are linking to your content, a search engine will generally rank that content highly for relevant search queries.

Here, you can access information on your total number of backlinks, number of linking websites and also your website authority compared with your chosen competitor. 

And what’s more, this awesome tool allows you to run 3 free reports per month as well as giving you the option to upgrade to unlimited reports if you want to run more analysis over the course of the month.

Get in Touch

To learn more about how both CWCS Managed Hosting and Adzooma can help you with online growth and SEO, visit our websites and speak with a member of the teams today!

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