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What’s New at Adzooma | April


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What’s New at Adzooma | April

what's new april

As you’re more than likely aware, AI has dominated the news this month, with ChatGPT grabbing the majority of the limelight.

Unsurprising really when you consider the jaw-dropping power of this new technology. It’s changing countless aspects of the online world, with no sign of slowing down in the near future.

With this in mind, our first 2 posts for this April round-up are ChatGPT related, as we’re sure you love keeping up to date with this incredible phenomenon.

Then we have some other really useful posts to help with your content, budget, Microsoft Ads myths and why keywords are no longer the King of Paid Search.

So let’s get the ball rolling with the question on everyone’s lips . . . 

1. What Does ChatGPT Mean for Advertisers?

ChatGPT seems to have taken over the world and it’s not surprising that many businesses are asking the question ‘How is ChatGPT going to affect my advertising?’

It really is a legitimate question, as the new AI tech is obviously working its way into online marketing big time. But how close is it to affecting the way you actually advertise online? 

In this post Niki Grant answers your burning ChatGPT questions including what it is and how it’s changing Microsoft Bing along with the really important stuff such as do you need to change your marketing strategy or paid search campaigns because of ChatGPT and what you can actually do to prepare for the future.

Read it here.

2. Beginner Tips for Writing Ad Copy With ChatGPT

As an advertiser, one thing you need to be aware of is ChatGPT’s incredible ability to write ad copy. Some people are naturals when it comes to the art of persuasion but if you’re not, here’s the good news. ChatGPT is great at it!

If writing your ads feels like a chore and something you try to put off or farm out, maybe you’ll feel differently when you learn how to use ChatGPT to churn out high-converting copy for you in just a few minutes.

In Ryan Mahoney’s useful post, he covers the important topics related to using ChatGPT to write ad copy including understanding your audience with ChatGPT, using generative AI for ad copy creation, analyzing customer conversations to improve ad copy, and overcoming limitations of Generative AI for ad copy creation. 

Check it out here.

3. Types of Content to Include in your Marketing Plan 

Creating fresh content is important to your business for several reasons. First and foremost, people are more likely to visit your site on a regular basis if you have regular new content.

Search engines also love sites that are updated frequently with new information, which can help improve your site’s rankings in search results. 

And fresh content can help establish you as an authority in your field, as when you consistently share valuable insights and information, people will start to see you as an expert in your industry. This can lead to increased trust and credibility, which can ultimately lead to more traffic and conversions on your site.

In this post, Daisy Lewis covers various content formats you can use in your marketing plan to help you reach a wider audience by catering to different preferences.

Read it today.

4. Small Business Advertising: Where to Spend Your Budget

Running a business can be overwhelming, with countless factors to consider, but staying ahead of the game requires strategic planning. 

And to elevate your small business to new heights, a winning marketing plan is essential.

If you’re unsure where to begin with marketing, don’t worry. Expert tips are available to help you choose the best online advertising channels for your business, 

from content marketing to pay-per-click. Keep reading to learn more.

In this post Ash Winder covers all the important aspects of this important subject including how to choose the right digital marketing channels for your business, defining your goals, analysing your competitors and even advice on setting your marketing budget.

Read it here.

5. Mythbusting Microsoft Ads

Are you missing out on the power of Microsoft Ads? Many businesses seem to gravitate to Google Ads and don’t even consider Microsoft Ads. But why is this? 

Well, in our experience it’s mainly the result of misinformation. A bunch of ‘stuck in the past’ myths that could be keeping you from a huge new audience from this extremely cost-effective ad platform.

In this short post Niki Grant expertly debunks the 3 most prevalent Microsoft Ads myths . . . ‘No one uses Bing’, ‘Bing users are older so it’s not great for reaching younger audiences and of course ‘Bing is missing functionality that exists in other engines’.

Don’t miss it, by reading it here.

6. What has Usurped Keywords as the King of Paid Search?

Since the dawn of online ads, keywords have ruled the roost. However, thanks to automation, you no longer have to spend hour after hour hunting for new keywords in an attempt to capture more of your market.

Automation makes all your ad creation and management tasks much quicker but can leave those of us who enjoy a certain amount of control a little concerned and somewhat redundant. 

Don’t worry though, as in this post, Niki Grant explains three focus areas for your campaigns to help to steer performance in the age of automation: Audience, Campaign Structure, and Data.

Find out more now.


Thanks for reading, we hope you have found these articles useful.

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