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PPC Management Services: 5 Reasons You Need One Now


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PPC Management Services: 5 Reasons You Need One Now


  • PPC management services are built to save you time and money – not make you spend more on your ads.
  • They help simplfy management and give you options to apply changes with a single click.
  • They give you cost-effective customisation based on your PPC needs for you to up your ROI.

Used correctly, technology is capable of increasing your productivity and slashing the amount of time you spend performing manual tasks.

PPC management services have developed the tech to handle these jobs. But AI, no matter how powerful, has gotten as good as you and your strategy.

It’s time to start using highly advanced PPC software to supplement the work you do. It’s time to get much more done with the same amount of hours.

Here are five reasons you need a PPC management service right now.

1. PPC management services are in it for you

The advertising giants make good money from your advertising, and they want to continue doing that. That’s no big surprise.

This means one of their motivations is to make you spend more money. For example, if you’re making £5000 from your £1000 advertising budget – then an ad giant will probably tell you to start spending £2000 so you can make £10000.

You win, and they win too.

But there are other ways as all PPC software is different. Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine is about optimising your budget. It’s about doing more with whatever budget you choose.

That’s why the platform incorporates suggestions from Google Ads and Facebook so that you can do everything within the platform. But, more importantly, it has its own custom-built opportunities too.

We’re here to save you time and get more from your ad budget. This subtle difference in motivation makes a very big difference in practice.

Adzooma, as a platform offering PPC management services, can optimise your budget regardless of the size.

2. You can apply changes with a single click

The Opportunity Engine

A significant benefit to PPC software is how quick it makes PPC advertising.

This is useful whether you’re running one account for your business or working as an account manager for other businesses.

See, if you’re running your own account it gives you more time to actually run your business or upskill elsewhere – which are both vitally important if you’re going to remain competitive.

If you’re looking to scale up the number of accounts you manage, then getting everything set up for a client you’ve just on-boarded in minutes rather than hours is a huge bonus. Better yet if scouring their account for opportunities and applying them takes minutes rather than hours.


But a key element to all PPC management services is this: automation.

Put simply, automation allows you to specify rules and then set up automatic action when they trigger. Or, best for most account managers, set up notifications.

This means you’re not manually checking an account to see what’s going on. You don’t need to trawl through the same accounts for hours every day.

Instead, you sit back, relax and wait for Adzooma to warn you when there’s something you need to do.

3. They help simplify things

In PPC marketing, the time you spend managing Google, Facebook and other ad accounts can be immense. Pouring over data, searching for ways you can optimise and improve your ads, tweaking this setting and fiddling with that metric can feel neverending.

It gets worse if you’re trying to scale up your operation. Ad managers only have so many hours in the day and if they’re spending the majority of it buried in spreadsheets, they’re not getting much done that increases your bottom line.

If you’re micromanaging all the time, then where are you making time for high-level strategy?

Year on year, PPC management has become increasingly complex. PPC jargon is hard enough for newcomers, but even seasoned pros are struggling to keep up with smart bid management, automation and the huge amount of data that needs analysing and implementing.

Adzooma’s way of account management simplifies the process and makes life a lot easier. You can connect multiple accounts and optimise performance in one fell swoop. The platform also gives a clear overview and budget adjustments on a single screen.

4. Customisation for your PPC needs

Ever heard of a white-label reporting in PPC marketing?

It’s a way of using producing reports that can be used by different companies. Adzooma offers custom white-label reporting.

You want customers to understand the data you’re producing so they know what’s working, what isn’t, why, and where things can be improved. This takes time. That’s where a management service comes in handy. They let you run concise reports, with a customised builder, and you can add your logo and send it to clients. Simple as that.

What’s more, you can tailor reports to only show the necessary data. It’s always best to filter out the jargon and convey messages in the cleanest way possible.

And, keeping the theme of automation and optimisation in mind, there are helpful templates you can save to speed up the reporting process.

Customised PPC reports just look better. They’re professional, styled, and branded, and give clients the best impression of your business.

5. PPC management is cost-effective

A PPC management piggy bank

Budgets exist for a reason. They’re there so you don’t go over them (ideally). But they can be adjusted depending on your performance.

But how can you find out how well your PPC ads are doing? It’s much harder doing it natively through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They also want you to spend more.

The idea is to maximise profits with smart PPC investment. That’s where a management company would help.

Take a local newspaper for example. A small box ad might cost £100+ per issue. PPC advertising for a local business, that £100+ could generate 500-1000 clicks depending on your competition and keyword.

A print ad might not be cost-effective and may never figure in a customer’s mind but PPC ads are always the first thing you see on a search engine results page (SERP). Print ads are for anyone who picks up a newspaper or magazine and sees the page it’s on. PPC advertising is tailored specifically to the customer base you want.

What PPC software like Adzooma does is find out which keywords are the best, with the right level of competition to maximise conversion rates. No need for guesswork or printing and hoping.


There are plenty of reasons to hire a PPC management expert alongside the 5 listed.

Your ad copy needs to be perfect, the keywords need to be the right ones, and the best tools to marry them all together.

That’s why PPC management services are crucial to online businesses.

Adzooma takes care of the boring bits so you can focus on the things that matter and report the results back to your clients.

Whether you have PPC marketing experience or not, you could end up wasting money by trial and error which isn’t recommended.

Choose an expert like Adzooma to handle your PPC management and see your success sky-rocket today.

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