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Product Update: Responsive Search Ads Are Coming To Adzooma


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John Severn

Product Update: Responsive Search Ads Are Coming To Adzooma


  • Google’s Responsive Search Ads are coming to Adzooma.
  • Set up and track your RSAs right from the Adzooma platform.
  • So far, they’ve improved CTRs by 25% and converstion rates by 26%!

Machine learning that makes sense

People throw about terms like machine learning without having a clue what they’re talking about.

But Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are a great example of how machine learning can be used to deliver something great for you – and your customers.

In case you’re not sure about them, here’s a quick rundown of how RSAs work.

You write 3-15 different headlines. You write 2-4 descriptions. You provide your URL.

Then, Google gets to work.

Essentially, RSAs serve up your headlines and descriptions in various configurations – and tracks which perform best.

Testing me, testing you

Google’s Machine Learning Technology determines the right ad for the right customer. It ensures they get served with the right combination of your ad assets to get that all-important conversion.

Now, everyone here at Adzooma is a big believer in testing. And you should be too. Testing stuff to find winners and losers is how we get better. In this case, Google is offering to do everything for you.

42% of the ads you see now are responsive ads, and the number keeps climbing as time goes on.

Adzooma's Create a Responsive Search Advert screen

Initially, advertisers were muted about RSAs and reported limited gains. But, not surprisingly, Google and the technology behind RSAs have come a long way very quickly.

We know that better than anyone. Since deploying RSAs in our own PPC advertising campaigns, our Clickthrough Rates have increased by 25%. Our conversion rates have increased by 26%. That’s gigantic!

Test your stuff without the hassle

If you weren’t using a platform to manage your ads, RSAs would be much easier to set up than a variety of expanded text ads that you test manually.

But if you’re using Adzooma, things are even simpler for you. You can do everything from within the platform with just a few clicks.

That’s because our flagship Opportunity Engine now supports RSAs, and you can set them up and track your performance from right within the platform.

How to use RSAs effectively

Whether you use our awesome platform or not, here’s some advice for getting the best out of RSAs.

RSAs are a time-saver. They allow you to deploy some powerful testing and optimisation with minimal effort on your part.

And Adzooma allows you to deliver this with even less effort.

Optimise, automate, win. We like to say that here. We love what RSAs bring to the table and we’re happy to add them into the Adzooma platform.

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