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Top 5 Google Shopping Agencies

Top 5 Google Shopping Agencies

Google Shopping is a great way to boost your eCommerce sales, and with the right Google Shopping agency, you can really optimise your ads. An agency of experts can offer dedicated support creating compelling shopping ads and managing your Google Shopping campaigns, while you focus on growing your business.

You’ll have access to shopping strategist teams and state-of-the-art resources to build the best Google Shopping campaign. If it’s help you’re after, here are 5 of the best Google Shopping agencies.

1. Rok Systems LTD – (Adzooma Recommended)

Location: Southport, UK

Whether you want to maximise your ROI with Google’s latest Smart Strategies or reduce your ad spend, Rok Systems Ltd can assist you.

You are missing out on a huge source of revenue if your products aren’t displaying in online shopping feeds. Rok Systems know exactly how to optimise your products and your technology so that you can take advantage of this second storefront and get in front of an audience that’s itching to buy.

2. Commerce Shop

Location: Atlanta, US

If you want to work with some of the best shopping strategist teams, you could try Commerce Shop. With their dedicated support, you can ensure the maximum exposure of your products. The Commerce Shop team are experts in how PPC works and how to set the right bid.

They will also help in creating optimum copy and title for your shopping ads in order to get the best results. Your products will also be split into relevant campaigns in order to maximise ROI.

In order to ensure your campaign is working for you, Commerce Shop carries out constant analysis along the way. Commerce Shop achieves 24/7 campaign monitoring using automation and state-of-the-art software. They also use special techniques to make sure your shopping ads reach the right people.

If you’re looking to improve your Google Shopping campaign the expert team can give you all the advice you need.  

3. Lead Horse

Location: Atlanta, US

Shopping Ads are complicated to run at times and Lead Horse is there to help small businesses get it right. If you’re aren’t satisfied with the results from your current campaign you could try consulting a Google Shopping agency such as Lead Horse.

They’ll be able to offer tailored, business-specific advice and consultation. Their approach is to get as much information about your business as possible, thus being able to create a custom strategy for you. This means optimising your shopping ads for the right audience in order to maximise ROI.

They also focus on your particular business goals and help you determine these in order to succeed. 

Lead Horse will optimise your Google shopping network campaign by also checking out your competitors. It’s important to know what the competition is up in order to get ahead of them.

Lead Horse focuses on a leads analysis strategy in order to help you achieve your targets. If there’s something missing from your current campaign, then the experts at Lead Horse will try to discover what it is.

4. Zato Marketing

Location: Montana, US

Google Shopping can be confusing and Zato Marketing are here to help. Many small businesses can get their heads around paid search but Google Shopping is a little more tricky.

Zato Media are experts in optimising the use of paid search and Google Shopping together. They also keep your shopping ads up to date with the latest trends. 

Zato Media are experienced in how the Google shopping network functions. They make sure your shopping ads strategy follows any of the latest platform changes and take care of your budget to guarantee you get the right attention from the right customers.

Zato Media offers a boutique service tailored to your business. They’re experts in PPC marketing across various channels so have a good understanding of Google Shopping, and how to optimise this for your business.

5. Clicks

Location: Berlin, Germany

Clicks can offer your business the Google Shopping help it needs. Clicks will take care of the quality of your data feed, along with the setup and maintenance of your Google Shopping campaign. Clicks also offer assistance with Merchant offer setup and creating the basis for truly effective Google Shopping ads.

If you would like the entire responsibility of your Google Shopping campaign taken off your hands, then Clicks can sort it out for you from ad creation to continued optimisation.

Clicks also offer to increase the visibility of your shopping ads using the Google CSS program. They also ensure all of your copy, images, and title meets the Google Shopping guidelines at all times.

If you’re finding it difficult to stay on top of your Google Shopping campaign then a Google Shopping agency such as Clicks can ensure your shopping ads are always up to date. They will perform constant analysis as well in order optimise them further for your target audience.


A top Google Shopping Agency might be just what your company needs to generate more business online. It’s time to get those ads working for you. Why not get your shopping ads to the top spots with the help of an agency of experts? With the dedicated support of shopping strategist teams, you could really optimise your Google Shopping network campaign.

And if you need an agency to help with the rest of your strategy, visit Adzooma Marketplace today and find the right service for your business. You can find the Google Shopping help you need from experts in eCommerce and digital marketing.

And if you fancy using scripts, we have a guide to Google Shopping scripts too.

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