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Q&A With Our New Head Of Sales Jamie Dixon


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Q&A With Our New Head Of Sales Jamie Dixon


  • We’ve got a brand new Head of Sales at Adzooma – Jamie Dixon!
  • Jamie has over 15 years experience in companies like Experian – and can’t wait to grow the Adzooma team to the same level.
  • his biggest advice to businesses is to never underestimate the ability of testing your campaigns.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve got a brand new member joining the Adzooma team!

Joining our sales team, Jamie Dixon has become our new head of sales and we’re all really excited to have him on board.

To get to know him a little bit better, we decided to really pick his brains with a Q&A.

You’ve Got An Impressive Background – Can You Talk Us Through Some Of Your Past Roles And Experiences?

My background is strongly in sales. I’ve actually worked in sales for over 15 years – so it’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two in my time.

I’ve worked for a few leading companies over the years and have been the Regional Team Manager at Worldpay, UK Head of Sales at GoDaddy, and most recently the Inside Sales Head at Experian.

All of these roles have been really varied experiences, working directly with unique clients or managing teams of over 60 people to deliver great customer service. Which means I’m ready to handle anything Adzooma can throw at me!

What Have Been The Most Important Things You’ve Learned At Experian And GoDaddy?

This is a hard question – so I’m actually going to pick the top two things.

First, your customers are always your number one priority. 

This is a simple but important one – and there’s no exception. Whatever service or product you’re offering, you’ve got to keep customers at the heart of it all. You’re not just blindly selling to a bunch of people, you’re there to help them out, give them products that they want and solve their problems.

I always love to hear stories from customers when we’ve got this right, it never fails to give me a boost.

The second lesson is that work culture is important to get right.

A fun, positive and rewarding culture is essential for any workplace. It’s the key to making sure its employees are successful and happy. Which in turn, means we can keep our customers happy.

Do You Have Any Passions Or Hobbies Outside Of Work?

I’m pretty into sports. I’m a keen Manchester United fan and I’ve also recently got into boxing after taking part in a match for charity.

I’m also one of those annoying people that get up for the gym at 6 am before heading into work.

Now You’re At Adzooma – What Was It That Initially Attracted You Here?

I’ve worked with businesses and have been in sales long enough to know what a minefield digital marketing can be – especially PPC campaigns.

I knew there had to be an easier way but none of the other solutions quite hit the mark. That was until I came across Adzooma – which immediately caught my attention.

From there I went to meet with Rob and Dave (Adzooma’s co-founders) where they talked me through the service and their vision from the brand. From that moment, I was completely sold.

What Do You Think Is Special About Adzooma?

The services are what makes Adzooma completely stand out above the rest.

There are a lot of companies and agencies that can give support with digital marketing. But in my experience, this solution is the most simple, straightforward answer customers have been looking for.

Adzooma really takes away the confusion and hard work away which is essential for small businesses who just don’t have the budget for a big agency.

We do it all for them, so customers can focus on their business. Which is what they’re really after – and Adzooma is one of the few companies that really understand this.

What Do You Do As Part Of Your New Role?

I’m responsible for the entire sales team at Adzooma, so it’s a long list!

But the main part of my role will be to implement some better processes throughout the whole team. These are designed to help us work closer together and be a stronger unit, so we can provide a more efficient and supportive service to our customers.

How Have You Found It Here So Far?

Everyone has been extremely welcoming to me.

I got taken out on a welcoming lunch when I first got here and everyone has done their best to ensure I become one of the team.

So far I’ve found nothing but a positive atmosphere. It’s really impressive and I can’t wait to get my teeth into some cool projects.

Do You Have Any Exciting Changes Or Things Planned For This Coming Year For Adzooma?

Well… I can’t reveal too much at this stage but we’ve got a few tricks planned for 2019.

The main plan at this stage is to grow the company.

We always want to provide the best service possible. So, as well as getting to know all our clients to provide them with the best experiences possible, we’re also going to expand our team.

This means we’ll be able to provide a better service and ensure we’re always supporting our customers.

What Do You Think 2019 Has In Store For PPC/Marketing World?

You can never say for certain, but it’s becoming almost impossible not to advertise your business online. This means the way we search is also going to get smarter.

Technology is a key part of PPC and online marketing and it will be interesting to see how things like voice and visual search impact it.Particularly as more and more people seem to have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device in their houses.

We’ll also probably see more businesses use chatboxes. These give your customers a 24-hour point of contact, so it can respond even when you’re not around. It’s also great at handling some requests and queries, such as making bookings or handling a commonly asked question, freeing up your staffs time.

What Advice Would You Give To Businesses Ready For 2019?

Always test and keep an eye on your campaigns!

Testing is one of the best things that you can do for your business. There’s always going to be an ad or PPC campaign that does better for your company, giving you better clicks and a better ROI.

Even if you’re getting great results now, it might not work as well a few months down the line!

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