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How To Join Adzooma


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How To Join Adzooma

What’s inside

  1. What is Adzooma? — What the platform is, what it’s designed for and who it’s used by
  2. How does it benefit Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertisers? — Exploring the main features and perks of the platform.
  3. How to join the platform — Get started for free by filling in a few small details.
  4. Feedback, community group and customer support — Discover Adzooma’s Community Support Facebook group for top tips, guidance and advice.
  5. Adzooma Marketplace — Connect with top experts and service providers in your niche.

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1. What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is an award-winning online advertising platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage and optimise their Google, Facebook and Microsoft ad campaigns.

It is designed to save our customers time and money by offering a simple, easy-to-use solution that is accessible to all.

And by that, we don’t just mean it’s easy to bounce around the platform. We’re talking about one-click optimisations, Adzooma working as your virtual assistant and optimising your campaigns behind the scenes, and being able to make changes in one simple screen.

It’s the only advertising management platform you’ll ever need.

2. How does it benefit Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertisers?

Powered by AI, the Adzooma platform analyses and monitors every area of your online advertising accounts, automatically generating opportunities to improve your ROI. You can optimise performance across Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertising without manually breaking down all the data.

And this is just the start of what Adzooma can do for your PPC campaigns.

Adzooma is completely free of charge, making it the only platform of its type to offer such high value with no costs. The same profit-boosting features would be exclusive to any other paid-for plan on the market.

The Adzooma platform incorporates multiple time-saving features, including:

One-click Opportunities

Opportunities are optimisations designed to improve and safeguard your campaigns. Access 50+ personalised suggestions to help increase your ROI, queue them up and apply many of them in a single click. Find out how here.

Rule-based automation

Create custom rules that run automatically, saving you time and effort manually updating your accounts. You’ll get alerted whenever a rule has fired, keeping you in the loop at all times but allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. Here’s how you can create rules with Adzooma.

Multi-account management

With all the data and tools you need to manage your campaigns from a single screen, making improvements has never been easier. Compare important metrics, pinpoint where you’re underperforming and increase your budget for top performers. Read more about your central management hub here.

Custom reporting

Choose from pre-generated reports or create reports with the exact metrics, layout and date range you want, without spending hours in Excel. As your reports update automatically, this is one of the smartest ways of getting ahead. Action your reports today.

3. How to join the platform

Joining Adzooma is quick and easy.

The platform is free of charge, so no credit card details are required. You can sign up with a few details and start optimising your campaigns in minutes.

Here’s how.

  1. Create your free Adzooma account.

When you’ve clicked to sign up, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Simply choose how you want to continue, connect an existing account or email and you’re good to go. We’ll ask you for a few small details at this point but nothing major.

  1. Import your Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertising accounts

Once you’ve signed up, you can connect accounts across Google, Facebook and Microsoft, using the Management tab to seamlessly compare performance.

Once you’ve signed up, you can connect accounts across Google, Facebook and Microsoft, using the Management tab to seamlessly compare performance.

The platform is also constantly being updated with new features, helping you get more conversions and improve Quality Scores across all of your accounts.

  1. Get a top-level overview of your accounts and make improvements instantaneously

You’re in! And it’s time to start working on your campaigns. That’s how easy it is.

The good news: you’ve got the tools and features you need to manage your accounts in one single, easy-to-use platform. You can create custom reports, make fast improvements, set automation rules, you name it. Our AI even crunches the data for you, highlighting your best and worst performers in seconds.

4. Feedback, community group and customer support

Adzooma gives you access to high-level data, but that’s just one of its perks.

Allowing you to contact its specialists at any time, Adzooma’s Community Support Facebook group is the number one support platform to help you succeed. Ask questions when it matters most, connect with other Adzooma users and get the latest on all Adzooma’s product updates.

You can even discuss your accounts over Live Chat, post your own advice or leave feedback on how things can be improved.

Find out more at

“I really enjoy speaking with Ateiqa, my account manager at Adzooma. The team has a great product and not only that but they also offer some fantastic advice. Just being around this team of people has allowed my agency to grow. I’m not there yet, but after just a small time working with Ateiqa and Adzooma, I am in a much better space to grow my business.”

Trustpilot, 5*

5. Adzooma Marketplace

Looking for something else? Adzooma has the answer.

More than an online directory, Adzooma Marketplace is the number one place to connect businesses with digital agencies who have the expertise they need to grow.

It’s never been easier for businesses to improve and scale. Lacking expertise or looking for more efficiency from your digital marketing campaigns? Our Marketplace will put you in touch with someone who can help.

For agencies, being able to advertise their brand across social, industry-leading publications and a unique database of active customers in the market makes it the easiest and most powerful way of sourcing new clients.

Schedule a consultation with an Adzooma specialist to find out how our Marketplace can strengthen your portfolio and help to drive new sales.

“The offering of Marketplace as well as Adzooma’s unmatched advertising tools sets it apart from the rest.”

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