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Firefight Your Way To Success with our Best & Worst Performers Report

Firefight Your Way To Success with our Best & Worst Performers Report


  • Don’t try and fix everything at once if you don’t have time, focus on the best and worst areas of your campaigns.
  • Adzooma’s free report will tell you where these are straight away.
  • ROI has tripled for some just by adopting this firefighting technique.

If you don’t have much time to manage your PPC campaigns, every time you look at your account can fill you with dread. With so much to do, where do you start? How can you expect to see strong results when you can’t dedicate as much time to things as you’d like?

There is a way.

Don’t try and tackle everything at once

Firstly, forget trying to make everything perfect. It’s baby steps. What you really need to focus on is the extremes. What is doing really well? What is doing pretty terribly? These are the things to look at. If you only have time to do one or two things, this is where your time will be well-spent. By knowing where the fires are in your account, you can get to them quicker.

If a campaign is performing like a champ, you want to know about it. There’s nothing worse than missing out on new leads because your budget ran out. You also want to be able to pinpoint exactly why things are going so well so you can replicate it in your other campaigns.

On the flip side, if things are crashing and burning, you need to pause things – fast. If you have an ad that is tanking and wasting budget, you don’t want to be off fiddling around with small changes on other campaigns.

It’s important to know what the extremes of your account are to be able to utilise what little time you have. Firefighting is your best option. So being able to identify the best and worst performers is vital to success.

Quick steps to quick success

Lots of reports will pull the key data for you. But you still have to interpret this and figure out where to start. You want things spelt out for you in black and white so you can crack on. And when you’re short of time, the best place to start is with the worst.

Confetti, a popular wedding site, saw a 42% increase in revenue by introducing changes to its PPC strategy. A key element of this was identifying the best and worst performances of its ad groups.

This case study on Google shopping ads tripled its ROI in 6 weeks through a few simple tactics; one of these was “growing the winners and spending less on the losers”. To do this, you need to know which ads fall into which category. From there, by adjusting the maximum CPC (cost-per-click) by a certain percentage for each group, success blossomed.

There are also handy little scripts out there designed to identify keywords that are generating zero impressions. They’re popular because they help eliminate the worst performers straight off the bat.

Adzooma’s best and worst performers report

But better than a little script is our wonderful free reporting suite, which houses our hidden gem: the best and worst performers report.

This report highlights your best and worst-performing campaigns, keywords and ads. It’s great for identifying winners and losers quickly. It focuses on the top-level KPIs: conversions and clicks. We recommend analysing your champions to see what’s working, and then apply this to your poorest performers.

The report may seem simplistic, but that’s its beauty. It cuts straight to the chase and gives you what you need to know in a nutshell.

You can run this free report whenever you need and it takes just seconds. So, you can log on to your computer, identify the campaigns which need your immediate attention and put those fires out. After making these all-important changes, if you then have time left, you can just re-run it and see what’s next in line. This is a quick and easy way to make positive optimisations to your account. Perfect for those in a hurry.

We also offer five other free reports inside the suite, so you can use them to optimise other aspects of your account too. You can run this report for Google Ads, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising to keep all of your advertising channels in tip-top.

See what difference you can make to your ROI today.

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