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Latest Google COVID-19 User Insights: 17th April 2020


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Latest Google COVID-19 User Insights: 17th April 2020

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Every week, we’re bringing you the latest search insights straight from Google.

As you may remember, last week’s trends showed a big increase in:

  • Online banking
  • Gardening
  • Sleep meditation
  • DIY tips

As ever, we’ll be breaking the UK Google search trend data down into three separate categories, exploring how people are solving immediate problems, adapting to their new day-to-day lives and what new emerging behaviours and patterns are occurring in the pandemic.

This article uses Google Trends data, which is represented on a 0-100 scale. It doesn’t show the volume of searches, but the interest in the term. A figure of 100% shows peak popularity in the term.

Immediate needs

Users across the UK are searching for technology and apps to keep them entertained during the lockdown. In just under a week, popularity for the term ‘music apps’ went from 30% on the 8th of April to 100% on the 14th.

Support for the NHS didn’t waver.

As well as doing the weekly clap for the NHS, people across the UK are increasingly looking for more ways to give back. In the past 7 days, popularity for the terms ‘NHS charity’ and ‘donate to’ have skyrocketed.

This increase may have been influenced by the admirable efforts of Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old war veteran who has managed to raise over £18 million to help support the NHS by walking around his garden.

Day-to-day life

On the whole, people in the UK have been following lockdown rules and guidance, trying to plan ahead for necessary shopping by searching for the quietest time to shop.

Home deliveries are up as people continue shopping online. In addition, we see a follow on trend from last week’s green-thumbed activities, as searches for the keyword ‘compost delivery’ remains a popular term.

The nation will have glorious gardens come this summer.

Enjoying the sunny weather and high temperatures, people in the UK are finding more and more things to do outside. I suppose indoor DIY ideas can wait while the sun is shining.

Search interest for ‘pressure washer’ reached 100% popularity on April 11th, the warmest day of the Easter weekend.

Emerging behaviours

With no restaurants open, people are experimenting with foods and trying new recipes at home. Terms like ‘rice water’ are having big increases in searches, while interest for ‘squeaky cheese’ (yes, really) went from almost 0% interest to 100% popularity on the 12th of April.

Squeaky cheese is even out of stock on some websites. If you’ve got a niche food or recipe, it might be the time to promote it.

Taking advantage of our daily exercise, it looks like bike rides have increased around the nation.

YouTube search interest for ‘how to fix a bike puncture’ has seen a few sharp spikes in popularity, as people look to keep their bikes in good shape and solve problems that arise at home.

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