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July 2023 | Adzooma Updates Summary


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July 2023 | Adzooma Updates Summary

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Welcome to our July news roundup from the rainy UK. So much for the ‘glorious start to summer’ I mentioned last time. Didn’t last long!

This month we have a couple of huge industry news stories, along with 3 super useful blog posts, with the aim as always, to boost your digital marketing results.  

Industry News

1: The fastest-growing social media platform in history

Since it launched on July 5 with five million sign-ups in the first hour and a total of 100 million after 5 days, Threads has become the fastest-growing social media platform in history.

In case you aren’t aware, Threads is Mark Zuckerberg’s brand-new social networking app. It’s available for iOS or Android and is closely integrated with Instagram.

It’s big news for marketers, as many have been avoiding Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover last year, leading to a 59% drop in ad spend in the US. Users can post updates, images, videos, share text and interact with other users’ posts via likes, reposts, and replies. And yes, it is like Twitter in a number of aspects. 

However,  Zuckerberg has stressed that “kindness” and being “friendly” are the main differences.

Click here to read more detailed info on this new social media titan.

An Image of the threads app

2: X marks the spot for the newly rebranded Twitter

Elon Musk is finally rebranding Twitter to, to prove once and for all that it is now a completely different social network since he purchased it last year. 

Musk loves the letter “X”, a fact proven by it playing a part in just about everything Musk has been involved with over the last few decades. 

For instance, the original name for Paypal was, SpaceX obviously uses it and it’s used in the name of his Tesla SUV. It’s also seen in X.Ai and X Æ A-12 the name of his child.

And now, Musk wants to turn Twitter into “X, the everything app.” 

Click here to read all the juicy details on this X-citing story.

Image of the old and new twitter logo

Adzooma Blog Updates

5 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends & Technologies

With so much new tech emerging, mainly in the AI space, you really need to ensure you keep up with your competitors, or you’ll more than likely get left in the AI dust.

The thing is, this technology is genuinely game-changing, as it has the ability to level up, speed up and cost-cut your digital marketing.

In his latest post, Ash Winder gives the low down on 5 trends & emerging technologies in digital marketing, which are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  2. Voice Search and Smart Speakers
  3. Influencer Marketing and User-Generated Content
  4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  5. Data Privacy and Personalisation

It’s certainly a fascinating read, so click here right now to read it.

A Guide to Marketing Automation: The Key to Smarter Business Growth

Right now AI is the hottest topic in digital marketing. And with good reason. The tech is advancing so quickly, there seems to be exciting new applications on a daily basis. 

Automation is part of the AI story and in Aaron Crewe’s blog post, he shares his Top Tips for getting started with marketing automation. Not only that, but he also covers 4 reasons you need to understand the role of AI in digital marketing.

Another interesting post, so click here to read it.

7 Steps To A Powerful Onsite SEO Strategy

We all understand the importance of tip-top website SEO if we want all that free visitor to attract love from the search engines.

So why not learn how to optimise your website for SEO with our top 7 tips straight from one of our experts here at Adzooma.

In this post, Daisy Lewis explains the importance of implementing a robust onsite SEO strategy, if you want to improve your search engine webpage rankings.

Looking to drive up your free traffic levels? Click here to read it.

Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s update post. Which will obviously be full of informational gold as usual. If you have questions about any of the new opportunities, contact us at and we’ll get you the answers you need.

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