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How a PPC Freelancer Achieved 1100% ROAS using Adzooma


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How a PPC Freelancer Achieved 1100% ROAS using Adzooma

It’s the start of a new month, and for most PPC managers, this means the clock resets on all your clients.

It’s time to take a deep dive into their advertising accounts, see what’s working, what’s causing problems and how to get the most from their budget. All while racing the clock.

It’s not an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be that time-consuming. In fact, software and technology can automate many of the day-to-day processes of a PPC manager, for free, saving you hours.

Phil Bacon, freelance marketer and owner of Bacon Marketing, has first-hand experience of this power. Using Adzooma to automate his management, he’s transformed this process from hours to just 20 minutes, generating an astonishing 200% increase in conversions and 1100% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) in just one month.

Today, he’s here to share his story on how Adzooma has changed his business.

“Everything would take a painfully long time”

Working in PPC from 2010, Phil Bacon has been there since Google Ads were 2p a click right up to today’s increasingly competitive market.

Before using Adzooma, Phil joked that his days were long.

“It would be logging into each account individually, going through things step-by-step, going “Right okay, what can we do here? What can we do there?”. It would be drilling right down into the keywords to see what’s actually converting.”

But, drilling right down into each account takes time.

Before he knew it, a couple of hours will have flown by just getting the basic numbers and data you need to start managing the accounts properly. Without this data, you won’t be able to help clients to improve their performance. However, getting this data takes up valuable time that you need to action these improvements.

“Everything would take a painfully long time. By the end of the week, I would have burnt through all the time allowed and I still needed to manage them.”

It’s a story that most other PPC managers can relate to. In fact, when Phil was a PPC manager for an in-house company, he identified over £16,000 worth of savings that could be applied to their accounts – but hadn’t been acted on because of the time lost in management.

But for Phil, it’s now part of the past. In fact, he’s now managing their account as a freelancer in a single day, thanks to Adzooma.

Complete account overviews in 20 minutes

Adzooma is a free PPC management platform for Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads. It offers all the features you need to improve the performance of your campaigns while saving time.

One of these features is Opportunities. These are one-click optimisations that you can apply to your account from inside the platform. Instead of spending hours digging through the ad platforms searching for underperforming keywords or problems, Opportunities automatically flag up the fixes.

Opportunities include performance suggestions like:

  • Increasing bid adjustments for ages or genders that you perform best with
  • Pausing conflicting keywords inside your campaign
  • Fixing spelling mistakes to protect your CTR and Quality Score
  • And many more

It’s less time finding problems and more time solving them. That’s the Adzooma way.

“Now, I can be in and out of people’s accounts in about 20 minutes across the campaigns that I’m managing at the moment. And that includes putting in place anything that it looks like it needs to be put in from the Opportunities. The time-saving alone, just by not having to drill down into the real nitty-gritty, is huge.”

But that’s only the first step. The time that Phil used to spend on this stage can now be used to take action, make strategic changes or add new creatives.

“Adzooma means I can spend time doing other things for them. So, I can start looking at LinkedIn ads because it’s a niche B2B service and they’re not going to find that audience on Facebook. It means that my time is going to be spent on that instead, which is a good thing.”

Instead of racing against the clock to get an overview of his client’s accounts, he can now effectively manage them and deliver more results.

Making smaller clients more viable

Adzooma doesn’t just save time finding improvements for big clients. As well as one-click Opportunities, it also offers:

  • A suite of free reports and custom report builder that automatically updates with the latest data whenever you need it and makes month-end reporting a breeze.
  • Industry-leading Automation rules, which make changes for you or send alerts when a certain event happens, such as CPA (Cost-per-acquisition) dropping below a certain amount
  • A campaign builder for Google and Microsoft, allowing you to add campaigns, ag groups, keywords (including negative keywords!) standard text adverts, responsive search adverts and more.

It’s everything you need to manage, optimise and deliver results. These time-saving features mean that freelancers can now take on smaller clients as a viable option, as Phil has found out first-hand.

“Adzooma enables me to be able to look after the smaller clients in an effective way. I don’t need to spend my time drilling down into results to go right, okay, from here I know that the mobile clicks are massively up, our desktop clicks are barely there at all, I don’t need to go into Google Ads to make that change. One-click and it’s done. I haven’t had to fish around for the information. And that’s the key bit.”

When asked if the clients had any objections to him using a tool to help manage their accounts, Phil replied that: “as long as the campaign is run effectively, and we don’t spend more money than we want to, then that’s all we really care about. And getting results”.

Turning £500 into £5,500

Using a new platform can be seen as a risk, especially for something that can directly impact your clients.

So when Phil first used Adzooma, he tried it out with a single campaign where he knew if anything went wrong, he could undo it. As Phil states: “I put my trust in the platform. I was going to try it out and see what happened. And the results were really good”.

Using Adzooma on this one account, Phil saw in one month:

  • A 50% increase in click-throughs
  • A 200% increase in conversions

Upping their spend to £500 a month, they now generate over £5,500 back. That’s an 1100% ROAS.

So what advice does Phil have for other PPC managers out there looking to use Adzooma?

“Do it” Phil laughs. “Basically, just do it. Because the thing is, you haven’t actually got anything to lose.”

And that’s true. Adzooma is the only free software on the market that has the time-saving features and intelligent analysis that’s better than the paid-for options. And right now, we’re also offering cashback for every £ you spend on your advertising accounts with Revolut.

See what Adzooma can do for you. Sign up for free today.

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