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Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Agencies


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Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Agencies

Social media marketing is crucial for any emerging business, but while numerous companies take to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is something that is slowly making a name for itself. And in comparison to Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest offers another approach in terms of personalisation.

Pinterest, where users create personalised boards to store their favourite items or styles, offers an insight into how a customer wants to plan a wedding, design their garden, or even what food they like. This invaluable insight is of fantastic use to businesses looking to promote those exact services.

But using a Pinterest marketing agency to put your pins in front of more people is about developing the right habits. This is where an agency can help. There are a wide variety of tools that can help a business manage a Pinterest account such as Buffer.

While a social media agency might be able to help with all of these, it’s important to choose one specific to Pinterest to guarantee you are increasing your reach. Here are the top five Pinterest marketing agencies.

1. Taktical

Location: New York

A very strong agency for those looking to make a splash with Pinterest. Constantly staying on top of the latest trends, they can help you to cover a wide variety of social media campaigns. Predominantly results-driven, they will help you to upskill your business with the latest tools and strategies to boost your business.

They have a wide variety of success stories working with prominent companies such as, which show that the proof is in the pudding. They also have campaigns that are built from the ground up, which encompass the design of the pins bit also track every result and metric to ensure you are promoting your brand wisely.

This New York-based agency delivers the goods.

2. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

Location: London

When it comes to sheer scope, DMA has cornered digital marketing and made it their own. Having served companies since 2002, prior to Pinterest’s inception, they have provided pools of proper resources to help many companies. And Pinterest is just another one of the platforms they have come to master.

They are a solid agency, purely based on their tenure in the marketing world, and while their services can encompass a wide variety of social media which may leave a raised eyebrow if you want an exclusively Pinterest-oriented agency, DMA understands what you need on your side to drive results.

If you want to scale up your services, they can help you with this, while also helping you reach your target audience with a Protestant work ethic. But their data-oriented approach to marketing will guarantee you have every result you need in the palm of your hands to increase your Pinterest reach.

Sturdy and have stood the test of time, DMA are one of the behemoths of digital marketing.

3. Voy Media

Location: New York

They are already known for success on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but this doesn’t mean they are a slouch when it comes to getting the right pins. They have a personalised approach which will guarantee you get the service you need, rather than being lumped into the same category as a similar company.

Using targeting methods and a considerable amount of research prior to the campaign starting, they have a Midas touch when it comes to image-based marketing that gathers momentum and grabs attention where it matters.

They help you to maximise the use of ads so you can maximise your ROI. But they also want to know about the potential customer rather than crafting a blanket marketing strategy.

The importance of Pinterest as a personal platform can’t be underestimated, and Voy Media want to know exactly about your ideal audience member and then tailor posts directly to them.

4. Lyfe Marketing

Location: Atlanta

An ideal choice for B2C companies. They are an agency to watch and provide a comprehensive approach to helping companies increase their reach.

A personal service with a dedicated Pinterest management specialist, they help your business to create strategy concepts, from there the pins are created and how awareness is increased.

The results-driven aspects of Lyfe Marketing are where they have come into their own. Having increased Pinterest engagement for one beauty client by 398% through optimising their Pinterest account, this is something to marvel at.

For companies who are looking to build their Pinterest campaigns from the ground up, their competitive services for a monthly fee comprise three plans of differing amounts, guaranteeing a budget-conscious business is able to increase their reach.

5. Big Foot Digital

Location: Barnsley

Big Foot Digital knows Pinterest is more than just wedding dresses and interior design. That’s why their team of dedicated writers and designers work together to create engaging posts that encourage clicks.

These posts then form the foundations of their Pinterest campaigns coupled with insightful reporting alighned with their clients’ business goals.

What’s more, Big Foot Digital’s costs are based on hourly rates.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We will charge you on a monthly basis for the number of hours it takes to achieve your goals. Pinterest advertising (clicks and impressions) is payable in addition to our monthly Pinterest management fees.


Advertising on Pinterest is not too challenging if you are already skilled in the ways of social media. But because of its uniqueness, Pinterest offers a different angle, not just for your business, but for a new level of engagement.

When you promote a product, you want it to sit next to something that has a wide level of engagement.

But if you are looking for a platform that drives brand loyalty and instigates a need for customers to buy products, with more than 320 million users Pinterest is an incredibly influential social media platform gaining momentum with every year.

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