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Our story

In 2015, our journey began at ClickTech, a small yet passionate team dedicated to making a big impact in performance marketing. Working across various sectors, we faced a critical challenge: the lack of technology to effectively track and optimize our clients’ advertising campaigns. This gap led us to develop our own solutions, paving the way for something bigger.

The Birth of Adzooma

Realizing the struggle wasn’t ours alone, we envisioned Adzooma – a platform designed not just for us,but for businesses like yours. This spark of innovation marked the birth of Adzooma, ClickTech’s flagship brand, committed to democratizing online advertising.

The Beta Launch and A Game-Changing Partnership

Adzooma’s beta debut in 2017 caught the attention of a Google Ads Channel Partner Team, leading to an unexpected yet pivotal partnership with Google. Their support and shared vision helped refine our mission to empower SMEs and startups in the digital space.

Growing with Google and Securing Milestones

Becoming a full Google Channel Partner and securing our first investment were just the beginning. Our mission was clear: make digital marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Expanding Our Vision and Ecosystem

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital marketing solution, we set out to create an ecosystem encompassing all essential tools and education. This vision was bolstered by additional funding and the integration of Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads.

Solidarity in Crisis and Strengthening Partnerships

The 2020 pandemic tested our resilience. In response, we supported our customers by pausing subscription payments and offering key features for free. Our partnership with Microsoft Advertising deepened, united in supporting businesses through challenging times.

Recognitions and Collaborative Growth

Our efforts with Microsoft Advertising led to Adzooma being named the Global Rising Star of the Year. Collaborating with Cambridge University, we delved deeper into understanding what makes online marketing work, expanding our offerings to include SEO and Website Metric Reports.

Human Support Takes Center Stage

As Adzooma’s user base grew, so did our commitment to personalized support. We launched the ClickTech Partner Program, offering dedicated expertise in Google and Microsoft Ads, reaffirming our belief in the power of human interaction in digital advertising.

Customer-Driven Refinement, Anticipating 2024 Launch

Throughout 2023, we focused on refining Adzooma, driven by our commitment to what truly serves our users. We dove deep into understanding their needs, engaging our community with surveys and hands-on feedback sessions, and rewarding their contributions with over $50,000 in Amazon vouchers.

Unveiling The New And Improved Adzooma Platform

These efforts informed our mission to enhance the platform by eliminating less-used features, reducing technical overhead, and improving overall functionality. While these improvements were underway throughout 2023, the culmination of our hard work—the launch of the new, streamlined Adzooma—was eagerly awaited and finally unveiled in January 2024.

To be continued…

Our mission: Accessibility, impact and empowerment

At Adzooma, part of ClickTech, our mission is more than just words. It’s a commitment to making digital marketing accessible, cost-effective, and impactful for every business, regardless of size. We’re here to level the playing field, ensuring that online advertising is not just for the big players but for everyone with a dream to grow.

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