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The Value of Bespoke Animation & Branded Content


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The Value of Bespoke Animation & Branded Content

Investing in bespoke video content is a powerful way to communicate with your target audience. It can bring long-term value to your business and show-off the professionalism of your brand.

Unless you have an in-house video team, you’ll find yourself choosing between templated video makers, ‘off the shelf’ videos on freelancer websites or working alongside a branded content agency (like Content Creatures).

Choosing to work with an agency will make sure you have tailored and high-quality branded content, proven to deliver better ROI. We’ve outlined below why this is the case, keeping the new remote working environment at the forefront of our discussion.

It gives your brand a voice

Animated branded content that is tailored to your business guarantees your brand’s voice, personality, style and tone will shine through in the video. We call this design-led storytelling.

Design-led storytelling has become increasingly popular with modern brands, as it allows them to connect to the emotions of consumers from anywhere in the world. This “emotional marketing” makes people more likely to follow their heart and act quicker on a purchase decision.

Using animated video, you can easily turn a lot of text into a short digestible video with an easy to understand the message. Using a bespoke video can also help you speak more effectively to your audience and helps to tap into your brand image, your tone of voice and even allows you to have some fun with your brand personality.

A design-led storytelling approach also allows you to deliver your message in your own way while avoiding a direct sales approach, which doesn’t work as well these days.

To use an example, every brand could communicate that 1+1=2 to their audience. However, making that message unique (so the audience remembers who said what and why) is what will make that message stick in the viewer’s mind.

Design-led storytelling using animated video allows you to offer something that is:

  • Unique rather than generic, which suggests the product or service it promotes is designed around the consumer or customer
  • Highly tailored to the brand and distinctive to its personality
  • It is crafted, well-made and memorable

To add to our last point, having branded content that is well-made is one of the main determinants of a campaign’s success. Off-the-shelf video content has the potential to make a brand appear cheap and this is, of course, not the values a consumer or customer looks for.

Plus, when people are faced with several ads each day that have an “off-the-shelf” look and feel, it is a refreshing change to have something that is unique and entertaining.

Not to mention, there are many people that understand video marketing is an investment. Therefore, spending time to deliver a high-quality product will speak loudly about your professionalism as a brand.

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It allows for tailored messaging

As we discovered above, video content is a great way to deliver a specific message. In fact, it is essential that your video content finds a way to speak to the interests of your audience. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results of your campaign.

A survey showed that around 48% of people want videos to reflect the specific products and services they own or are interested in rather than videos that have nothing to do with their needs or wants.

By investing in tailored video content, you’ll be able to determine what this messaging is and showcase it in an engaging and professional way.

What is more, you may even gain some insights about your ideal audience through the deep dive into the planning of your campaign and branded content creation.

By working with an animation studio on bespoke branded content, you will benefit from expert advice and guidance. This includes how to fully understand the needs and wants of your audience, what speaks to them, and how to carry out a successful campaign using video.

It gives you a strong online presence

Over the past year, we have seen many businesses transform to survive in a new digital environment. However, this has made standing out from your competitors much more difficult.

Many people have taken the path of simply responding to trends through this period rather than focusing on long-term content. Doing this can be effective, as it gives you small, but effective bursts of brand awareness. But in the long term, if you are doing this each time you want increased visibility, it could make your brand seem generic.

Knowing this, it’s better to focus your efforts more on premium branded content, which is there for the long-term and can help you build your product or services.

It is also good to remember that many brands are also investing in video marketing. In fact, around 81% of businesses use video as one of their marketing tools.  But often, it comes secondary in their budget and is not usually prioritized.

You will find that choosing to put your animated video first will deliver a better ROI than you anticipate. A well-made branded content video is evergreen that can serve your business for several months after it’s created, if not years.

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You get to work with an experienced team

One of the reasons why 54% of B2B marketers struggle to create engaging content is because they haven’t taken the necessary time to study their audience and what messages resonate the best with them.

If you choose to invest in a bespoke animated video, you will be working with a team who is experienced in delivering videos that drive high-quality views.

Their experience will help you with your digital presence, brand voice, and how you will be perceived online. This is supported through access to scriptwriters and other in-house specialists that can help you tailor your message based on your audience and translate this into beautiful video content.

How to get started

We are proud to be an award-winning branded content agency and animation studio which creates bespoke video content for businesses around the world.

Whether you’re looking for branded content, an animated explainer video, animated film for an event, or general video production services, we’d love to hear from you.

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