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4 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your PPC Campaigns


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Tom Mortimer


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4 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your PPC Campaigns

If you apply these four things to your campaign today, you are guaranteed to save money and lose not one bit of efficiency. 

Guaranteed. I said it. No huge campaign overhauls, no 70 hour weeks, no hiring more staff. Just four simple tactics you can apply in a morning’s work.

 Let me show you how.

1. Get eyes on all your search terms data

I still find it ridiculous that this is even a thing. 

All of us should have access to all our search terms data anyway, but to huge outrage, in September Google updated their Ads Search Terms Report to only include terms searched for by “a significant number of users”.

This meant that PPCers who followed best practice to filter out costly small volume irrelevant search terms as negative keywords were no longer able to do it. 

Seer Interactive did some research into this and found that “for every $100K you spend on Google search, you get search term data for $71,000 of it.” Before the update, this figure stood at $98,700.

An enormous hit.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are measures you can put in place to combat this problem. One super simple way is to utilise Google Analytics.

First, make sure that you have auto tagging enabled. Then in Google Analytics follow the path:

Acquisition > Google Ads > Search Queries

To see the search terms which were not appearing in Google Ads, add an advanced filter for: Clicks Equal to 0 and Sessions Greater than 0

And voila! You have your workaround. 

You may come across some inspiration for your own keywords here, but if not and what you find is all irrelevant, add them as negative keywords in Google Ads and you’ve solved the problem.

Just make sure to keep checking so you don’t waste any of that spend!

Want more help with negative keywords? Take a look at our negative keywords guide to find out everything you need to know.

2. Get cashback on all your ad spend

This is a no brainer and something you can do in no time at all.

In November 2020, Revolut and Adzooma agreed an exclusive deal to offer money back on every single £ users from the UK and EU spend on managing ads through Facebook, Google and/or Microsoft.

All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open a Revolut account: head to the Revolut sign-up page to open a new business account – for free.
  2. Connect your ad accounts: then you’ll need to connect your Google, Facebook and/or Microsoft accounts to Adzooma. Again, this is free to do. (Important: you need to link your Revolut business card to your ad accounts to qualify.)
  3. Enjoy your cashback: and that’s it! Once you’ve set up both accounts, you’ll get a monthly cashback statement with quarterly payments.

Say you were spending £100 a day on ads, you would receive £91.25 in cashback every year. No catch, it’s just that simple. 

You can see how much money you’d save by using the cashback calculator here

This is the only deal of its kind around, an industry first, and it doesn’t cost a penny to get started.

3. Start utilising Automation

Automation is the buzzword of PPC right now. But buzzwords become buzzwords for a reason. Automation is a buzzword (I’ll stop saying buzzword now) because it’s so damn useful.

Automation makes your day to day PPC management so much easier. It’s a fail-safe in case anything goes wrong. It’s a way to automatically carry out the micro-changes you don’t have time for. It’s a custom alarm system letting you know when you need to spring into action.

Automation simply saves you time and money. It helps you to scale, analyse, manage and launch your ads quicker than you ever could before. Plus, with the complexity of PPC having increased considerably over the past decade, if you’re not using automation in 2021 you’re simply going to fall behind.

Let me quickly guide you through 4 automation templates you can use in the Adzooma platform that will save you money today. These automations also run and check your accounts every 30 minutes of every day, something you just couldn’t do manually:High Volume Low Conversion – Available at campaign and ad group level, this template will set up your campaign to pause or notify you if the cost per conversion gets too high for your liking

Ad Pausing on Scale – This allows you to automatically pause a number of ads should the CTR or conversion rate be too low

Pause High CPA Ad Groups – For Ad Group level, if your CPA is above what you’d like it to be, this automation template will stop it right in its tracks.

Pause Underperforming Keywords – A great one for keyword level, this template will pause the keywords that aren’t receiving a good click through rate or conversions.

It’s really simple stuff. Once you’re in your free Adzooma account, just head to Automation, click “New Automation Rule”, “Choose Template” then you can start applying these rules to the campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords you deem necessary.

Each template also comes with a number of and/or conditions you can adjust and change to whatever suits you best.

And to reiterate, these automations run every half an hour, so if you’re looking for a true way to save money on your PPC campaigns, this is the way to go. 

You just couldn’t be this comprehensive without it.

4. Sign up to Microsoft Ads

Not advertising on Microsoft Advertising yet? Well lucky you, because when you set up a Microsoft Advertising account you get $125 free when you spend your first $25 on ads with our exclusive offer

Microsoft has long been overlooked by a lot of PPCers down the years, but just as you wouldn’t neglect radio if you were advertising on TV, you shouldn’t neglect Microsoft just because you’re on Google.

Microsoft is home to:

  • 13.7 billion monthly PC searches
  • 638 million unique PC users
  • 63 million users that Google doesn’t reach

Not only that, but Microsoft’s audience is both more educated and more affluent with a third of Microsoft users in the US having a household income over $100k.

The demand is very much there too, despite the skepticism, as we found out in our recent research piece where we compared like for like Microsoft and Google campaigns.

It’s time for you to stop neglecting Microsoft Ads – especially when you get $125 for free when you give it a go!

Start saving today

There you have it, there are four sure ways to save money on your PPC campaigns today. No if’s, no maybe’s, just four guaranteed money-saving tactics you can implement right now.

Don’t rush the process, especially the first and third tactic should be conducted as thoroughly as you’d conduct any part of your work.

But there’s no huge overhauls, no long working night’s needed. Just follow the outlined steps and your results will change overnight.

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