Your Ads Optimised In One Place With Our Microsoft Advertising Tools

Get the Microsoft Advertising tools you need to run your campaigns like a pro and save time
by managing all your advertising in one place.
Written by Danielle Strouther

Everything you need to optimise your ads, all in one place. Welcome to the new and improved Adzooma with our brand new partnership with Microsoft.

We’ve talked about this countless times, but Adzooma was created to make managing your online advertising quicker, more accessible and easier than ever before.

This means every type of advertising platform that you have. We’ve already given you tons of tools and time-saving features for Google Ads and Facebook. Now, we’re here to do the same with Microsoft.

You’ll have:

  • New Opportunities
  • Custom Reporting
  • Time-Saving Automation
  • Instant Data Analysis
  • And More!

Adzooma will be the one-stop platform you need to manage all of your advertising. It’s the only platform you’ll ever need.

Already have an account? Integrate your Microsoft Ads account here.


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes

The power of Microsoft Advertising

Before we get into the power of Microsoft Advertising, let’s clear up the air on the name here.

Bing Ads is now Microsoft Ads.

But the benefits you get from Bing is just the same. The name was changed because Microsoft offered more than Bing. It’s also advertising on Yahoo and AOL. It’s access to the Microsoft Audience Network, which offers powerful AI audience targeting using data from Microsoft-owned platforms like Outlook, Skype and LinkedIn.

We’ve talked about Microsoft’s name change before. The TL;DR? Bing Ads is now Microsoft Ads because you get more than just the Bing search network.

Speaking of what you get, here are some pretty sharp stats that show you what’s possible.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Done right, Microsoft Advertising can unlock untold benefits to your company. Particularly when paired with other platforms like Google and Facebook. They all work together to take your business to the next level.

But like other advertising platforms, this is not one to set and forget. By now, you’ll know better than anyone that you need to closely manage your ads to get the best performance possible.

Now, there is a range of Microsoft Ad Tools out there that you can use. Ours is just the smartest.

It will analyse your account and crunch the data in seconds. It will suggest personalised Opportunities for you to action with just a click. It will automate time-consuming tasks that eat your time and alert you when something important happens. It will allow you to create custom reports with your own logo, ready to send to clients and stakeholders.

Basically, Adzooma will become the best Microsoft Ads manager you’ll ever need.

We’re not just for Microsoft either. All of these features are also available right now for your Google and Facebook accounts. Better news? You can try them for free.

Certified Microsoft Advertising Partners

To bring Microsoft into the Adzooma platform was no easy feat. To do this, we’ve joined the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, which is only available to “the most qualified technology Partners” in the advertising space.

The most qualified partners in advertising. That’s us.

And this isn’t something we did to blow our own horns. Being a Microsoft partner means more access to exclusive technology, training and resources to make the best platform on the market.

With Microsoft’s help, we’ll just get bigger and better. It’s something we’ve been through before, first with Google and then with Facebook.

With Microsoft joining the mix, we’ll have the technology and capability to integrate Adzooma with all 3 of these advertising giants. This will give you one, easy to use place to manage all of your advertising.

This is an exciting development that has made our platform better than ever. It’s best explained by our co-founder, Rob Wass, here:

“We are extremely honoured to announce our partnership with Microsoft. Working with Google and Facebook allowed us to provide the utmost value to our customers, so becoming a Microsoft Partner takes Adzooma to a whole new level.”

“For our users, being able to manage and optimise Microsoft, Google and Facebook Ads in one platform will make optimisation easier and quicker than ever before, removing any barriers between them and their competitors.”

We can’t wait to see what else our Microsoft partnership can bring.


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes


Improve your Google Ads performance in minutes

How to integrate your Microsoft account

Already got an Adzooma account?

Click your account tab. At the top, you’ll see a drop-down menu called ‘Add Account’.

Click it and select Microsoft Ads from the list. Then, just follow the quick on-screen instructions and you’re ready to go.

Don’t have an Adzooma account yet?

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up with your Microsoft account just yet. You need to already have an Adzooma account and use either Google or Facebook advertising first while we work at getting every little detail ready with Microsoft.

With Microsoft, Facebook and Google Ads all under one roof, you’ll won’t need another online advertising tool. You’ve got everything waiting for you in one place. Now, that’s time-saving management.

Manage your advertising the better way.