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How To Make Money with the New Adzooma Marketplace


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How To Make Money with the New Adzooma Marketplace

Adzooma Marketplace is the number one platform to connect services, agencies and freelancers with high-quality leads looking for your expertise. It makes it easy to promote your services, increase your profits and get a constant stream of enquiries from qualified customers.

But you have to grab their attention first.

Here are four detailed CRO techniques to help you gain more conversions, along with advice from our very own experts about creating killer content. It’s the perfect chance to push forward and thrive in the midst of a recession.

How do I get listed on Adzooma Marketplace?

First up, let’s take a look at how to create a Marketplace listing. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Choose the package that best suits you
  2. Fill in some basic details about your business including your email address, job title and company name
  3. We’ll be in touch to discuss your listing and let you know when it’s live

In other words, our specialist team will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is tell us about your business and we’ll come back to you with the finished product. If you ever want to add anything else, just get in touch and we’ll update it for you.

4 advanced techniques to create the perfect listing

Just like there are golden rules to build an engaging landing page, there’s a handful of best practices to improve your Marketplace listing. They’re techniques that have been proven to increase clicks and boost traffic to your website.

Here are four of them.

1. Highlight the benefits of your business

If you want to increase your traffic on Marketplace, you want to highlight the strongest points of your business from the very beginning. Keep it short and sweet in your business summary but remember it needs to be engaging.

In your longer business description, write about the advantages of your services and what you offer that nobody else does. The keywords you use will determine where you show up on the search page, so it’s important to keep them relevant and precise.

Tell them exactly why your services are so amazing, what you can help them achieve and the amount of stress it’ll take off their shoulders – be specific. Write about how many businesses you’ve helped down to the very last number. It’s how you get people engaged, convince them to stop scrolling and make them think about using your brand.

Instead of saying “We provide bespoke solutions to fit your needs”, describe how your exact process can help them and support them in growing their business. Avoiding buzzwords and generic phrases and personalising your listing is the key to getting more clicks.

2. Use engaging multimedia

Adding a variety of images to your listing is an excellent way to make your business stand out and make potential customers want to visit your site. It differentiates you from other listings in your category, supports what you’ve said in your descriptions and gives insight into different parts of your business.

This can work particularly well for more aesthetically-pleasing services such as website design or branding but can also work as a filler to help diversify your listing. It’s what’s going to make your brand stand out against your competitors, so you should include as many valuable images as you want.

See this example from The Brains Marketing, for example:

And find out about their success with the Adzooma Marketplace here:

Want to showcase an impressive video? No problem. Whether it’s a new product launch, demo of your software or something entirely different, add it to your listing to provide extra value. Features like this show that you’re a real business and give potential customers immediate confidence in your services.

Note: all images, including your logo and gallery image, should be in high resolution and size 1024px x 768px. This will help you look sleek, professional and help to make a good first impression.

3. Show that you’re a credible brand

If there’s a partnership you’re proud of, tell us. Putting your partner badges front and centre of your listing shows that you’re a credible and trustworthy brand from the get-go, immediately driving more customers to your listing. It also gives people a sense of security they might not find in other agencies, whether it’s Google, Microsoft, Shopify or a partnership with another brand entirely.

Won awards for your work or have an excellent star-rating online? That’s what people want to read about. Add it to the top of your listing to attract attention and encourage them to read more about your services.

It’s no secret that social media platforms get a lot of traction, so missing them off your Marketplace listing would be a huge mistake. Customers will expect you to have a social presence regardless of how much you use each platform as it shows that you’re active, accessible and up to date with trends.

Direct links will even show at the top of your listing, as you can see here:

With 91% of millennials trusting reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family, seeing positive feedback on social media could be what makes them convert.

4. Think about what makes you different

As users will search for your agency using subcategories, you need to make sure all of your areas of expertise are listed and are as accurate as possible. These will just show as a number of bullet points on your listing, but will play an important part in differentiating your business and showing your range of skills.

Your industry specialisations will also show here, which can be anything from electronics, fashion, film and more. This will narrow down options for people looking for an agency with certain experience and help you stand out even more.

For example, although ActiveWin predominantly works in the gambling sector, their listing also includes specialisations such as Hospitality and Travel, helping them to show in more client searches. It’s the minor details that help you drive more customers.

Multi-lingual? List the languages you can speak in to attract a variety of different customers and show that your agency is much more advanced than others.

How to polish your listing

If you want to convert customers, you have to show them you’re professional.

Having a final look over your listing is the quickest and easiest way to do this, double-checking for any typos, spelling mistakes or errors and making sure you’re happy with your descriptions. Tools like Grammarly can also help to cut out unnecessary words and sharpen up your sentences.

It’s essential you let people know where you’re based by listing all your locations, as well as which audiences your services are aimed towards. This could be B2B, B2C or enterprise clients and will make sure you’re targeting the right people.

With agencies like Boxer optimising their listing like this, you can’t really afford to miss one out.

Finally, if you have a minimum starting budget, increase the quality of your listing by letting us know. We don’t want to send you traffic that only has a £1,000 budget if you’re a big agency with a minimum start of £20k.

And you’re good to go. Follow up with your leads in your personalised dashboard and tweak and add to your listing whenever you see fit.

Grow faster with Marketplace opportunities

Once you’ve submitted your listing, why not find extra ways to boost its visibility?

Featured listings are a great way of shining the spotlight directly on your brand and ensuring your services are one of the first to be seen by customers. Your listing gets a premium spot in the centre of the Marketplace and you can advertise on both the homepage and category pages. It’s exactly what you want after you’ve followed our advanced tips and made your listing the best it can be. Find more information on this here.

Or, if you have a flair for writing, here are 3 ways you can further promote your brand:

1. Position your brand as a thought leader

If you want to soft-sell your business and position yourself as an expert, our self-promotion advertorial is a great way to do that. 30% of the content can be about your business, so it’s good practice to make sure the topic of the article suits your industry.

You can use our ultimate guide to useful ideas if you’re struggling to come up with a fresh angle and make sure your content is unique. Even better, monitor national news and product updates to create a reactive piece. Create a clear plan when you’re ready and make sure your business can be blended in.

2. Engage your audience with fresh content

Writing a 1,200-word informative article for the Adzooma blog can help to entice new customers and boost your brand awareness, as long as you know what you’re talking about. Use it as an opportunity to engage your audience by tapping into subjects you know they’re interested in and giving your personal opinion.

3. Send a personalised email at the right time

With our dedicated email opportunity, you can design your own HTML message or plain text newsletter and access the inboxes of our 30K+ subscribers. So you want to make sure it’s as valuable as possible.

Start by including any data you have in the subject line or use your most engaging piece of information to captivate your audience. For the body copy, avoid writing like a robot or using technical jargon and speak as if you would in real life. It’s key to getting more customers on-side.

Key takeaways

Adzooma Marketplace is an excellent lead generation tool that helps agencies and freelancers connect with businesses looking for their expertise, right at that moment. If this is you, following our 4, tried and tested advanced techniques is the best way to drive more customers to your listing.

To recap, you must:

  • Write about the benefits, not the features. Having a platform that uses automation is great, but customers want to know how that will improve their business.
  • Make your listing stand out amongst other agencies with engaging images and videos. This can be anything that adds value.
  • Include partner badges, social media links, and everything else you can think of that showcases you as an expert. Trust is important.
  • Ensure you’ve included all the important elements and that your listing reads well without any errors.


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