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Behind The Scenes Of Our New Google Video


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Behind The Scenes Of Our New Google Video


  • The Nottingham Adzooma offices were home to a special guest: The Google film crew!
  • Behind the scenes, we followed the directors Rob and Dave around as they guided us through the product.
  • We also paid a visit to all the teams to showcase all their hard work.

Our Nottingham offices recently welcomed a very special visitor: the Google film crew.

It made people look smarter, walk taller, and even put a comb through their usual bed hair.

After all, being filmed as a Google Partner makes you feel like a big deal. And trust us, it was.

We’re no strangers to Google. After a Google Partner Manager had a demo of the platform at a London ad:tech conference, they’ve played a massive role in helping Adzooma get to where it is today.

And it all started with just a single phone call.

Google recognised that we had the technology and people to create something outstanding for every business – from global corporations to the smallest start-up.

With a plan in mind for us, they invited us to join the Google Partner Accelerator Program, which enabled us to add a range of features including our unique Opportunity Engine, time-saving automation and easy custom reporting.

With their help, we’ve created a simple and scalable technology platform to easily manage online advertising.

It’s been a pleasure working with them every step of the way.

But this was the first time we’ve been on camera for Google.

Aside from the frequent checks to make sure every hair was perfectly in place, we loved every second of it. It was a really fun day to get involved with and to show off all the different teams that make Adzooma possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures we took and tell you all about what happened behind the camera.

Things started off with someone who has been with Adzooma since the very beginning, our co-founder Robert Wass.

This is our Co-Founder Robert Wass starting his interview.

Sitting in front of a camera and explaining what your whole business is about would be difficult for most. But as you can see, Rob did it all as he usually does: with a smile on his face and a passion for Adzooma.

After telling us the story of Adzooma, Rob then wanted to get into the platform itself. So, he met our Product Director, Thomas Hampson.

Rob and Thomas looked through the platform, doing their regular run-throughs on where they could improve in our next round of updates.

We joined Rob and Innovation Director Thomas on a regular run-through.

Pro has come on leaps and bounds since securing our partnership with Google. We’re really excited to add more and more features, such as our brand new custom reporting and some new updates that we’re keeping pretty tip-lipped about for now. Don’t worry – you can keep on top of these changes in our blog.

All of these new updates come from client feedback and moments such as this, so it was extra special for us to capture the moment on camera.

You might also notice the change of scenery here. That’s because we wanted to get a real perspective of Adzooma and not keep it in one room. After all, we recently renovated our brand new Nottingham offices and wanted to show it off!

So, we ended up keeping Rob on the move for most of the day. We’d love to see what his step count was for that day…

The video didn’t just focus on our directors, as everyone involved in Adzooma is what makes it a success. That’s why we got all the teams involved in the shoot.

First up, we visited the sales floor. Taking a break from helping customers, our sales team updated Rob on their latest successes. (Don’t worry – there was still some people manning the phones!).

And there was a lot of good cheer to go around, especially following their recent expansion. In the past couple of months, our sales team has had incredible growth – adding 25 more people to the team to give our clients the best experience.

Rob joined Ateiqa on looking at some of the sales growth.

Next up, we headed across the road to visit the Design and Content teams in their creative hub.

This is where our teams collaborate and work hard on creating the website, all our marketing materials and all the brilliant landing pages for our own clients.

The design team were also responsible for creating the branding artwork across the walls that you’ll see in the videos – including the one about user interface in this picture.

The design team

We even managed to catch Will and Tom showing off their table tennis skills!

We’re pretty sure the table tennis shot took a lot longer than expected. There was a lot of anticipation on who won the match and they had to continue until the winner was crowned.

The guys were playing table tennis

The crew spent time filming every aspect of the two Nottingham offices to really show just how special the Adzooma team is.

The tour wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the development floor.

Our developers are normally plugged in and hard-at-work transforming walls of code into actual software. Without them, we wouldn’t have the Adzooma platform – and were delighted we were able to get some of their hard work on camera to showcase how much they achieve for the company.

The guys were being shown some of the coding by the devs

The whole day went a lot smoother than we could have asked for. All without any tongue-tied disasters or accidental fire alarms.

And it was great to see everyone excitedly (if not a little nervously) get on board and in front of the camera. Just like Thomas is in this shot here.

Thomas on the Thomas Trap.

Please note, that funky mat isn’t there to keep Thomas entertained. It’s just to keep him in the right position so Google can get his good side just right. We like to call it the Thomas Trap.

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